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Betting Lines Are “Lies” & Why You Buy Half & Full Points

You often read or hear that betting lines are designed to get betting going on both sides of a bet. Huge myth; the lines are designed to get you to bet the wrong team so the Casino takes your money.

I encourage you to read Victor Cappello’s and I’s rules for betting so you are not taken advantage of. We have been 75% on average on our bets the last 11 years; break even in betting is 52.5%

A quick primer for those who are not familiar with betting lines; Favorites are listed next to the negative number when you read them in the Casino, on you sports betting app or the newspaper. The negative number represents how many point they must win by to cover the spread.

Eagles 1.5 for example means that Philadelphia must beat the Seahawks by at least to0 points for its backers to win their bet. Gamblers can also bet on the total score of a game, or better written if the reams’ combined score in the games over or under a preselected number of points/.

People who go to Vegas are on vacation and do not care about “over paying” so they over pay on betting lines; why us who bet on games every week; go for the lower price and win money consistently sustainable which means business. Also a lot of people break our rule #1 and bet their own team no matter what the line is.

Value by business, finance and academic definition is a value equation represented by Psychological Factors + Functional Factors/ Time and Money. As result you use this formula in conjunction with Arbitrage, return to the mean, and the mathematical law of opposites to make a determination on how to research a game to place a bet.

  • Key numbers in betting football games is 3,7,10 and 21. A late field goal and a late touchdown can beat you 
  • Why 3.5 and 7.5 and 10.5  and 21.5 we buy the half point depending on the research you have done, logic and side you picked. Bottomline you do not want a late touchdown or field goal to beat you. As result the casino knows this and you will make less money when you protect yourself against a key number.
  • But “Salesman think short=term and businessman thinks long term”. What that means in betting is that to have fun, make a profit long term, and have your wife pay for rising gas prices with betting money you want to be consistent to attain value from a “value equation perspective:”

While is it is important how Casinos just come up with lines just as important the history behind the lines. 
The modern line has it’s roots in Lefty Rosenthal. He is the inspiration for the Movie Casino. You can read his full Wikipedia here. He eventually started the “Line institute” who sold lines to Casino’s. And then the Bookmaker at the Casino creates the final line based on his research.

As a result rule #2 of betting after rule #1 do not bet your own team is do your research. Any question feel free to reach out to our twitter handles

Josh Vizcay and Victor Cappello

Links To #GFSN Gambling Podcast &Betting & Educational Blog Posts On The Bottom

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Make $$$ Watching Football !!!
70 to 80% Winning percentage on bets & Get your CBD Oil Below

Top 10 Rules For Betting NFL,CFB NBA And College Basketball

Systematically betting on NFL, College Football, College Basketball, and some NBA allows you to make a decision without having to hear anyone else’s mouth.
You can always win and have money in your pocket to avoid “Hard Times” in the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes sense. 
Over a 10 year period with my brother who I met at work in Carlsbad California: Victor Cappello; have come up with a process of 243 rules of betting. The result of those rules are we paid for Vegas trips including our legendary 4 days in Vegas for the start of the 2010 NCAA tournament where we won over 90% of our bets and did a crazy parlay that we only needed Texas to inbounds the ball and we would have been retired.

However, that is the “beauty” and “fun” of betting like sociologist; you enjoy the madness and craziness of human nature. Even though it is Sports gambling ; it is very clean compared to other forms of entertainment these days.
  You have to have a system or code you live by; not only to make money betting but have fun and laugh while you are doing it. Each part of the country is different. Therefore outcomes vary. 
I am originally from Los Angeles California and spent 20 years in Florida and now I have been back in Southern California for the past 12 years. Victor is originally from Buffalo, we met in Carlsbad California and we have used our knowledge and sports together for a million laughs over the last decade. Also, we have paid rent and Christmas presents with our picks. Here are your top 10 Sports gambling rules and remember come up with a few of your own and let us know. 

Never bet on your own team. This is straight out of economics. Economics is 40% math and 60% in psychology. Because of the emotional attachment, propaganda in the newspaper and TV you always think that your team will perform better than you think when times are going good and worse when times are going bad. Especially if you have a job and a wife or girlfriend or kids you are never going to put the pieces to pick the right side of a game 

If you lose it is not because of “bad luck” it is because you picked the wrong team; No Such Thing As A “Badbeat” The reason you can make money consistently in Sportsbetting is that coaches like Bill Belicheat, Nick Satan and Andy Reid have scripts for the 1st 20 plays of every game and map out how the season will go. Therefore after watching games your whole life you can pick up on patterns and predict how players and teams will react.

It is a natural human reaction to try to make yourself better ; that is the reason 90% of people do not want to admit that they are wrong.

However, like in economics, the “opposite of every truth is also true”. Betting uses the mathematical law of “opposites”. For every coach like Andy Reid there are new coaches like Anthony Lynn of the San Diego Chargers right now in 2019. I am sure he is trying to do the same things as Belicheat and Reid but since every As a result you get random outcomes that you can consistently bet against; depending on the situation. I have been told by people that work at NFL teams front offices that even though it is “counter-intuitive” there is not a consistent book of best practices for every team.

You can tell which team has a good management system and which do not.  The league Commissioner makes sure the “goose that is laying the golden eggs” PR and marketing do not get affected by the different management styles. Each NFL team for example has 4 built in wins.Therefore after each outcome reflect and think why you got the pick right or wrong 

Never Bet More Than 25% Of Bank Roll: If you were psychic you would know the Lottery numbers. Because of evolution and coping mechanisms we overestimate decisions. So no matter how much you think a team will win; to keep money in your bankroll to have fun never bet more than 25% of your bankroll. 52% is break even and 70% is the goal to attain.

Never Parlay Games: “Salesmen think short-term and businessmen think long term”  the variables are too many to be a good business decision pure entertainment is another story. The probability of a favorable outcome math wise has the least variables and co-varables

Never Bet Without During Your Research; Read the local “beat writers”; talk to fans at the games that really know what they are talking about, read the preseason magazines but do not pay attention to any of the predictions: make your own. Always know what happened the last time the teams played. This removes some negative variables that could effect a positive outcome.

Bet The Moneyline: Do not get killed by extra point missed. Again from a math perspective you eliminate some variables and co-variables that may effect a positive outcome.

Bet The Coaches Not The Players  Coaches especially in College control the game. What are the coaches goals? Does he care about bowl games; and wears out his teams getting reps for the next season? Does he only care about the season regular season division title like Bill Self and lose early in the tournament? Is the coach like Belicheat where the full offensive and defensive schemes are not in until the playoffs? is there “bad blood” between the coaches?

Myth Lines Are Made For Betting On Both Sides & Any Statistic Is Useful  “Lines are lies”    Lines are made to make money. If the lines makers can get 80% of the people to bet the wrong team “they” love it. I have a client who does analytics for a major league baseball team and will not take any NFL clients. She is the smartest person I have ever met. She is a mathematician. She states analytics does not work in football because mathematically there are too many variables

Stop Betting If You Are Not Laughing All The Time, Having Fun And Helps You Escape From Reality 

Use The Same Logic For Investing In Stocks, Businesses And In Products In Betting. Value is value. If you have information that the masses do not then go for it; put money down,

Important Terms

Correlation: If team covers the game is going under; if the other team covers then the game is going over


Thinking in Bets. 2018.

Interference : how organized crime influences professional football. 1989.

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