16-7 = 69% Profit #Pac12 Basketball (52.5% is breakeven)12-10=54% Profit #NFL PlayoffsFollow The Money Playoffs 2021(18weeks consecutive of profit)#ESBC Podcast finish #NFLWeek16 236-159=60%#ats 16 consecutive weeks Profit). (Breakeven is 52.5%) … Read More

Bet equal amounts on each game to be consistently over 52.5%

405% Return On Investment Sports Betting

70% NFL Free Picks ESBC Weekly Against the Spread Everygame Follow The Money Week 15(14weeks consecutive of profit) #ESBC Podcast finish #NFLWeek16 237-162=59% #ats 15 consecutive weeks Profit). (Breakeven is 52.5%)

track your perception. Along the lines of of the movies 500 days of summer, “He is just not that into you”, also a Sex In The City episode, and book. The Showtime series “The Affair” ; HBO limited Series “The Undoing”

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