Get An Edge in CollegeFootballGambling: Crack The Code Podcast 2023 Week 5

The post discusses a podcast available on Apple and Spotify, “ESBC NFLand Sports Betting Podcast Network,” which offers betting advice. Their current success ratio stands at 68% with about $6000 as profit. The post also includes their “Top Ten Rules Of Betting” link and social media handles.

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Your go-to source for insightful discussions on NFL sports betting strategies, expert picks, and in-depth analysis. Join us as we break down the latest NFL games, share insider tips, and help you make informed betting decisions. Tune in now to stay ahead of the game and elevate your NFL sports betting experience!”

Top Ten Rules Of Betting
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College Football Bowl Season 2022 Expert Picks Every Side And Total Part 2

28-17=62% $26,600 profit Part 2 Of Bowl Season

28-17=62% $26,600 profit Part 2 Of Bowl Season

28-17=62% $26,600 profit Part 2 Of Bowl Season
Top Ten Rules Of Sports Betting

Apple and Spotify Links

ESBC NFLAnd Sports Betting Podcast Network | Podcast on Spotify…l-bdc7d132490

@josuevizcay Josh Vizcay MBA Financial Services Rep

scott cobe
@sjcobe1 Fantasy Football Hall Of Famer
Top 10 Rules For Betting-Short Term Investing In NFL-CFB And College Basketball

Chad Nolan Arena League and College Football star brother new starting in the Power 6

College Football Free Picks Week 9 Picks Against The Spread All Games In The Power 5+

Bottomline we have made $32,000 betting on #collegefootball 2022

Bottomline we have made $32,000 betting on #collegefootball 2022

70% CollegeFootball Free Picks ESBC Weekly Masterclass Follow The Money Week 15

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Link To Post “Top Ten Rules Of Betting”…sketball/
Josh Abner MBA makes you money ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches the “how” that is omitted from helping you out to win consistently @JPL92

Hawthorne effect improves results

Josh Abner: “70% NFL Betting Mistakes To learn for week 12”

Josh Abner (@josuevizcay). I am a “Business Concierge” from the USF – Tampa MBA ESBC Podcast Sports Betting Podcast
— Read on

70% CollegeFootball Free Picks ESBC Weekly Masterclass Follow The Money Week 9

ESBC NFL & SportsBetting Finance Education Network Pro Unlimited

70% NFL Free Picks ESBC Weekly Against the Spread Everygame Follow The Money Week 10(9 weeks consecutive profit) #ESBC Podcast finish #NFLWeek946-89=62% #ats 9 consecutive weeks Profit). (Breakeven is 52.5%)

81- up -49 down =62% ATS #CollegeFootballbetting (Breakeven is 52.5%) Josh Abner MBA makes you money ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches the “how” that is omitted from helping you out to win consistently @JPL92

Just coming back from the #SilveradoFire profit from games was both a blessing and a distraction We all give you winners in an extraordinary rate for free. Against The Spread.


Link To Post “Top Ten Rules Of Betting”…sketball/

Josh Abner MBA makes you money ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches the “how” that is omitted from helping you out to win consistently @JPL92

Just coming back from the #SilveradoFire profit from games was both a blessing and a distraction

We all give you winners in an extraordinary rate

70% College Football Free Picks

ESBC Weekly Masterclass Follow The Money Week 9

70% NFL Free Picks ESBC Weekly Against the Spread Everygame Follow The Money Week 9(8 weeks consecutive of profit) #ESBC Podcast finish #NFLWeek8 134-82=62% #ats 8 consecutive weeks Profit). (Breakeven is 52.5%)
59 up -31 down =65.5% ATS #CollegeFootballbetting (Breakeven is 52.5%) Josh Abner MBA makes you money ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches the “how” that is omitted from helping you out to win consistently @JPL92
Just coming back from the #SilveradoFire profit from games was both a blessing and a distraction We all give you winners in an extraordinary rate for free. Against The Spread.
Link To Post “Top Ten Rules Of Betting”…sketball/
Josh Abner MBA makes you money ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches the “how” that is omitted from helping you out to win consistently @JPL92

Just coming back from the #SilveradoFire profit from games was both a blessing and a distraction
We all give you winners in an extraordinary rate for free. Against The Spread. #Edutainment

Legend Sports Talk Icon Scott Kaplan Interviews 70% ATS Josh Abner MBA

Available On All Podcast Platforms

Scott Ex NFL Kicker and 20 years as the top radio personality in San Diego And Billy Ray Smith Hall Of Fame Line Backer For the San Diego now the Los Angeles Chargers. 

We discuss Sports Betting in a nutshell….

Scott Kaplan Sports Radio (19s): There you go. That your professional name drops. Yes, no, no, no, no. The other one whole sway. Yeah. No, that's my Hispanic name. Josh is my <inaudible>. All right, right on white people don't hire you unless your name is Josh. Like if they just, they get scared off by host wife. Oh yeah, totally. Seriously. Yeah. I met my wife 16 years ago and I sent it in rough man. His whole sway this game. Perfect for the job. They were not hiring me. So I'm like, man, I got a waterfight by name. 

So I sent it in and Ave got hired and that's where I met my wife. No way. That's been Josh down there the whole time. What do you do for a living? Because I see you on Twitter. And I know you like to give all the great friends, your gambling advice. Right. And I know you've said for the last couple of years, since I've been following you, that you've been making people money with your gambling advice, always. Okay. But that's not really your profession, is it? No. What is it? You do portfolio management is where it starts start doing financial stuff. 

Make sure that the business is structured correctly. What business? And then if you know, whatever business the person has, I had a great case of a restaurant here in, down in San Diego. And it was a, in a mentioning this cause you made me money on this. I was listening on the radio. He just talking about it's no, the guy you played with and he was getting letters from Jewish organizations and they thought he was Jewish. His name was Steven Israel. He was a black guy who came to me one day and said, Hey, guess what? 

I made the Jewish All-Americans. They thought he was Jewish just because his name was Steven Israel. Israel. So go ahead. Yeah. So he says, Hey, why don't you go ahead and process this company, tell me what's going on with this company. I'm going to hire you as a consultant. And I'm driving on the five. I shouldn't do this. I have my phone. I'm listening to you guys. And he sends me an email saying, Hey, Josh, I don't know what to do. You know, we're both Hebrews here. And my partner is not higher check 10 times. 

Oh no, I hear your story. I email him back. Hey, my name is Joshua avenues for God's sake. Just tell him that. Yeah, I got a job. I ended up making one of the biggest deals I ever had, like 300 grand. No way. Yes. So thank you, Scott. I mean, Jesus, go to Scott, everything else, man. I got to pay it back. So you may have $300,000 score on it kind of deal. Like what did you do for the company? 

Well, what ended up happening? I processed things and the one guy was stealing from the other guy. So he went in and hired a forensic accountant. When I hired an attorney, 

   Scott Kaplan  (3m 10s): The music account. That sounds pretty impressive. Wow. It sounds impressive. Forensic in front of anyone just makes you feel like, that sounds like serious shit. So I set up teams for super rich people 

    Josh Abner  (3m 22s): And we execute. I'm kind of like the quarterback, you know, we set it up like a football team and we go ahead and we take care of business. You know, it starts out portfolio management and ends up being Michael Cohen, 

        Josh Abner (3m 34s): Michael Cohen, going to jail sometime soon 

           Scott Kaplan (3m 41s): You take the guys out the back doors. They don't get seen again. 

       Josh Abner 3m 46s): So, so Josh, so let me understand something. So two years ago, you're driving down the road. We're, we're talking about the chargers and they moved and you know, now we're going to cover the NFL a little bit differently. We're not going to be so charger centric. 
       We came up with this concept. What if we took 32 listeners and we made each listener and individual team reporter, because there's so much information out there that anybody could do the job and you don't have to be an NFL insider, except to know where to go look for information. You joined the great friends sports network as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reporter. 

Okay. Why did you take the bucket here? 

Speaker 1 (4m 23s): Is that lived in Tampa for 20 years and you know, and that's how it started. It started watching the games and I'm like, you know what? I know what's going to happen next week and I can make money doing it. So I started doing it and you know, you know, the bucks are very predictable. It's, you know, started expanding into, you know, what was going to happen with other teams. I got a good percentage. 

Speaker 2 (4m 45s): So you were not a gambler prior to this? No. You just started to realize that you could predict what the Buccaneers were going to do. And then once you figure that you'd predicted this, now you thought you could make money with it. So you started gambling for or against, or some other combination related to the Buccaneers. 

Speaker 1 (5m 2s): Is that right? Yeah. Around 10 years ago, 10, 11 years. 

Speaker 2 (5m 5s): W were you mostly betting against them or are you betting with them? How it depends 

Speaker 1 (5m 9s): What it is. Cause it works like the stock market. You gotta look at the market and you gotta look at what's going on and how the coaches think. You know, I remember old school, it just really started watching Billy Ray, but he was at Arkansas and Lou Holtz. And I remember, 

Speaker 2 (5m 25s): Well, if you've made money watching, 

Speaker 1 (5m 30s): Did you always stop that? Well, Frank Ross would say, Hey, you got a good kicking game and a good defense. All right. 75% of your games, something like that. Okay. So now I'm like, Oh, those games would go under, you know, people under the Burrells Arkansas hooks coaching, you just being to go under, you're talking to Louisiana tech where I'll be hosting someplace, same philosophy, you know? And you can just kind of see certain things coming. 

Speaker 2 (5m 54s): So you decided you were going to start gambling on football right now. I know was a stat earlier this week and Alex, you won't have to check me on this. I think I read a stat that 15% of American males report that they will bet on football this year. Now I don't think that means play fantasy football. I think that means bet on games. And now that gambling is legal in certain States and will soon be legal in many other States, including California, right? More and more people seem to be interested in the gambling side of football. 

I will tell you, I never bet on football. I think I've told this story before I was a freshman in college. There was a Monday night football game. The bills were playing the jets. The bills were wave favorites. And again, I'm thinking it was a bill jet, but the billboard huge favorite Jim Kelly was a quarterback. This was the early nineties. This was Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith and the whole legendary Marv levy Buffalo bill. And I'm in college. And I think, what do you mean? I, I know these guys a lot. They were like a couple older guys. They're not, they're not football players. They're regular students. 

Right. And they're from Philly and they smoke weed and they're cool. And they're like betting on football. So they go, yeah. And they go, you want to bet on tonight's game? I'm like, how do I do it? And they're like, you know, you put five dimes and I'll call my guy. I'm like what? And so I, it sounded excited. So I bet. And I literally, I bet $50. I've been $50 on the bills. Not five times, Nope. $50 on the bills to win, cover the spread. Let's say it was six points, five points, whatever. And I mean, it was a sure lock, no problem. 

The bills are gonna win this game. The bills are going, Superbowl jets are going nowhere easy, mom. I bet my $50, right. Games played that night. 

Speaker 3 (7m 37s): No, it, the bills lose 

Speaker 2 (7m 40s): Oh, $50 to the bookie. And I lost that bet. And I, this was true story. I swear to you guys in my life, 30 years ago in my life, I've never been a football game ever since 

Speaker 3 (7m 53s): It was one of those, those 

Speaker 2 (7m 54s): Negative experiences. Think about it. The flip side though, like had I won, right? Who knows how much of a gambler I might be, how much? And I do bad, but even in horse racing, I will tell you that you have to have a lot of discipline to bad horse racing. So for me, for example, this summer, I literally only bet I'll bet you, I made five or six best 10 to 12 the most, the whole summer long at Del Mar call it 12 bets the whole year. 

Cause I was mostly betting on my own horses. I think I spent one day just sitting there playing in the car. 

Speaker 3 (8m 30s): You only put a bet when I'm at the track. I only put on a bat. If I think the horse has a funny name or I see something before the race that would get me to do about the horse. That's the only way 

Speaker 2 (8m 44s): I bet. All right. So let me just say one thing real quick time out here with, with Josh <inaudible> who is one of the long time, great friends, sports network reporters. And I'm going to tell you why we invited Josh in here. And one second, but let me have one minute to just talk about an ML. If you can go to <inaudible> dot com, I want to just talk about Gary Cooper, mountain trust, mortgage, and Realty services. Because as Gary always tells us, when you guys are on the air and you guys are telling people about mountain trust, the phones ring, when you guys are not on the air, the phones don't ring. So we're on today. Gary get ready. 

We're telling people to call your office. Here's what I want people to do. Go to Scott and And you can find all the different platforms where you can watch or listen to the show. But if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you're going to see that we asked you to support our sponsors. One of those is Gary Cooper, mountain trust, mortgage, and Realty services. And so you click on that from Scott and and you come right here to the mountain trust mortgage website. And Gary explains, we eliminate all the smoke and mirrors, all the shell games. We explain why, when you call 5:00 PM, five different companies, you get five different answers regarding interest rates and closing costs. 

Look, the bottom line is by the way, somebody got a rental car and you know, aims. So I like that to share with people. And you know, you sit in Vegas sometimes and you feel bad for people who lose money. You know, there's a session they might be coming on the way. And there's so many checks. There's so many bad people out there getting bad information. And I have an opportunity and a platform to be able to help people give them good information. You feel pressured though, don't you feel like, like, let's say you put out pressure, put something out, right? 

You put out something on Twitter and I love that you sit there and your office and you've got your chalkboard. What do you call the, the it's not chalkboards anymore. But then they called us the white whiteboard, you know? Right. And so Josh sits there and he actually writes it all out for you Plains for ya, how to vet it. But how successful have you been? Cause, cause if you, if you're under 50% and people take your advice, like for me, that would feel like I'm flying a plane and I got 150 people in the back and I don't know what I'm doing. 

What about for you? I mean, have you been really successful making your picks? Absolutely. I mean friends and mean clients. They text me when they're in Vegas, Josh gives me five picks, right? Yeah. And I say, Hey, out of the five picks three to four are going to be right. I'm not going to get every one salesman thing. Short term businessman thinks longterm and higher level thinking as longterm thinking. And I'm a longterm thinking guy, Hey, I've been listening. You guys are more than a decade. <inaudible> long term. 

You said a salesman thinks short term, right? A businessman thinks long term. Right? And so at the beginning of the football season right now. 

Speaker 4 (11m 31s): Gotcha. 

Speaker 2 (11m 33s): I, the opening night, do you have like a dollar figure in mind where you say I'm going to start the year off with a hundred dollars with a thousand dollars or $10,000, whatever it is, I'm going to start off with number and I'm going to show the great friends through the 17 weeks of the regular season, my original bank role versus what I am this season with. Are you planning on doing that? 

Speaker 1 (11m 54s): Yeah, I've done it in the last two years. And if somebody would have taken $10,000 when we started back a couple of years ago and that $10,000 on each of my picks, they would have $207,000. I had to fight for it and I'll do a video with that. Wow. 

Speaker 2 (12m 13s): So, so if you would have bet $10,000, what do you mean like on each play 

Speaker 1 (12m 18s): On each plan that I've given over the last two years? 

Speaker 2 (12m 21s): $10,000 bet on every single play that you've given, you'd be up 200 plus thousand dollars. Correct. Okay. Let's be realistic here. Let's say the average person, the average rate friend who's watching or listening right now says, okay, Josh. Okay. Smart guy. Let me follow your picks. I'm not going to bet 10,000 a game, but I am willing to bet $20 a game. Right? Okay. But you're saying you're going to make us all mine. 

Speaker 1 (12m 43s): Absolutely. And I mentioned it on the podcast. It's all 25% like that, that you make $50. There's no such thing as a lock. Cause you're not in the locker room. You don't, you don't know the players, right? There is no such things. He always bet just 25% of your bankrupt. So you would have bet 10 bucks and you would have still have 40 left to continue doing whatever. 

Speaker 2 (13m 4s): No bed. Okay. So people are asking on YouTube. Is this all documented, 

Speaker 1 (13m 7s): Josh? It is. They can go to my Twitter page and see all the videos for the last two years. Okay. Can start counting up. 

Speaker 2 (13m 14s): Hey, I assume Alex is in the back now working with the time with them. Well, can you guys pull up close ways vis gays, Twitter? Because he does do this stuff. He really does put it out on Twitter and he lets you see it for him for, you know, everybody gets to make their own picks here and decide if they want to put down their money. But you see, and we'll get this pulled up in a second, but you are now hosting though. The great friends podcast, right? And the great friends sports network podcast is a collection of guys who were reporters on teams. Here's here's host ways. 

Here's his page go to that video right there. Let's go to that video, which is right there. Yeah. Go ahead and click on that. Let's take a listen to this. Let's see some of his work and turn it up. What are you saying here? Josh? His game. He's got a sign that he's holding. It says $46,500. 

Speaker 1 (14m 9s): I'm breaking it down like a different clients. Okay. So again, I crossed out the client stuff and I put in the vetting stuff. Okay. 

Speaker 2 (14m 16s): And Josh is just holding up a white board of how much money he's made for you. 

Speaker 1 (14m 20s): That's the bottom line is making money and then having fun to watch 

Speaker 2 (14m 22s): In the game. Okay. But now all these are brands and it's educational too, and it is education. So if you can just go back to Joshua's Twitter so that everybody who's watching or listening right now can follow along. I actually can't see from where I am his Twitter handle, Josh, what is it? 

Speaker 1 (14m 40s): It is. I hold sweat. This guy. Can you spell it? J O S U E V I Z. 

Speaker 2 (14m 48s): Okay. That's a pain in the ass. I always you a hard time about that. I always, you a hard time about that. We'll we'll retweet some of this stuff. Okay. So now you've got the great friend sports network podcasts, and I was listening to it on the way up here today. And I'm hearing Raider Jim Martinez. Who's our Raiders reporter. I'm hearing dr. Steve Albrecht, who, by the way, lives in Missouri, he doesn't live in Southern California. He lives in Missouri. We're looking on the screen right now, by the way of the great friends, sports network, NFL bedding and team report podcast. 

And we'll get a new logo up there that kind of represents the great friends sports network. But all of these reporters who were part of the show two years ago, who remained as loyal, great friends to the show. They're now all getting their airtime on Josh's podcast. Bring it back in here around. Well, Josh, how did you come up with this idea? 

Speaker 1 (15m 38s): Yeah. Well it's, it's, it's not only, you know, you get somebody, a fish, but you got to teach them how to fish. Not only am I giving you a winner, I'm teaching you how to get a winner yourself because it makes you feel better when you're in Vegas, you're out yourself and attaching the ticket. So these guys are gonna listen to me for two years. They've been sending me messages and thank you that Raider, Jim went to Vegas. He said, Josh put together some pics. I went 10 to two for the man. 

Speaker 2 (16m 5s): You did like tended to form. Nice. 

Speaker 1 (16m 8s): We had a great time in Vegas. That's about, it's about laughing, having a good time and making people money. Cause there's only four ways to make money. And if you can figure out something to do 

Speaker 2 (16m 18s): Poor, you gotta do it. Okay. What are those four ways to make money real estate 

Speaker 1 (16m 21s): Gotta get an inheritance money from labor and money from capital. That's the only four ways you can make money. So you can not turn you away. You know, you, you were in Arkansas, you cannot turn a blind eye to an ability to have a revenue stream. Especially if you're watching sports, you know, you maximize your time watching sports. If you can make money, your wife is happy with, we talked on the podcast, you know, gas money for the wife on pics. 

Speaker 2 (16m 46s): Yeah. Try to find if I, so, so let me say this. If I took a thousand at the beginning of the football season and you had to say, okay, there's only four ways to make money, but you like watching football and you're going to take a thousand dollars. And this is your thousand dollar bank roll for the season. What are we, what are we talking about here? I mean, what are we turning a thousand bucks into two, three, five, 10 46,500. What are we turning a thousand dollars into? 

Speaker 1 (17m 13s): You're going to make about 70% of the bats. If you listen to the podcast and apply the rules, you'll make 70% of your money. Okay. 

Speaker 2 (17m 21s): 1700. Yeah. You're terrible at playing of the rule. I don't like the rules. <inaudible> argue with the rule. 

Speaker 1 (17m 33s): Yeah. If we're wrong, we don't make money. So that's why I think our opinions are a lot more valuable than a lot of the guys out there. Because if we're wrong, our wife is mad at us. You know what I'm saying? Where we've got less money in the bank, less buying power and a few of the you GFSN 

Speaker 2 (17m 50s): Guys. And that's just me, Hey, you know, why don't we do a podcast? You know, why don't we do this for that? And I'm like, you know what? I might not give people a legitimate advice versus the crap that they're getting out there. I love it. Okay. So for those of you that are interested and for those of you that want to get gambling advice from Josh who says over the last two years, documented, if you'd have bet $10,000 on every single game that he would have given you you'd be up 200 plus thousand dollars. 

So if you want Josh's gambling advice and you want to hear from the other great friends, sports network reporters that you got to know on the radio for all those years. And I hope all those great friends will spread the word to all of their friends. And I want thousands of people to be listening to your podcast, which I think will be really cool. And like I said, we're going to put it on our webpage and then let's see how the season progressives and have fun watching games, seeing the craziness that happens and being able to monetize from it. Well, the fun comes from winning. 

Well, once you get into that mindset of, okay, there's 10 games out of there. I'm going to win seven of them. If you lose one game, big deal and something crazy happens at the end of the game, you lost your laugh because you know that you got profit built in. Yeah. And if you can go 70%, dude, that's in credible really? Okay. Josh, before you go, let me just say, I appreciate you very much because I always liked the fact that when you're making your videos, you're wearing your sighted hat and I'll tell you right now, I love what's going on. 

For those of you, Alison, maybe you can pull this up on the screen for those of you that are watching. And for those of you that are listening, I'll walk you through it. But if you're playing around this weekend, especially with lots of NFL content, the great friends, sports network reporters, all have their own sites. 
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