NFL Week 3 Free Picks 70% Against The Spread Everygame Side And Total

I am 37-29=56%=$6,150 profit heading to Week 3

Available on All platforms before is the Apple and Spotify links

Hawthorne Effect Podcast “You learn more from losses than Wins”

Hawthorne Effect Podcast “You learn more from losses than Wins”

Learn From Mistakes “unexamined life is not worth living”

19-14=57.5% (52.5 is breakeven)

Link To The Top 10 Rules Of Betting…l-bdc7d132490

70% Learning from mistakes the “Hawthorne Effect” what ever you track and measure you improve 10 to 20%

Also track your perception. Along the lines of of the movies 500 days of summer, “He is just not that into you”, also a Sex In The City episode, and book. The Showtime series “The Affair” ; HBO limited Series “The Undoing” ‘

Twilight Zone episodes. To track your perception

As we use business and finance concepts to successfully bet on NFL Games. We are at 60%. over 400% roi…….
Josh Vizcay MBA
@josuevizcay Twitter
70% ESBC Weekly Free NFL Wrap Up MasterClass In Sportsbetting Hawthorne Effect EveryWeek

Who Are Capital Rioters? 10 Part Podcast Series

Orange County Auditor Andrew Hamilton was involved with this

Who are the people who follow Donald Trump and how do they differ from everyone else. Scientific analysis of demographic and behavioral correlates of voting for Trump as well as pro-Trump activities. Also, fact-based statistics about issues such as federal deficit, trade with China, value of the dollar, immigration, etc. Not the place for partisan vitriol but a place to share information and opinions
PhD – Psychotherapy Ohio State Former Lake Forest California Mayor Jim Gardner
Josh Abner MBA – Financial Services “Makes Businesses And Individuals Money”

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