NFL Week 2 Wrap Up Hawthorne Effect 2023

39-23=62.9%=$14,050 profit

39-23=62.9%=$14,050 profit

The Hawthorne Effect is whatever you track and measure you improve it performance by 10 t0 20 %

For us that means money “compound interest as a result of consistent good decision making”

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NFL Draft Day 2Wagering Analysis

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Josh has made over $300,000 the 3 NFL seasons betting on NFL games- breaks down each pick
with Super Agent Rob and Arena League Super Star Chad Nolan

Hawthorne Effect Podcast “You learn more from losses than Wins”

Hawthorne Effect Podcast “You learn more from losses than Wins”

Learn From Mistakes “unexamined life is not worth living”

19-14=57.5% (52.5 is breakeven)

Link To The Top 10 Rules Of Betting…l-bdc7d132490

70% Learning from mistakes the “Hawthorne Effect” what ever you track and measure you improve 10 to 20%

Also track your perception. Along the lines of of the movies 500 days of summer, “He is just not that into you”, also a Sex In The City episode, and book. The Showtime series “The Affair” ; HBO limited Series “The Undoing” ‘

Twilight Zone episodes. To track your perception

As we use business and finance concepts to successfully bet on NFL Games. We are at 60%. over 400% roi…….
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Victory On Hotbench “Winners win-losers lose”

#MotivationalMonday “Winners win-losers lose” “You have failed if you do not learn from the event””You only lose;when you bend the knee-ring the bell – do not keep hanging to the rope.”Here my win on #hotbench with a lot going;that mindset made us $5k @JimCoventryNFL

A Win Over My Enemies

NFL Corruption Part #3-2022 Weekly Thoroughbred Racing True Crime Call To Post

4 out the 5 Triples Crown Races we have given out profitable information

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You pay more for NFL Sunday-Season Tickets Season Tickets – Amazon Prime because of NFL corruption….In this 2 part series we give you insight into this you are not getting any where else

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