70% ESBC College FootBall Covid19 2020 Conference Sportsbetting Previews Big 12 Edition



Consistently over 12 years we have made over 70 to 80% betting on College Football, College Basketbal, NFL football, MLB and NBA

52.5% is break even

We feel a lot of Mountain West Football games will go under the total;

In Fundamental Analysis in the financial world you study the Corporate management of a company to use as a tool to determine if you want to invest in that company

In College Football betting since the coaches have so much control over the program we study the Head Coaches and Administration to determine wagers

The results have been 70 to 80% winning percentage. My wife Anna has paid $32,800.00 is gasoline. That is more than what people in 3rd world countries make in a whole year. We feel been very humble, fortunate and good. And we share that information with you ; you can have as much fun as we are having

You do that studying the games months in advance. To that end “PHD” Of The Philadelphia Eagles Brandon Ferst, Josh Abner MBA- US Local political corruption historian monetize the season and have fun watching the games.

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