Top 10 Rules For Betting-Short Term Investing In NFL-CFB And College Basketball

Systematically betting on NFL, College Football, College Basketball, and some NBA allows you to make a decision without having to hear anyone else’s mouth.You can always win and have money … Read More

Sheikh Mohammed probably has 250 kids & 30 wives and his respect for women are not to the standards for the US. Sheikh Moammed livesw in a different world

All the picks from the Bill Belicheat and Nick Satan tree

How To Monetize the Sweet 16 (College Basketball) Purpose of the Podcast is to make me money=”keeping it real”; No BS so we collaborate making money watching Sports Outcome is … Read More

22-9 = 70% Profit #Pac12 Basketball (52.5% is breakeven)12-10=54% Profit #NFL PlayoffsFollow The Money Playoffs 2021(18weeks consecutive of profit)#ESBC Podcast finish #NFLWeek16 236-159=60%#ats 16 consecutive weeks Profit). (Breakeven is 52.5%)Jim … Read More

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