#MotivationMonday Environment can have a massive impact on our emotions

Do you pray or work to be blessed or to be a blessing ?
Do have a daily purpose ?
Have you done something for family or team without expecting recognition ? & got a good result ?
▪️If you don’t know where to start, try these 3 things:

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#MotivationMonday Environment can have a massive impact on our emotions

#MotivationMonday People boil down to 2 types “Energizers and Energy suckers- Energy Vampires”

Do you pray or work to be blessed or to be a blessing ?
Do have a daily purpose ?
Have you done something for family or team without expecting recognition ? & got a good result ?
▪️If you don’t know where to start, try these 3 things:

1️⃣ Be honest – Humans crave honesty, even if it’s challenging and scary, most people appreciate honesty rather than beating around the bust in order to protect feelings.

2️⃣ Have an open mind – just because someone does something differently than you, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. More curiosity, less judgement.

3️⃣ Don’t be afraid to ask questions – The more we ask questions the more it becomes a dialogue and everyone has an opportuntity to have input.

▪️Regardless of if you are a Coach, a player, a CEO, or an employee you are impacting your environment every single day.

The question is, are you impacting it for the better or are you impacting it for the worse⁉️

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Josh Abner Vizcay


Motivation Monday -Decision

We make 1000’s decisions every day Starting the second we wake up to the second we go to bed.

Some are easy Some are a little more difficult But every single decision you make comes with two things
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We make 1000’s decisions every day Starting the second we wake up to the second we go to bed.

Some are easy Some are a little more difficult But every single decision you make comes with two things




Josh Abner Vizcay MBA

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#MotivationMonday Not Everyone Like The Holiday’s

#MotivationMonday Not Everyone Like The Holiday’s

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ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
#MotivationMonday Not Everyone Like The Holiday's
#MotivationMonday Not Everyone Like The Holiday’s

#MotivationMonday Can people change ?I have made a lot of $$$ #sportsbetting that they can NOT

#MotivationMonday Can people change ?I have made a lot of $$$ #sportsbetting that they can NOT

ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
#MotivationMonday Can people change ?I have made a lot of $$$ #sportsbetting that they can NOT

To change this is the process
1) Pre-contemplation
2) Preparation/Determination/RawPower
3) Contemplation
4) Action/Willpower
5) Maintenance

breaks it down


“Approval seeking is one of the worst things you can do in life”
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#MotivationMonday “How To Get Out Of A Jam”

It is never over

“it is not over, because it is never over”

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Our Dad: Lessons In Mental Strength & Mental Toughness

He is your dad. He is everone’s Dad. He is 86 but his legacy has a chance to go on many generations. He is always happy, laughing and telling jokes.

Intestinal fortitude.

He survived

Cuban Revolution & Religious Concentration Camp

Migrating to Los Angeles California 1971

1970’s Inflation


2008 Recession

Every Church or Business he has ever been involved in is still operating in Cuba, Los Angeles California and Saint Petersburg Florida

The 1st time I felt this type of pain was when Bela who lived with rent free for 12 years came to visit us in Saint Pete Florida. She was homeless in LA 20 years before when we met Bela. She cried saying goodbye at airport.

Then forever when someone comes to visit me where I have lived and leave I feel that deep sadness. I feel that deep conflicted sadness when we take my dad to the air port after every Thanksgiving.

When my mom took Bila in 1972 Los Angeles California. During those times the same way people rescue dogs and cats my mom rescued people. When she got home from work every Friday she used to buy me a toy, and every Sunday after church she took me for my favorite meal a “Jumbo Jack” at Jack in the Box.

During those years my dad would take the money he had for lunch to always buy a candy bar throughout my childhood.

Remember always son: those who hit 1st hit twice”

“Remember son that baseball game you are watching both the owners and players win because they are making a lot of money.”

He has been a pastor for 51 years. The story that always sticks out about my dad in the ministry that illustrates how he never gives up on people and humanity even though at 8 he was abused by his uncle and abandoned by his mom and dad and left to the streets.

The gentleman name is Confesor Soto. He states ” Pastor Vizcay never gave up on me. I used be high on crack when he used to knock on door every friday night. I hid from him. Then when he kept knocking every Friday ; I got the resolve to get my life together. When my wife said I want to go to a church. I told there is only on church we can go to. To the man who never gave up on me”

Confessor Soto and his wife Lupita (Who would make these huge burritos with my mom to feed 50 people) are pastors in Denver Colorado.

“Where would your soul go if you died” Told my dad to the cholo outside 7″11″ in Lennox California 1978 5:13 pm before going to church in Inglewood Oak Street.

He preaches that he went to Cuba and the uncle that abused him asked him for money; Our Dad said his mind drifted to when he as a hungry 9 year old asked for food and got mentally abused in return. Then he said felt the pride and love for the United States that allowed him to own 2 restaurants. One was mine. It made me feel close my dad; and proud of myself for making him feel comfortable.

In 1967 Fidel Castro put him in a religious concentration camp. They put guns to the head of preachers and made them atheist. When the other pastors were complaining about not eating for 3 days and the only water they had was horse urine. My dad would say “One more day ; not eating is one more day closer to heaven.”

One day to get my dad to break with his christian beliefs the state police put a gun to our dad’s head and said “renounce Christ or we will blow your head off!” My dad rose his hands to heaven and said ” Thank you lord I am coming to meet you; please take care of my wife and 2 kids”.

That gained the respect of the state police who falsified paperwork that our dad he had liver failure so he would be fraudulent released right after the incident. When signing the release my said he could not sign it because it was a lie. The state police representative said, “Shut up, get out of here ; we will forge your signature; go see your wife kids, you can thank me later.”

This man Manolito made up a story about my Dad that landed him in the concentration camp and 2 years of torture. 30 years later. I picked up the phone and it was Manolito. He said ” I am dying and I need to ask your dad forgiveness. I had to try this before I die” I responded “Fuck you mother fucker; if I was there I would pull the plug on you.”

And I slammed the phone I hated that man my whole life

4 Days later I go to visit my dad. “Dad you are dressed up with your bible where are you going ? Going to the Hospital to see Manolito he is dying and wants me to forgive him. I forgave him 40 years ago.” We laughed. I said “how can you forgive him” “Son he is just weak minded man: praise the lord we are not cowards like him”

For 30 years I heard my dad listen to a message from YiYi Avelia when I went to visit my Dad. His only daughter who graduated Harvard was murdered by her husband brutally. And the point of the sermon was that Yiye Avila went to the jail to hug the son-in-law. That is one way my Dad practiced mental strength. If you know Spanish you can hear the sermon.

My was turned in by this type of human I call “Hall monitor; Nazi prison guard mentality.”

As a British Lit major and a person with 2 advance Degrees I consider Ralph Ellison the greatest American writer of all times. His best book is “Invisible Man”.

But in his masterpiece ” Juneteenth” he described these people this way. “They lick the boots of the powerful and spit in the face of those perceived weaker than them” My dad described fervent ; idolization of Fidel Castro. Who would die in 2008 with net worth of 1 Billion and 200 kids. While Cuba in 2008 did not enough food to feed it’s people.

Castro was good at having a “Cult of personality” throughout my life I have friends who idolize Fidel Castro from Belize, Vietnam, China, Mexico, and Chile.

A deep sadness was felt that day when took Bila to air port. I always feel that sadness when we take our dad to the airport every post -Thanksgiving. My problem is the humanity my parent taught me, the success the humanity I have seen work, and the other side of not being human seen.

There is no church in the United States with a large Hispanic population that does not have a Pastor trained by my parents our dad has read the bible from beginning to end 51 times and has almost every verse memorized with it’s meaning.

My mother died in 2002 and he has not remarried.

My dad is now 86. Several peer review studies show that 95% of people do not have the capacity to change. 90% died with the same religion as their parents. My Dad will not die in Cuba and he switched from Baptist to Pentecostal.

We did not talk for 5 years between 28 to 33 until I married Anna. He does not believe in pre-marital sex. He apologized. But I understood. It is a previledge to be around someone who really believes and is capable of learning from life.

Unfortunately life for the poor and mid class is war 24/7 and you have to choose your battles. My dad is the epitome of a warrior for mental toughness and examining life.

Abandoned at 9 years old; put in a concentration camp by communist to drink horse urine. My dad has accomplished what few can. A grand-daughter arguing Supreme Court Cases. Daughter Real Estate Mogul. Successful business owner and Pastor

My & Everyone’s Mom Story Of Survival

My Powerful Mom Story Of Survival
This picture was taken 6 months before her death of a heart attack at my restaurant in Pinellas Park Florida.

I will remember this guy crying at my moms funeral, who I had never met. He was tall, dark hair and strong build. And approached me with excited intensity. He was crying because my mom gave him a free place to stay,food,a car for 4 months.

He approached me to tell me his story about his wife and his 4 kids. I will forever appreciate the look of gratitude he had on his face. I am proud he knew ;I would care. Now he is a successful businessman with a spirit abundance ; my mom liked to make wagers on people and that end the end there will always enough for everyone.

In later years my brother in law David states out of no where he would start crying remembering the humanity my mother had. And how she kept his horrific traumatic secrets,

“Do not buy flowers for make funeral give them to me now: so I can smell them now”

Similar to Jimmy Carter biography my grandfather at 9 years old used to send my mother to buy supplies for the farm and general store. And my grandfather used to tell her “Don’t talk to anyone on the way because they will only distract you.” Be focused : always was the lesson.

When she spoke of my Grandfather it started with that he borrowed a cow milked it; then borrowed sugar with my Grandmother ; then made candy to sell. He parlayed the success selling into a farm Fidel Castro took away.

They were killing land owners. The victorious revolutionary Guard of Fidel Castro. They took my grand-father in front of my mother. And in 20 minutes he was going to meet the firing squad. Right before one of the captains said we can not kill that guy. He always gave us free food or anything we needed and told us pay later.

We all owe him.

“cuentas claras conservan la amistad” Translates to “clear accounts conserves friendships” “Clear accounts preserve friendships”

The general thought about it and had a meeting with my grand-father and told him, “You are only going to be alive because everyone owes you; here is the socialist revolutionary uniform; wear it.” According to my mom he wore that uniform everyday until he died at 95 years old.

In 1971 my mom was in English class in downtown Los Angeles and she wrote on a 50 pieces of note paper “Please let me please clean your house”. She took a bus from there to Beverly Hills, and went from house to house giving the piece of paper to the owners until she went to a mansion. At that mansion Jack Kent Cooke opened the door. He was the owner of the Lakers, L. A. Kings, and the fabulous forum at the time. He was like “OMG” let me help you, let me talk to my marketing guy.” This picture was taken 6 months before her death of a heart attack at the family restaurant in Pinellas Park Florida.

She was extra generous while being middle class” short woman, big heart” her best friend used to say. she always got stronger when things looked rough in business -life.

Her faith was so deep; Pastors from all around the mailed me crowns so I knew there was absolutely no doubt my mom is in heaven. Only after many years do I many levels about what those Pastors meant to do; some are high level organized crime figures in religious organizations for the money grab; my mom was in it for the people.

My mom came to United States with just the clothes on her back and PTSD from her brothers being tortured by Fidel Castro while she heard the screams from the adjacent room and saw her whole country and world be blown apart at young age.Then we fought in the chaos of Los Angeles and racist backwardness of the state of Florida. She taught us to never make any excuses, to always fight , to always evaluate, track and recap everything. I know now as an MBA I know that process to be the “Hawthorne Effect” that whatever you evaluate and track you improve it’s performance by 20%.

She left this earth with 11 million dollars in assets.

She left a legacy independent wealthy children, a niece who wins cases in Supreme Court and 500 people at her funeral with basically the same story: the same reason to cry. When she died she had recently bought a condo and 4 cars. The condo were for people who came to church that were having problems, they ate and lived for free until they got there life together. The cars were for people who needed them to survive.

“Do not let any man hit you in front of your kids”

“Be independent” were some of the phrases I heard my mom council the women of the church. A powerful female advised me of a equal partner at the law firm interrupt her and tell to shut up. With power and authority I told her you under no circumstances as my client allow any man to speak to you that way; ever. That is a piece of my moms legacy getting “resultados” results today

Her raw intelligence can, her communication and business skills can not be under estimated along with her ability to combine complicated factors for consistent positive conclusions for herself and for everyone around her.

When she was constantly training me; the 1st the question she would always ask “what did you resolve ?”. She emphasized clarity so people always know what your brand is and how you provide “resultados” = results.

She had a tremendous vision to build businesses and Christian Churches.

She was always pragmatic, practical and wise she often said “Buy me flowers when I am alive ; because I am dead I can not enjoy the aroma of the flowers”. While a source of frustration she powered her way through being intelligent in a mans world ; and constantly fighting and winning through those barriers. She said When you get married listen to her and understand her.”

“Never get in an argument between and a man a women”

“cuentas claras conservan la amistad” Translates to “clear accounts conserves friendships”

“No le tenga miedo a nadie y a nada” “Do not fear anything or anyone”

Throughout my whole life; every friend, every girl friend and now my wife ask why never smiled in any picture ? The answer is that she was next room when she heard the screams of her brothers as she was tortured by communist revolutionary personnel. After a few years of marriage the Pastor she married; who has the faith of lion but would not harm a fly ;was taken by communist revolutionary personnel tortured for no reason. Then taken to a concentration camp and sent home to die when he made to drink horse urine. My dad survived.

Another reason she did ever smile in a picture is that in 1974 she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Of course brain cancer no chance. But the value of this story is not the mental toughness to forge ahead in impossible circumstances that most people would have blown their heads off. It is that she lost her humanity while at same prepared to slit someone throat at the drop of hat. She leveraged all she had to help people ; because she said it made her feel she had the power to so. She said she wanted to do her part to be in solidarity with good people of world.She had positive perspective and linked herself with the goodness of the world that was in her power. She had power; it never mattered who it was ; she told them what do. Rich and the powerful people would ask her advice.

She taught us be human and to spot humidity in others and for others to spot in me. When she died ; I was horribly depressed when my mom passed away April 2, 2002 ; and this lady who I just met advised that it does not matter what it that happens in your life mentally strong : and no excuses for not getting results that are under your control ; you have to be mentally strong and be happy; exactly what my mom often said. She shared the about how her 13 year old daughter had died in a fire. It was like I met an angel.

I have been very lucky of course, fortunate, and good to have great life. The crazy thing is that organically the best part of my life is connecting with others who have a deep sense of humanity along with the power and talent to make attackers feel the pain because reality is we live a cruel world.

Life in High School 1986 to 1990 was homework then cleaning offices 7 to 10 pm. Asked my mom for bike so I get around because all my friends were on sports teams and I could workout before cleaning during my Sophomore year of High she said,” “we have a restaurant; cleaning company Go sell something ,You are not entitled to the room you sleep in. You never know what is going to happen with the economic or country from turning Communist or a plague ; you need to learn how make life for yourself right now. “

At 14 walked into Chili’s and I asked the hostess “Let me talk to manager”. For many reasons ; I will never forget Joe the manager I met that day. “I can I help you ? I responded “You need us Joe; this excessive dust is going to get in trouble.” Joe responded can you start tomorrow; you guys would be working 4 to 7 am.” I got my bike, car and the satisfaction of paying my mom through life. The job stayed in the family business 25 years.

As a result being human it has made me happier. In solidarity with those with a deep sense of humanity. I learn from my client who tells me “I could care less about my wife,I can care less about my kids ; they will end up rich and I could care even less my employees and I only care that you make money.”

I am not him because of my parents.

Why I could relate with I head a special needs attorney Mark Kamleiter who like mom had an out sized sense of empathy: relay a story of a lady who shared with him about being stranded during the Hitler invasion of France of World War 2.

A train was leaving, it was the last train towards freedom and escape from rape and torture of the Nazis. And some jerk would not extend his hand to let her on the train.

We see that guy everyday. Totally unnecessary to be that way in life. In national catastrophe he is the 1st guy asking for help and hoarding toilet paper out of fear and a scarcity mentality.

I am not him because of my choice and enormous good fortune of who my mom is; and the legacy that exists because of her investment in people and humanity.

There is no closure. I got lucky my mom left me with fundamentals of human nature to build on and pass on like her recipe the for rice and chicken she learned from her mom I was able to monetize.

Anna my wife a psychotherapist- technically a Marriage and Family Therapist came home from work and she handed me a note from a patient it said ” Thank you for saving my life”….

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