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Law of the “DTA” Do not trust anyone these are the people and businesses who we have been able to trust throughout the years or have impressed us when they have come on the


Owner Of Sickel’s  Fabrics  &  Upholstery (Escondido California) the

I use the product and it is perfect for falling asleep or chilling

I’m Geoff Plitt, a comic and joke writer in Los Angeles. I host a weekly show where I skewer news headlines, which has garnered millions of views on TikTok.

And in my comedy career, one of my favorite things has been sharing my favorite comedians, shows, and videos with other people.

Every week, I scour the internet for the funniest jokes and clips that you may have missed. I enjoy sharing SNL sketches, Late Night monologues, and Comedy Central stand-up sets. But I also like to spotlight the unknown geniuses out there who post jokes on Twitter, sketches on TikTok, or memes on Instagram.


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