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States That Have Legalized #SportsBetting

1) Washington State

2)The State Of Oregon

3)The State Of New Mexico

4) North Dakota

5) South Datkota

6))The Cornhusker State Of Nebraska

7)The State Of Kansas

8) The State Of Texas

9)The Prince State Minnesota

10 Missouri

11) Arkansas

12) Loseriana (Except New Orleans)

13) Lame Kiffin State Of Mississippi

14)Nick Satan (Alabama)

15) Florida May 17- 2021

14) South Carolina

15) North Carolina “Release The Damn Body Cam”

16) Commonwealth Of Virginia

17) Commonwealth Of Kentucky

18) New York State (Andrew Cuomo)

19) Commonwealth Of Maryland

20) West Virginia

21) Jersey

22) UConn

23) Commonweath Of Virginia


25) Maine

26) Arizona

27) Nebraska

28) Wyoming

29)New York Sports (Cuomo Sexual Pervert )(No Cure Psychotherapist Say)

30) Tennessee

31) Colorado

32) New Mexico

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