How To Wager College basketball Champ Week 2023

We are 91-42=68.4%=$22,522 profit for this season

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We are 91-42=68.4%=$22,522 profit for this season

This we give you actionable information to monetize Champ Week 2023 and Beyond

Top Ten Rules For Sports Betting…l-bdc7d132490 information on 8% of college and professional sports plays that are “fixed”

The 6 Pillars Of Sports Betting (College Basketball)

Arbitrage- Picking 10 or more stocks in an industry to take advantage of “market inefficiencies”

*Since we have been watching College Basketball so long we know when something is off

Fundamental Analysis- Key statistics, research, corporate governance

Technical Analysis- “models, charts, raw trends”

Probability theory-Decision Science- identify problem, define problems, look at the all

Variables and co-variables=eliminate variables and co-variables , use math, then logic-game theory) rigorously until you find the “answer”

Statistics- “key statistics” Marginal –

Common Sense- Polls, bracketology, lines are are bull shit

How to identify a good coach

*Are they going crazy after defense

Coming off a time out – does the team score or at-least has a good possession
In game adjustments “can coach get off the script ?”
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College Football Betting Preview How To Wager SEC Football 2022 70% ATS

ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
College Football Betting Preview How To Wager SEC Football 2022 70% ATS

“You can not just roll to #vegas & hit 80% without doing research” 55-29=65% (Bowl Season)
10-3=77% (Conference Championship)
149-95=61% (Regular Season) ‘22 (52.5% breakeven) #Pac12preview#SEC Next
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70% ESBC Weekly Throughbred Racing “Call To Post” True Crime And Free Picks

70% ESBC Weekly Free NFL Wrap Up MasterClass In Sportsbetting Hawthorne Effect Wk 14

In this historical series we share the wisdom, experiences and lessons with. have learned from the smart people around us in Southern California, the country, the world and in business
Also we tell the story of True Crime within the Horse Racing Industry and local governments from a long term financial interest in the United States
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