Every week MLB Expert Bryanna Winner and “PHD” Of Philadelphia Eagles Dr. Brandon Ferst give you insight to get 70 to 80% on MLB games. They would broke down the … Read More

Angels Covid 19 Return Preview

Even with COVID-19 still in full swing and the number of cases rising, multiple sports are set to come back, including baseball. Looking at the newly crafted MLB schedule which … Read More

To Play or Not to Play?

Major League Baseball players are remarkably like you and me. Sure, we do not get paid millions of dollars and have incredible athleticism but the life decisions we face, they … Read More

Hollywood Royalty Tim Conway Jr.Podcast Story

Key Points Discussed on the Podcast If you want to go to be a great story teller listen to the guys at the track If you want to go to … Read More

San Diego Padres Betting Podcast

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-zakpn-e09eeb Who to bet when Major Baseball Starts?Need a distraction from Real Life Science fiction? We keep track of Covid19-Riots-Recession in regards to Sportsbetting FerstReport “The PHD Of The Philadelphia … Read More

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