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<inaudible> joining the SPC podcast network. And we are a three dimensional podcast. Like Joseph Campbell says we get the three levels. Not only do we teach you the financial markets, the bank market, so you can pick the right game.

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We also deal with the major issues that you should know about that we should have a responsibility to educate you about because it doesn’t matter if you’re a sports podcast, you have to know the basics. And then it’s always better to be lucky than good man, that we have great fortune to have Sarah Lynn Robinson lead actress from Hollywood. She has to give her insight. And what we’re doing is we’re giving people insight that they normally do not get.

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So on this podcast, you’re gonna get information. You can not get anywhere else. Thank you for joining us. Sarah.

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Thank you for having me. I’m excited to talk politics today. Something I know a little bit more about than basketball. So it’s a nice, it’s a nice reprieve from that.

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Yeah, but we’re teaching you basketball. So watch out.

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Yeah, I’m working, I’m working on it. I’m working on it.

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And the both times we’ve done the basketball. He hadn’t gotten any games wrong.

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Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. It’s been great. I’ve always liked it as a fan, but I’m enjoying it more. Now that I have skin in the game.

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Yes. And you’re making money. We can say we’re making money. And that I was going to place a wager on who Joel Biden was going to pick as vice president and you nail that and we made money. So everybody on the podcast is a hundred percent making me money in one way or another. This first report for four years with sports.

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Now you would come on Harris and then Briana, whatever baseball she’s been. So very fortunate, I feel very fortunate, lucky, and good to have because you’re the measure of the five people around you. And I’m so happy and ecstatic that I have you guys around me as we’re all going through such a difficult time. Now, before we were talking about what we’re going to do on this podcast is educate you on what’s going on.

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Number one, and then number two, when you place a wager on these elections, because we’re already in the middle of a pandemic, if he can make some money off these elections, why not? You, you and I were discussing a very interesting statistic earlier.

2 (3m 25s):
Yes. About election bedding. I did not know this, but betting markets are the best predictors of who is going to win. They have been 100% accurate since Roosevelt in predicting who is going to win the presidential election.

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Isn’t that amazing? So what happens is at 40, you know, in any election, that’s 40% for you and there’s 40% against you. And then there’s that middle, right? The middle wants to know if you’re on top and real life. They’re the ones looking at the window at work. See what car you drive when you come in. They’re the ones to see if you’re in shape, what clothes you have are you keeping up with the Joneses? That’s what they want to know. Right? And then election people pick sides and to get emotional about it.

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And like we talked on the other podcast when you can, when you’re in the emotional part of your brain, it’s a purpose. Politicians know exactly what buttons, when emotional button support, build that wall, build that wall. The other side is, Oh, they’re, they’re putting babies in cages, right? They get in the emotional side of East side’s head. And when you’re in the emotional mental upbringing, you really can’t make decisions. You make reptilian decisions. However, people that bet, right.

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People that put money on things, they think from the rational side of their head, they look at the different factors. They look at the numbers and they focus on who is going to win. Right? And that’s why the betting markets have always been more accurate. Now we get a, well, first talk, we’ll go macro to micro with first talk about different ways for being gaslighted and lied to. And one way is polls.

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These fake polls, you were sharing what you do when you get one of these questionnaires from, from Trump.

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Yes. So I have a lot of experience with fake polls. I’m getting, I would say probably one a day, multiple emails a day, definitely, but also probably a poll a day from Trump’s official website. And some of the things that I’ve seen are just truly appalling. It doesn’t feel like politics anymore. It feels like someone running for student body president and, you know, calling another girl a slut it’s really, really wild. Some of the nicknames that he’s attributed to both Biden and Harris, phony Kamala Harris is his new one.

2 (6m 8s):
I think because he didn’t want, he was too afraid to go for the race card or the woman card, which I guess I should be thankful for that. He’s also called Joe Biden, sleepy, Joe phony, Joe China, Joe. That was interesting. Slow, Joe. Yeah, there’s a, there’s a, Oh, this was a good one. I did this one yesterday and that’s 13 loving Joe Biden. That’s completely baseless and groundless.

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I have no idea where that came from. <inaudible> if anyone doesn’t know is one of the most dangerous gangs in the world terrorizing central America currently. Yeah. So it has been really interesting. I want to insert my own opinion here and say that I have never seen that on the other side, you know, this is coming from, from our incumbent Republican president and I’ve never seen slander like this. On the other side.

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I seen it on both sides through many, many, many, many, many years. And it’s always for a reason, right. It’s always for social proof. And I would like your thoughts on the democratic national convention. And it’s specifically Joe Biden’s speech bipartisan, right? It’s crazy. Right? Because journalism you’re supposed to be neutral.

0 (7m 41s):
You’re not supposed to pick one side. You don’t pick another and you try to be as pragmatic as possible, close to that. But both Fox news and CNN and NBC both agreed that Biden exceeded expectations. And what he did was he took away the whole bullying thing by bringing in a 13 year old kid a stuttering problem like he does.

2 (8m 10s):
Yeah. Yeah. I thought that was a really beautiful teachable moment. And also, you know, clearly I just got one, as we were talking at the beginning of this, another Trump poll and he’s going right back to, you know, slow Joe and these same, these same claims that he’s been leveling against Joe Biden so that he clearly has learned nothing. But I thought it was a really, a really beautiful teachable moment for the other side that there was no, there was really no Trump slander.

2 (8m 42s):
There was nothing that wasn’t true. The only thing that that Democrats were saying at the DNC was that,

you know, the, I love that they referred to him not as president Trump, but as the current occupant. So the current occupant of the white house, right. Can be doing this better. Should we be doing this better? But he wasn’t there. None of them were saying anything that wasn’t true. And I thought it was really beautiful and inspirational going back to what Michelle Obama preached, which is when they go low, we go high.

2 (9m 12s):
And I thought it was a really, it was a really classy event. And I was saying this to you earlier, too. I love that there were some moments of levity. I wrote these down cause they made me laugh. Amy Klobuchar was saying that he, that he shouldn’t want to abolish the U S P S because he’s going to have to send them a change of address form come January. I thought that was really funny. And then, yeah, it was great. Great burn from Amy and Julia Louis Dreyfus and Andrew Yang were mispronouncing Mike Pence, his name like he has done with Camila Harris.

2 (9m 45s):
Obviously he knows how to pronounce it. And he’s just doing it to undercut her, which again, feels very, feels very juvenile. But yes, overall I was really impressed. I think Obama speeches, Obama speech, Joe Biden, speech, and Cabela’s speech were all really beautiful and inspirational and didn’t feel like they were going for defamation. It just felt like they were going for hope.

3 (10m 15s): Yeah.

0 (10m 15s):
And what we’ll do too, is our homework next week is we’re going to watch the Republican national convention and they give them equal time. What is going on? Right. One thing that always happens in it’s happening now with Kanye West, it’s the whole concept. And I want to know your opinion on it. And it’s the whole concept of stalking horse talking horse is, is an individual who’s just in the race to obstruct another individual from winning.

0 (10m 54s):
They’re not trying to win. Right? So Jared cursor and everybody else is paying for Kanye West V in the race to take votes away from Joe Biden and what we’re going to do on this podcast. We’re going to introduce a lot of concepts that you’re not getting in the news that we seen for years. So I’d like to know your thoughts on that. What do you feel about that?

2 (11m 24s):
Yeah, that’s really interesting. So I obviously knew the tactic. I had never heard the term stocking horse until today. So I thought that’s really interesting. It’s absolutely true. I don’t see why there’s any reason even, you know, Kanye West as, as unstable as he can be. And I hope he’s, you know, getting, getting the help and

the resources that he needs, but as unstable as he can be, I truly don’t think that he believes that he is fit to be president. So see, no other reason why he’s running if only to divert attention and votes from, from Joe Biden.

2 (12m 2s):
And yeah, it’s really, it’s really frustrating because I’ve also heard a lot of people, you know, I’ll be, I’ll be completely honest though. He has my vote, Joe Biden was not my first pick in the primaries, but we have a very broken two party system. So I think if you are voting third party, if you’re not voting, if you’re voting for Kanye West, our stocking horse this year, your boat’s going to go to Trump. It’s going to go to, to the incumbent and not to outstand the incumbent.

2 (12m 34s):
I really don’t see it any other way. But I said this to you earlier, too. I mean, if, if gerrymandering is still legal, then I’m not surprised that that this is as well.

0 (12m 48s):
Right. And get to, and I’m going to ask you this question, cause this is always bothered me. And that’s one of the great things, you know, you always have to peak, you’re the average of the five people around you. And one of the things that I treasure about having Sara Lynn Robinson in my life is how intelligent she is, how she can help me with something I’ve been grappling around for years. And I’ve seen both sides of it. And I’d like to know your take on, right?

0 (13m 20s):
Because you have, it’s always been said that the rich get justice or no, the rich get off and the poor get justice, right? The golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules. Right. And we see this with Roger Stone committing felonies and get it off. So, and so, so, and this happens a local boss and a lot of what we’re saying, the biggest impact you can have is in local politics.

0 (13m 52s):
Okay. Now what are your feelings on the letter of the law? Right? Selective prosecution. So what’s electric prosecution says, is that the sheriff or whoever the law enforcement is, has too many crimes to deal with. So they should have the discretion of which crimes to prosecute in which crimes should.

0 (14m 23s):
Right. And I’m going to add, because you can handle it another level of complexity to it, you know, love to know your thoughts. You have that, right. But you also have political side, the hypocrisy side, right. Trump with the Bible. Right. And he looked right. He had Herald on the line. Right. We all know the people that say that they’re the biggest Christians are usually the biggest scumbag, you know, drug drug dealer

2 (14m 52s):
Can be, yeah. Trump is certainly not a Christian.

0 (14m 57s):
Right. So you add that layer to it. Right. And you add that layer of hypocrisy to it. And then another part of it is, and that’s the three part. The third part is that in my opinion, we have to hold local politicians and national politicians accountable to not talk in broad generalities, but talk civics. Right. And pay attention to ethical issues. Cause there’s a lot of things that are unethical, like the stalking horse, but it’s not right.

0 (15m 33s):
It holds fire. I like to know your thoughts on that. How do you feel about those three items that I mentioned?

2 (15m 38s):
Yeah. It’s interesting. Okay. You threw a lot at me. I’m going to try to, I’m gonna try to catch everything, but yeah. One thing with selective prosecution, one thing that stuck out to me. Yeah. You know, I definitely think, and Obama actually even mentioned this very beautifully and eloquently in, in his speech on the last night, he said, no one American can change the future of this country. Not even the president. You know, as you said, he has had a president. Trump has had loads of support from, you know, his minions within his own family who I sometimes don’t even think, believe what he’s believe what he’s preaching, but they’re following along for the power and the money, which is what I think it all comes down to, to, you know, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and Paul Manafort, all of whom have been indicted on crimes and we’ll probably get off on those crimes.

2 (16m 30s):
So yeah, I do think you’re right in that it starts at home. I think it starts locally and you can reach a much broader audience and make a much bigger impact nearby. You know, if I were to March up to Washington and start my, you know, one woman protests, I’m probably not going to get very far. And you know, I may be thrown in, in some sort of like Putin backed, you know, new, new, new, not the jail. But if I run for local election, I could actually start to affect some change, you know, within my own community.

2 (17m 8s):
And maybe even a, again, maybe not on a national level, I can’t say I don’t have the power yet to take down Kanye West, but maybe I could eliminate a stocking horse in a, in a local election or eliminate gerrymandering of a local election. Right.

0 (17m 23s):
So in your mind that Jeremy here now in your mind, how strict selective prosecution shouldn’t even exist, how would you deal with it? What’s the right way to deal with in your opinion?

2 (17m 38s):
To be honest, I don’t know that I have an answer for that. You know, I, it not being a politician. These are all just, this is all just conjecture opinion based. So yeah, I would love to know your thoughts, but I don’t know that I

0 (17m 56s):
I’m telling you my thoughts, I think have the way you deal with it. A number one, the public should end with us all apathy. And like we’re into sports, we’re into entertainment. We’re in Chicago, winter, these other things. But we pay attention to politics because we have to, right. You got dammit, you got all these people, making decisions for you. Like my town that I live in, they have $45 million and they refuse to use the $45 million for any PPS.

0 (18m 27s):
And you have nurses protesting because they won’t use force because they want to do it for the corruptions or in the racketeering are doing. So what I suggest is a good and we had it on the podcast with Stephen auth bright wrote 23 books, he’s a consultant. And he made a great point and I shocked him because he’s to the right. But he made a great point about citizen review boards and review boards, the police, the city.

0 (18m 58s):
So for selective prosecution should be handled by a citizens board. The number one has no financial ties to anybody in the police department or the city council or a diverse, right. We know that diverse companies make 35% more free cashflow than anything else in women CEOs make 45% more cash flows, the Mensa yields. So the way you handle selective prosecution is having Sarah Lynn Robinson OD ward.

0 (19m 31s):
Who’s independent. Who’s not getting paid off by anybody to the side, the issues of selective prosecution. If they arise, my opinion is you’re going to see less of it. What’s the sheriff. And these people know that they can’t just prosecute people they’re being paid off the process,

2 (19m 52s):
Right? Yes. I completely agree.

0 (19m 55s):
Yeah. So we’ve educated the public on the fake polls. We, we gave them, what’s important about the democratic convention, right? We talked about the stocking horse, selective prosecution, right. And now we lead to the point of, and I love your insight on that.

0 (20m 26s):
How the media gaslights us about these polls, that show national polls when in fact battleground States or

what is important,

2 (20m 37s):
Right? Yeah. Yeah. It’s hard, you know, and I live in a very, we live in a, in a very blue state and I’ve spent a lot of time in very blue. So it is hard. You know, Hillary actually got criticized for not coming to enough blue versus red States and really pandering to the battleground States. You know, our six battleground States being, I want to make sure I get this private Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

2 (21m 7s):
But I think, you know, the wind is in those States, if, if Hillary had clenched those States, she got the popular vote. She would’ve gotten the electoral college with, I think even one of those battleground States. So yeah, it really, I think it really will come down to those both in, you know, local elections and in our presidential election. So it’s, it’s complicated.

0 (21m 33s):
It is complicated. It is complicated. We’ll take a look at it. And I liked going to real clear politics. They give a good cross section of what’s going on in the state. And what we’ll do is we’ll give you a breakdown right now after the democratic convention. Cause it really do a good job of bringing people from around the country and you can see the results of their internal polling from the messaging that they’re getting across.

0 (22m 10s):
And that’s, that’s the way Sarah and I have listened to the Republican convention saying what their internal Poland says and what they have to do to win the Republicans. And we’ll give you insight.

2 (22m 22s):
Right? I want to jump in. I want to jump in for one second just because I found this really funny. I, again, I’m very biased, but I really love the DNCs lineup. You know, you had all of these incredible, incredible and influential and eloquent speakers. So the RNC so far, we, the couple that aimed guns at black lives matter protesters. We have the students from a Catholic school who smugly wore a Magda hat in front of a native American man.

2 (22m 59s):
We of course have Trump. It just, it’s such a, it’s such a laughable lineup. I actually thought I’m forgetting where I saw this release, but I actually thought I was reading an onion article. I, it just that really, really, but yes, sorry, going, I, I kind of got away from your point, but you were talking about, you know, media bias and being gas lit by media. You know, as much as I do associate myself as a Democrat and a liberal, I really do try to look at all sources, even sources that I know are skewed, right.

2 (23m 38s):
Like right. Bart, you know, if someone is having an argument or, you know, on, on Facebook or via a text or, you know, what have you, or stumbled across an article article, I’ll read it because I would rather be informed than, you know, ignorant, even if the article in question makes me want to light myself on fire, which many of them do. But I think, yeah, it’s really important. You know, I get, I get kind of a liberal skewed newsletter in my, in my inbox every day.

2 (24m 9s):
Actually I get two of them. I get the CNN and then, and then I get Betches, aren’t their article, which is for, you know, for young Democrat women. But I also love real clear politics and I love NPR. And this is a, this is a resource that I think doesn’t get enough, enough accolades, snopes.com. I really, really love, they really do their research and about very specific things, you know, not just conspiracy theories, like, you know, birther, birtherism around Obama or Harris, but they, it it’ll be little things.

2 (24m 46s):
Like I saw someone again on a Facebook post, someone in my family put a comment on a Facebook post saying like, well, you know, I’m, I’m voting for Trump because he creates jobs unemployment. And this is pre pandemic. Unemployment is actually, was actually worse or has been worse under Trump than it was under Obama and Snopes confirms that. So they really do their research. So I, I would just beg of everyone, regardless of what side you’re on to really do your research, run it by, you know, a few different sources, especially ones that, that are really center before you post on Facebook and go, go spouting off about how it’s true, because a lot.

2 (25m 28s):
And we’ve seen this with the, not to keep coming back to the pandemic, but we’ve seen this with the pandemic. There’s been a lot of misinformation surrounding that. And a quick Google search will, will tell you that none of that is true.

0 (25m 40s):
Okay. And that’s, what’s important, right? We’ve gotten to the time. And I had a great professor, Robert <inaudible> and he was an independently wealthy guy. And the reason he was teaching school was because he was bored at home smart guy. And the first part of the class, he would give website or an argument, let’s say the liberal side. And then the next side, he would give the Republican side. At the end of the class, the homework was, you decided we’ll change for was, and you were always baffled because he was so brilliant at being able to argue both sides.

0 (26m 13s):
And he says, you have to know both sides of the argument like Sara’s doing right to be an intelligent individual in philosophy, says a life unexamined is not worth living. So if you’re not examining and learning

from people who think different from you, you’re missing part of the richness of life. So you have to know both sides. So that’s what we do in this podcast is we basically, you don’t get else information,

4 (26m 46s): But Sarah and I,

0 (26m 48s):
We will tell you flat out, we don’t have a monopoly on the truth. We’re not going to tell you what you should think, right? We want you to do your own research, right? And when you do your own research, you can start praying for NASCA anythings and winning things. And

4 (27m 8s):
As far as our research is concerned,

0 (27m 10s):
We’re looking at these battleground States and 95% of people died within 30 miles or where they were born. And Sarah and I have traveled around the country. We’ve met different people with engaged, different people. We listen to them. So I think we have, especially Sarah has particular insight in what can happen and who are these people in Wisconsin? Right? So Sarah Metron Hillary, Clinton’s the recent, she lost one of the popular vote, but the reason she lost, right?

0 (27m 46s):
And we always talk about it’s better to be lucky than good people who say, Oh, I know this a hundred percent. It’s impossible. And probability theory. The most, you can know something is 80% and Hillary got sick and she didn’t, she couldn’t go to Michigan or Wisconsin. And Obama tried to come in at the end, but she ended up losing as a, the Trump campaign was more focused in the bedding market, saw this right and predicted accurately, the Trump would win and we’ll get to what’s going on later, but we’ll go macro.

0 (28m 25s):
And then we’ll go to the specific States and we’ll ask Sarah what she feels. But Wisconsin was won by Trump by 1% that would polls are showing by not by one, 2%. Think about a real clear politics is that it’s a composite of the polls. You have polls that like, let’s say a Quinnipiac that always shows the Republican winning by 10 points.

0 (28m 58s):
Then you have another polls that come out and they always show the Democrat winning by 10 point Y that’s for social proof. And that’s the Gaslight, the people in the middle to think that their side is on top, right? So they use a composite in the composite polls shows biting up by 6.5%. And then Wisconsin, I think you were discussing Michigan. They’re both similar States as to let’s say Madison would be more liberal where the

school is, and then all the farm lands.

0 (29m 35s):
I’ll just, I’ll keep it real. Right. All the foreign lands has, has a bunch of Hicks.

2 (29m 42s):
I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t say that

0 (29m 48s):
It’s the same thing in Michigan, right. Is that an accurate, or let me know your experience with the folks who were Wisconsin.

2 (29m 54s):
Sure. I w I’m not gonna say Hicks. I would definitely say that. And actually I was going to say the same thing about Pennsylvania, you know, being a working class, Rustbelt state, you know, Pennsylvania, Michigan rust belt. The, and I, I said this to you earlier. So I was born and raised in Michigan, a more liberal part of Michigan, but I saw, you know, I saw both, we had, you know, friends and family members who lost jobs due to the automobile industry crash and who were, you know, very on, on the right side because they thought that Democrats were, you know, taxing too high and taking away jobs.

2 (30m 31s):
And I think that it’s the same thing in, in Pennsylvania. These people are truly putting all of their, all of their eggs in Trump’s basket. I wouldn’t say that makes them Hicks and same thing with, you know, farm country in Colorado. I know a lot of which is where I went to high school. I know a lot of, you know, gun toting, proud Republican farmers in Colorado. And it’s the same thing. I think it all comes down to, you know, FDA and USDA and farmers’ rights and job creation.

2 (31m 2s):
And I think it’s the same thing for Wisconsin farm country. And you’ll see this, you know, in any, any part of the country, the cities and the places where young people congregate college towns are always going to be a little bit more liberal. So where I was born, which is a shitty, very poor part of, Oh, I shouldn’t say shitty. I, I, I love it. And I don’t want them to make anyone feel bad, but it was a very poor part of Ann Arbor Ypsilanti. But in Arbor was a very liberal community. Detroit’s a pretty liberal community, Madison, Milwaukee, pretty liberal communities.

2 (31m 34s):
But when you go outside, you’re going to find more of more of the red boat, Wisconsin. Now I will say, I think, especially because of proximity to Chicago and Chicago’s blue influence, I am going to say that they’re going to go by for this election. I know it’s kind of early to make a prediction, but that would be my guess.

0 (31m 57s):
Right. And I was, again, lucky that I was invited to a NASTAR conference with president true of Canada and what they said about these people. I don’t want to know your thoughts, but they sit with the Canadian government and I get to talk to Trudeau. But I talked to a nice gentleman from the consulate in LA. And what he said was that Trump took advantage of those folks who talking about being disenfranchised and then use the Mexican population as a scapegoat as to say all, you don’t have your jobs and things of gun men are fracturing because of these people, correct.

0 (32m 44s):
From what you know about that,

2 (32m 46s):
I would absolutely say yes. I think that Trump employee’s nothing but fear-mongering tactics and not goes back to what I was saying about his internal polls that are completely biased. You know, he’s the one spouting off about fake news when he’s getting, he’s getting and getting his information from polls, that he only sends his supporters. I only signed up for his, you know, internal email list. That’s supposed to be just for, you know, his, his fans and supporters so that I could kind of keep tabs on what he was doing and what he was saying.

2 (33m 19s):
And of course I was appalled, you know, about these accusations that he’s leveling against Kamala Harris. I also, this is really interesting and I learned this on snopes.com this week, Trump actually donated to Camila Harris’s attorney general campaign just a few years ago. So I thought that was really interesting. And yeah, so the people, the people on the right that are popping off about hypocrisy on the left, there’s obviously hypocrisy on both sides, but I think that they, like you said, they have hit this, you know, maybe like a third of the American population have hitched their horse to Trump’s wagon and they refuse to give in.

2 (33m 57s):
And I think the more they’re they’re met with facts, the more they’re going to dig their heels in. So yes, I absolutely think that that’s true. And I think that he, he panders and he is a fearmonger and a lot of these people are same reason why a lot of people don’t like wearing masks. I think people, people get off on being a contrarian and thinking that they know better than, you know, the top politicians.

2 (34m 27s):
And they love Trump because he’s not a politician when in reality, that just means he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and we’re not listening to our top scientists and doctors and epidemiologists regarding the pandemic because, you know, Susanna, my, my 60 year old high school teacher did a quick Google search and decided that, you know, vaccines cause autism and that wearing a mask is gonna give her carbon dioxide

poisoning. So Trump is, I don’t want to talk, you know, talk down to anyone who is a Trump supporter, but I think that Trump is preying on people like that.

0 (35m 7s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. And we’ll, we’ll give the Republican side and I’ll make sure both, sir, and I will do so because we’re multi-component

2 (35m 17s):
Right. I’m actually more excited Josh for the Republican national committee than I was for the democratic national convention committee. I am pumped to see what they come up with.

0 (35m 28s):
Right. It’s going to be very interesting and see what our, what our breakdown is going to be. I’m going to pull up now, make it clear. It’s giving me a good baseline for the next couple of podcasts. We’re going to do what the, these are the top six States. They’re actually 10 and we’ll go through to educate the public. That’s it pops up here, the 10 States that are battlegrounds and then all of the States that are definitely going one way or another, right?

0 (35m 59s):
And the only ones that we’re going to look at are going to be those 10 States and then very important in our, and this is another part I don’t know. And I want to know your thoughts on this too, because this is very important and it just came to me, but it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine for a while that angered me. And it’s the fact that people don’t understand that we do not live any pure democracy.

0 (36m 31s):
We live in a representative democracy where, and that’s very important distinction to know. And my thoughts is that we should not on both sides. This is funny because Ronald Reagan talked about this and this on both sides. If you go too far to the right, your fashions, if you go too far to the left, you’re calming,

1 (36m 57s):
Right? Extreme is bad.

0 (37m 3s):
We were gaslighted and lied to when we were going to school, we were taught about democracy. So you’re like, Oh, you get to vote. And you get to the side. You have, you have a role in this as you get older and you see you go to a corporation and you know, the in, I hate to use this crude term, but it explains what happens in corporation. The person who talks to most of the corporation, it’s the first one to get fired, right?

0 (37m 33s):

The crack cracks the loudest and the first one to get shot. Right? You notice people lying to get elected and doing something different because once they’re elected, you lose their power because they’re now representing you. Right? And from both sides, both Republicans and Democrats argue how our rights are being taken away. So what my opinion is is in this, one of the things I want to educate people on the podcast from my side, but I’d like to know what you thought your thoughts are.

0 (38m 8s):
We need to fight for democracy to have a say, as much as possible. And we should give our interest away either to people to the, to the left, right. That maybe want government to big, and then people to the right. They want corporations to control things from a fascist level,

1 (38m 31s):
Right? Yeah. Yeah. I totally agree. And actually going back to what you said, Canada,

2 (38m 36s):
I was fortunate enough to be there. The night that Trudeau was elected back when I was, I was 24. Yeah. It was an incredible experience to be there. And I was so amazed, you know, I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t know much about Canadian politics at the time. And I was so amazed keeping tabs on the polls and seeing that they had four very viable parties. And I think that’s one of our, as much as I, I would call myself, you know, a progressive Democrat. I’m pretty far on the left side.

2 (39m 7s):
I think we need more, we need the people in the middle need more representation because something I’ve also seen a lot thrown around, especially since Carla Harris was, was appointed VP, is that, you know, they’re, they’re progressive leftist socialists. And they’re trying to force us into, as you said, you know, a communist communist dictatorship. And which again, I think is, is crazy for someone who is best friends with Vladimir Putin, but whatever.

2 (39m 40s):
Yeah. I, that blows my mind. But I think, I think that a lot of people in the center are feeling their, their voices and their, their votes are being kind of lost in the shuffle and taken away because it’s just far left versus far. Right. And I do think we need more representation for people like that. And then, you know, maybe someone like my dad who thinks of himself as a true Republican, but also isn’t a Trump supporter. Isn’t forced to commit to party over person. And, you know, they basically closed his eyes and plug his nose and vote for Trump.

2 (40m 15s):
So I think I would love to see more, more representative representation for people who, who are more toward the middle. I think that would be really important for us as a democracy.

0 (40m 28s):
Right. And to be educated on, because on a local level they say, okay, a city Councilman retires, should we appoint someone or having an election? I think people end up say, council guys might be their friends and say, Hey, we need an election because we’re supposed to be at democracy. And freedom is not free. We need to fight for pure democracy on every level as possible.

2 (40m 60s):
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

0 (41m 2s):
And that’s something that’s interesting with your dad. How do you feel about that in a society where I know we share this too. There were four years out of my life. My dad’s 84 now, and we get along now, but for five years we didn’t talk politics and religion. So they said our top, right. And we, you know, for a long time, and I haven’t talked to my sister for 20 years over a religion, you shared with me, right.

0 (41m 41s):
That you got tea party people, and I’ve done it from both sides, but I get along with both sides, but part tea, party people, and far less people who I have a, a business partner. And she’s like, Josh, if the per that person is not a Democrat, I’m not doing business with them. Don’t bring me at all or nothing at all. That always kind of, you know, I kinda agree, you know, I, and I struggle with it, right, because it didn’t feel right when she said that, right.

0 (42m 21s):
Because you can disagree with somebody, but everybody has a rector and a living and should be always kind of neutral. The other side is of, I was a very naive, right. And they’ll have warmed with a whole George Floyd thing. And I was not even on informed and how racist and evil people are and people that are just at a drop of the hat, willing to question the credibility of Sarah and Josh, Jessica, Sarah is a woman and Josh is a minority at a drop of a hat.

0 (42m 59s):
And it could be that guy that I’m referring to, my friend, her name was Laura. How do you make sense of all that?

2 (43m 7s):
Yeah, that’s really difficult. And I don’t think we’ve ever seen since 2016, I don’t think we’ve ever seen division run this deeply. And to be true, kind of trapped in two parties that are so polarizing, right. That you, you know, it has to be Hillary or Trump. It has to be Biden or Trump because, you know, as, as I was saying about opening up more parties and maybe having a green party on the ticket or having, you know, Bernie

who is, is farther left and then a Biden who as much as the Republicans like to spout off about what a, what a progressive he is, he’s really more center left.

2 (43m 50s):
So yeah, I think it’s been really hard to watch my friends and family navigate this and I’m navigating it myself. It definitely has really driven, has really driven a divide between the people in my life, who I used to kind of patchouli refer to as a little more conservative or, Oh, you know, she’s a Republican, but we, you know, so we just don’t talk politics. It’s, it’s made that a lot more apparent and feels more life or death because it literally is.

2 (44m 27s):
And that’s, again, that’s just my stance. I’m sure there are some Trump supporters that would argue that, but when I’m voting in November, I’m going to be voting for my rights as a women, for my, my friends who are LGBTQ, my friends who are, you know, immigrants or who are minorities, or who are black, when, when Trump won’t acknowledge the black lives matter movement or the corruption that is running so deep within our police forces.

2 (44m 58s):
So yeah, it’s really complicated. And as much as I want to say that I, I am open to other points of view because as I said, I do try to really diversify what I’m reading and the information I’m taking in it this time has made it a lot more difficult to do that. And, you know, I mentioned, I mentioned, my dad, it’s been, if I can, you know, be completely honest, it’s been really hard on our relationship. And we, it has definitely driven a wedge between us and we’ll see how November goes, but we’ve been kind of back and forth since, I guess since, since Camila was nominated.

2 (45m 42s):
And I was very excited about that and he’s just really digging his heels in and yeah, as much as I want to say, I, you know, I have different views and I can still love you. I think what I always say is politics and where human rights begin. I don’t think this is, it’s not a political discussion anymore. Trump is forcing children back into school when we know some of them are going to get sick and die. And we have Betsy DeVos. Who’s never attended a public school in her life pushing for that because she wants the economy to restart and no fully knowing that we could lose 1% of our children.

2 (46m 25s):
Yeah. It’s just, no, I mean, he’s actually losing people’s lives at this point. So it, it just no longer feels like it’s a politics or a difference. In opinion. As I said earlier, it feels like we are fighting for our lives and the lives of others. Those who are disenfranchised, I was fortunate enough to be born in this country and I love this country, but, you know, God forbid I were born into a country that does have an <inaudible> presence, unlike Joe Biden, as Trump claims.

2 (46m 60s):
And they’re trying to seek asylum, which is not illegal. And then they’re dying or getting molested in a, you know, children’s detention center at the border. That to me just feels unconscionable. And there’s no amount of tax break that would make that palatable to me. So I’m sorry. That was a long winded answer. But basically all of that to say, yes, it’s definitely driven a wedge between me and the more conservative people in my life. You know, chief of all among them, my, my dad, and I see where, where Lauren is coming from.

2 (47m 37s):
Because to say that you’re voting for, I won’t say Republican because I understand, you know, we need to be, we need to be open to other viewpoints. And I do think that the far left can be just as intolerant as the far, right? But people, people who are not only Republicans, but still aligning themselves with Trump, after everything he said and done that is completely baffling to me. And something that would make me not want to have a relationship with you, be it business wise or in a personal capacity.

0 (48m 12s):
That’s not very well said. And that’s what makes us podcast so valuable is that we’re keeping a real and we are going we’re, we’re describing what the voters are going to write as we place on wager, right. Who we think is going to win. And we understand our surroundings. We understand ourselves in the people around us. Now, before we go to shorting the whole map and then senatorial races, I wanted your thoughts on this because you follow, I believe Kellyanne Conway’s niece or

2 (48m 46s):
Her daughter, her 15 year old daughter, Claudia Conway, who is a personal hero of mine.

0 (48m 52s):
All right. Yeah. And then you have a Georgetown where her husband of the Lincoln project. Great. Interesting tweet they have was because Michelle Obama’s says that when they go low, we go high. And she’s with that. Even though Trump has been winning by going low, right. Political campaigns that I’ve been involved in or political candidates that I give God guidance to, I always go to the statistics, right?

0 (49m 28s):
95% of candidates that go negative when the race polling drawn about it. Because people, for whatever reason, don’t say what they really feel. They answer the way they think people should think the answer. They don’t want to say, Oh yeah, the guy’s negative. So you makes me feel safe. So the whole thing, sometimes my wife’s the expert. I don’t know anything about this, but the correlation they say is women better women.

0 (50m 2s):

The guy that’s battering makes them feel safe, right. Because they’re going to be other people. So that’s how they feel about candidates like that. And that’s the awar of a guy, a bluster who blusters like Trump. Right. And it wouldn’t like, so the Lincoln project, George Conway says, well, we’ll go low for you, kids that are going on. What are your thoughts on, do you think it’s, by all means necessary, whatever you gotta do to win.

0 (50m 33s):
If they go low, we go lower so we can get them wrong.

2 (50m 36s):
Right. And you know, again, I under normal circumstances, which nothing has been normal this year, I think I would say, no, it’s not necessary. And I would love for someone to set an example about how they can clinch a victory without saying, you know, without talking about how Melania is an immigrant or how Trump has five kids from three different wives, or, you know, bringing up these things from his past and really looking at his failures as a leader, you know, all of which he has, he has as many personal failures as he does professional and political, but I would love, it would be really refreshing to see someone go high.

2 (51m 16s):
And that’s what I was saying. I really loved that there really was no Trump bashing. I would love to hear if someone has another opinion, but there really was no Trump bashing at the DNC. It was just very, it was very fair. And as I said, just really filled with help. That’s what I was left with. But I also think that it’s really important that the Democrats take this election. So I guess, I mean, I don’t want to say that all’s fair in love and war all’s fair in politics. But I think at this point, Trump has kind of drawn the line and he continues to go low and low and lower and, you know, show us how he’s going to fight.

2 (51m 57s):
So I guess I would say, you know, outside of doing something truly abominable, I would say, whatever, whatever Joe and Camila need to do to win, I think is, is understandable.

0 (52m 15s):
Yeah. And I always go back to shoe dog, a book written by Phil Knight. And it’s been my experience in life that you always for me anyways, cause I was raised the right way or maybe not raised the right way. I don’t know. It’s just the way I was raised to do things the right way, the first time. Right. But you gotta survive. You know, and we both got people that had very talented, had things going there they’re way in the dense derived, because life is unfair, very uncertain.

0 (52m 51s):
So I always tried to do it the right way the first time. And if that doesn’t work, sometimes you have to go the wrong way because you gotta, you gotta, you got to get the whip because again, people are in denial and they get gaslighted about this. So California, Oregon, Washington, right there. Let me know if you disagree.

2 (53m 19s):
No, I would agree with all of those for sure.

0 (53m 20s):
Oh crap. Nevada and Arizona has had a lot of California transplants and people are so stuck in their head, their bubble. They thought that they were going to be a lot more solo, right. Similarities between Nevada and California and Arizona comes in there where now they’re stuck in these God awful hot places.

2 (53m 40s): Right.

0 (53m 42s):
They ended up making this loose States. You can talk conservative, Mormon, conservative, Mormon, same thing, fry, the whole Montana. Montana. It’s interesting. Cause they’re libertarian mostly. Right? You got the free man who shot FBI. If I tried an FBI agent, I would be in jail for a very long time. These Freeman agents and they were quitting Wyoming real estate, Colorado.

0 (54m 12s):
I’ll let you handle Colorado if you’re in Colorado expert in New Mexico or similar States.

2 (54m 18s):
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. What’s that

0 (54m 23s):
They sometimes go either way they can go Republican or

2 (54m 26s):
Yeah, they can be both of them, you know, I’ve seen go go both ways and they can, they can err on the side of swing States, but I’m, I’m gonna say confidently both. We’ll go blue for sure. And Colorado. I think, especially since we legalize marijuana, we’ve had this huge influx of just really open-minded kind of free progressive thinkers. So I can’t see any, I can’t see it going any other way. And I grew up in a small actually conservative suburb of Denver.

2 (54m 58s):
So that’s always interesting to see how that goes. There are definitely some, and it’s also, you know, a little bit of a farming community. My high school was right next to a farm. We would get cows like jump into the parking lot sometimes. So as I was saying, you know, the kind of gun toting conservative population is definitely there, but Denver itself, especially in recent years is super, super liberal. So I can’t see either of

those States going any other way and New Mexico, you know, Santa Fe Albuquerque both pretty liberal, but they’ve also really struggled.

2 (55m 32s):
You know, the whole, the whole breaking that is, is based in, in New Mexico. So they’ve really struggled with the opioid epidemic. So I really think that it would, it would behoove them to vote in someone who’s going to put that at the forefront of their, of their policies and their, their fights,

0 (55m 54s):
Right. And early in my career. I’m different now, but, and thank you for, we’re getting a comment. So feel free to ask Sarah or myself, any questions you like gentlemen out there saying, you know that the polls are off. Like last time we’re going to break that down for you. Right? Cause again, you have polls that are to the far right. Pulls her to the far left. We’re going to try to figure out, not try. I hate the word prior. My clients use it in horizontals.

0 (56m 25s):
But back earlier in my career, now I will not take a client and unfortunate I’m lucky. Good enough. And it’s a luxury. Feel very humble to say this, but I will not take a client. No, you’re very welcome. I will not take a client who isn’t in alignment with my values. That’s the way I am. But again, like the lawyer and drink, you always think of both sides, right? And people would hire me to win right.

0 (56m 56s):
To beat the competition, to make them money. So looking at this and let me know your thoughts, the best way for Trump to win this election. Right. And you mentioned Colorado is the fact that drove widen is not for the national legalization of cannabis. Now he is for medicinal use of theirs, but not recreational uses in Colorado, both Republican senators while being conservative.

0 (57m 31s):
We’re we’re for the national legalization cannabis. Cause they had to do that to win. So Rob comes out and says, you know, I have a big change of heart and I’m going to instruct William Barr, not prosecute cannabis related crimes. And I am now for the national legalization of cannabis now taking your partisan hat off and your feelings, like, do you feel like the strategist that’s his best path to victory?

2 (58m 7s):
Well, I can’t see him ever doing that, but if he did, I think it would definitely swing some boats his way. You know, we all have, we all vote with our own conscience. So I think that if that is the Hill that you’re willing to die on and that is what matters most to you. And you’re kind of putting all, all of your stock in that. Then I guess I could see that swinging some boats his ways, but I would hope that especially Colorado, because as I said, it is overall a pretty liberal state.

2 (58m 43s):
I would hope that even though Joe isn’t necessarily the marijuana candidate, that was probably Sanders, I would hope that they have enough, enough of a conscience and a knowledge of what he’s going to do in other fields, in other arenas to still vote, still vote Biden. But I think that’s, that’s a really interesting thought. I had not thought about that happening again. I don’t think it will. And I hope it doesn’t, but I could definitely see him doing something strategic like that.

2 (59m 17s):
Maybe at the last minute, if polls are not showing in his favor.

0 (59m 22s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. And they’re looking at it from a strategy standpoint and looking at it from bending angle. That’s where the value is for him. Now you go to North and South the quarter, really red States, those States Democrats could win. But what they do is they call them a, we dogs, you act and talk like a Republican, but just register as a Democrat.

0 (59m 53s):
That’s how we win those States. Then you have texts. Texas is changing. It’s evolving yet with a lot of California, people that want to lower their income taxes that go to Texas and deal with the heat. I can’t deal with the heat anymore, but Texas, for the most part, democratic Beto had a chance. Yes, Ted Cruz.

2 (1h 0m 19s):
Yeah, it was close. I really had help for, for Beto. That was tough. I do too. I do too. I think he’s a good guy. And it always made me watching his speeches always made me laugh because he would start out looking normal and at the end would look like he had been doused in lighter fluid. He gets so sweaty or than I’ve ever seen anyone get just made me throw on a completely not political note. That just made me really happy.

0 (1h 0m 47s):
No, I miss the off season after football season, I want to do a pocket set and I think Sarah would join me. I want to do one on Louisiana politics until today. Cause it’s still very relevant. It’s the only state to have a Senator and a governor elected from jail and Huey long said first. And then Eddie, Edward said it, it was actually a reality show where he ever taught it. And then to the phrase of both myself and my opponent steel, I had a three, $3.

0 (1h 1m 27s):
My opponent I’ll take three. I’m going to take two. And you know, I’m going to take two. You know who I am. You don’t know who he is. So vote for a quirky note versus the crook. You doc. Now Louisiana is the same way. And I lived in new Orleans. They were like, son, if you need anything from me, let me know. And you

knew not to get anything from it. It was very, very extreme corruption. And those can go either way.

0 (1h 1m 58s):
They split it between the Democrats and the Republicans equally. So always a wild card Arkansas on bill and Hillary Clinton has gone to the right and that garner is what it flipped around. He was supposed to be so great hurt mr. Herd immunity. And that’s another thing people have lied about what herd immunity is. We gotta do a COVID-19 one. COVID-19 what they told us in the beginning. And what ends up happening at the beginning of COVID-19 they made a big thing about herd immunity.

0 (1h 2m 33s):
Herd immunity is 50% of the population. So out of four people, 200 million people have to get infected for you to have her immunity. So the governor, our Kansas SSA was talked about her immunity. He was a big star. Now he’s the big goat he’s literally gotten people killed or waiting for the cause. He updated ongoing together poll, they updated and we’re going through Arkansas, Louisiana and up into the Midwest.

0 (1h 3m 13s):
And what are your thoughts on Indiana?

2 (1h 3m 17s):
Yeah. Indiana is tough. I could see it going either way because it’s Mike Pence his home state. So I think there’s probably a lot of hometown pride and support for him. But I also was in Indianapolis shortly after the, the election. And it was really beautiful to see they had signs outside of, you know, various places, but especially places that, you know, gay bars or places that were, were LGBTQ friendly that say, you know, hate has no home here. You’re welcome here.

2 (1h 3m 47s):
You’re loved here. So again, you know, it’s probably the big cities that will, that will swing at one way or another. Indianapolis is pretty, pretty blue, pretty openminded. So I could see that going either way. I guess if I had to guess, I think that’s going to go for Biden because of Mike Pence. I think that that may wind up working against him.

0 (1h 4m 11s):
Well, this is something interesting to write, you know, want to know your thoughts, predicting the election,
the stimulus package will help Trump, right? Yeah. Kentucky, right. That are very, very poor, but conservative States. And how do you make sense of this? Cause you mentioned too, right? That Trump had been married before times he’s cheated and every business deal he’s ever been.

0 (1h 4m 42s):
Right. But yet the far right. Christians love like, all right, what Bible are you reading? These poor people,

right. Are still very, very, very conservative, but they’re the ones hitting, getting hit hard by not having a stimulus and the Republicans feel they’re going to lose anyways. So how do you think that’s gonna play out?

2 (1h 5m 9s):
Yeah, that’s really interesting. Again, as I said, I think he, he is a fearmonger and he purports to anti-government and his whole slogan was drained. The swamp when he’s just bringing swamp monsters into his home. I think he’s, if anything, he’s doing the opposite. I think though for a lot, he’s definitely not a Christian. And I thought this was interesting in the last election. I, the day that it came out, I read Hillary’s book what happened? And she talks a lot about her faith and I’m not a religious person, but Hillary is, and she is really, truly identifies herself as a Christian and everything that, that embodies.

2 (1h 5m 51s):
And she talks about how important prayer is to her and how she does these daily devotionals every morning and every evening. And you know, the Clintons are truly a Christian family and Trump. Yeah, he has, again, this is so pandering. He had that photo of him where he, he cleared out protesters and tear gas protestors, so he could take a picture with a church and then he held the Bible upside down. It’s just, I, I will never understand why people are deifying this man who is clearly not Christian, clearly not a politician and clearly not a fit leader, but I think to your point about how, you know, conservative Christians and a lot of, a lot of people who are trapped in poverty continue to follow him.

2 (1h 6m 39s):
A, I think that’s because of his lofty promises. And I think they will, they truly believe him because he is not a politician. And because he, he makes them these promises and they, they think that they think that he’s going to deliver on like bringing all of our manufacturing back to the States when everyone knows that we could never afford that. Apple’s never going to set up a plant in the States because it would cost too much to make eye pads. You know, that’s just, it is what it is. And the top 1% is always going to benefit from cheap labor in other countries.

2 (1h 7m 12s):
And Trump knows that as, as much as anybody else and, Oh, sorry. And the, the second point, I think a lot of it goes back to abortion. I’ve seen a lot just, you know, online or, or talking to people with different viewpoints for a lot of people. I think that it comes down to that. And if you are a single issue, voter and abortion is what is what you see as our nation’s biggest problem.

2 (1h 7m 44s):
You’re going to go with Trump. Now. I would guess that with his track record with women, I could almost guarantee that he’s paid for some women to have abortions. That’s probably a very controversial opinion, but I can’t imagine that in his past,

0 (1h 8m 4s):
Yeah. You can have neuro opinion, right. But you can have your own facts and it’s factual evidence that he had to pay for abortions. The woman that robbed the castle checks, there’s been car operation with doormen and different patients where he has paid for a lot of the workers. But of course the out is that he’s a new man in Christ. He’s

2 (1h 8m 32s):
He’s born again. Right? Yeah. But that doesn’t erase, you know, his, his three wives and his cheating allegations and his, the video with Billy Bush and his rape and sexual assault allegations. But again, I think if, if abortion is your biggest concern, you’re going to go with someone who, and he won’t, but he says that he’s going to get rid of it. And I think just like with the job creation, if someone’s telling you that, and that’s all you really care about, you’re going to believe it.

2 (1h 9m 3s):
Versus Joe Biden, who is, you know, open about his, his desire to, you know, to keep what we have now, which is bodily autonomy for women and, you know, safe access to abortions. And I also want to throw in, and then I’ll get off my soap box, but I want to throw in that you can talk as long as you want. Okay. Thank you. But I just want to throw out there that, you know, making abortions illegal and taking away safe access to them will never end abortions.

2 (1h 9m 36s):
You’re just going to see more, more maternal death because women are going to have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to get unsafe abortions and will probably die as a result.

0 (1h 9m 48s):
Right? No. And it goes back to what we’re trying to eliminate on the podcast. And Sarah is the admin or social media. So this kind of gets the wheels turning that we have to do our own reporting, right? And because people are getting slanted information, right. And we know how to cite sources. We know how to decipher what’s legitimate evidence and what is it? And we look forward to keep on reporting that to you.

0 (1h 10m 19s):
And that’s the beauty of a podcast versus a radio show. You can talk as long as you want to get the full version of what you want to communicate without somebody interrupting you and not getting a full picture. And we can go in detail to the map of the United States and show you how the electrical breakdown. So you can’t monetize it, right, Minnesota, a very libertarian state, not necessarily liberal, but libertarian it’s between to the left lately.

0 (1h 10m 52s):
Iowa can go either way, go finish the podcast, looking at different races. There’s going to be a very, very

interesting race, close race with Joni Ernst in Iowa, Missouri. I can’t think of her Siri without thinking about the Netflix series.

2 (1h 11m 10s): Oh yeah. And then

0 (1h 11m 14s):
The, the economist did a study on 115 countries trying to figure out which countries were corrupt and which countries were not corrupt. The study ended up saying that off hundred and 15 countries had some level of corruption. And when you start going down from the Arkansas, very, very poor, right? A lot of payouts with politician, Louisiana, we talked about that. How corrupt, so cultural corruption there, Louisiana, where there any other words wins an election from jail as a convicted felon, you go to Mississippi Biloxi, Mississippi, a very, very corrupt state.

0 (1h 11m 58s):
Tennessee is progressive. Nashville is moving up. So even though they they’re conservative a hundred percent of the time, they’re evolving. Very nice place, Alabama. I was driving from Florida all the way to California. We just stood Alabama. My wife started screaming at me in the car, just like you can’t believe we went to the gas station. They had a slave action figures. That’s all you need to know about Alabama, but things has gotten so bad for the Republican party that they’re in a tight race with Doug Jones, right?

0 (1h 12m 33s):
He’s a Dixie crap. You act, and you walk like a Republican and just register as Democrat. So that’s a very interesting one. It gets done comparable. The next football coach, who’s running. Who’s a Trump guy go down to a place that I live for 20 God, awful years of my life, the state of Florida. And there’s not, it’s very corrupt. They’re bought and paid for. I worked for a guy by the name of <inaudible>. His dad was accused of killing Kennedy.

0 (1h 13m 3s):
He was a mobster five families of Banano family. I would in my restaurant and got a catering job at a horse farm in Ocala opened by John Dadi. Wow. If you look at the history of it and I encourage everybody to read this book, and I guess Caylee terror wanted Pence to read the people’s history of the United States, that Howard Zinn. And he talks about how the South was basically constructed with criminals in mind.

0 (1h 13m 36s):
Right? Cause you just left with Florida is inhospitable without air conditioning. So you just put all the criminals in Florida. It’s still like that. So Georgia, you go to Georgia where Stacey Abrams out of an election, right? If you go into South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, North Carolina, where they had a disputed election. So these States are very corrupt. And then you go to Kentucky and West Virginia. And that’s that dynamic we

were talking about with Indiana.

0 (1h 14m 8s):
And I guess they’re clustered together of being really, really poor, but being very conservative at the same time, Joe mentioned one on race there again, Dixie CRA active and talk like a recall can just register as a Democrat. And then you have the alcohol and you have Illinois and Chicago, which when you lived in Chicago was mayor Daley, the Chicago and whatever you like.

2 (1h 14m 37s):
Yeah, that was rough. And I was there. I was actually there for the whole rod Blagojevich scandal too. So that was crazy. But then I also got to be there for two Obama election nights, which was truly a magical experience. I will never forget for the rest of my life.

0 (1h 14m 54s):
And I was struck when Obama won. And again, it was false. I hate to say it right, keep hope alive, but it was false hope. I thought that this country had maybe moved a step forward. And at that 200 nine, I was very hardcore and being neutral. So I was watching the Obama or inauguration and it was weird the way it hit me, I got a little emotion, but stunning Obama, Obama to no fault of the zone.

0 (1h 15m 27s):
He’s a brilliant man. He goes into working for the union. You flips over a factory or everybody talks Spanish. He got them unionized, right? That’s his claim to fame. And then what I love about Obama is a great lesson in business in life is that he knows how to build relationships and people are so loyal to him. You look at justice Roberts who was in law school with him in a Harvard law, loyal toolbar. He made such an impression on him that he saved the affordable care act for Obama.

0 (1h 16m 4s):
Is that his classmate who he respected, right? Cause Obama, you know, I think what the say stuff either about Richard Nixon, his intellect, you know, you got in trouble and when they questioned Obama’s intellect, he’s a, he’s a law scholar who criminal law on the level of justice drivers that you respect him so much that he’s, he saved them with the affordable care act. But at the same time to survive, he became an Offerman out of the Chicago machine and the road of those union dollars to the presidency.

0 (1h 16m 36s):
So that’s the one noise man. That’s, it’s tough now, Ohio and Michigan president has been elected either Republican or Democrat without winning the state a law. It’s a very neutral state in these guys, have it in a black and you have that dynamic, right. Even though I think Columbus, even though it’s a, the whole university is very good. It’s still conservative, very middle of the road, Michigan. And what are your thoughts on Michigan? And you give it some real detail cause you, you were talking a lot about NR.

0 (1h 17m 10s): Yeah.

2 (1h 17m 11s):
Yeah. I think that Michigan is going to go blue for this election. It’s it’s tough. Michigan is a really tough area again, because as I said, they were hit, you know, maybe harder than anyone in the recession. And it’s been, things have been declining there since, since the nineties and you know, Flint is still dealing with not having drinkable water, which is a direct, a direct result of political corruption because the, you know, their water source became tainted.

2 (1h 17m 47s):
So I think that there’s as much as it is a state that would benefit from Trump’s lofty job promises. I think that they’re going to go blue because of Flint and Ann Arbor and Detroit. That would be my guess Ohio. I honestly don’t know. But Michigan I’m gonna, I’m going to say is riding with Biden.

0 (1h 18m 18s):
Yeah, no, I, you know, being part of the, you know, and I say that, and I’ve had great mentors that have that access to billionaires, as I say, but I like learning from people. Right? Cause you don’t have access to you don’t have access to excellent people and both Rob Portman for our prom, Rob Gordon is a recall, okay, that’s where our grounds are Democrat. Do you know how to play that middle road there? They know they have to do that to be elected. And I think both of them are very excellent.

0 (1h 18m 49s):
You know, you know, know people, right? You mean sometimes you’ll live with somebody. You don’t know them, but their public persona, right. Everybody has a publican break. They’re probably for fluid is very excellent, great eloquent. And they get things done. Very impressed with those two guys. It will be very close. You can theoretically. Right. And it was funny. Those bolts were funny. But in theory, Trump won Michigan by 12,000 bucks. Very, very, very slim margin.

0 (1h 19m 18s):
Governor of Michigan. She’s very interesting. They thought that maybe she was going to be a vice versa, vice presidential candidate. She got in trouble with some corruption with her husband in a boat. And you go to Pennsylvania, very interesting state because Joe Biden was born there. So they think he has an edge and he fit. I remember the buying ran against Obama. The commercial he had was him, you know, shooting off guns in the yard.

0 (1h 19m 51s):
He’s like, I want you to know. So that’s going to be a very, very interesting in a screaming, the same

dynamic. You talked about it right versus Philadelphia.

2 (1h 20m 3s):
Right. That’ll be interesting. Cause I always think about hometown advantage,

1 (1h 20m 8s):
But then Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Senator was third, third place in her home state. So I don’t know,

0 (1h 20m 19s):
Two years in Boston and the dynamics in Boston were fascinating to me. I had a really good time and I made a lot of friends in Boston and Boston is, you know, very, very liberal city state, but it was more racist than the South. When I lived in the South. There’s a lottery’s of institutional racism in Boston.

1 (1h 20m 45s): Absolutely.

0 (1h 20m 48s):
In Boston. Are you legacy? Not legacy if you’re not legacy. No, but I had some legacy friends who would take me to an underground dungeon and everybody in there with like, you know, legacy and you were cool. And you had a great time because you don’t bring an idiot to those places. So I was able to be friends with both sides in that culture of fascinated me, but I could see Elizabeth Warren losing out of pure sounds like an active, more of a pure liberal massage.

1 (1h 21m 25s):
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. I think that’s what it was

0 (1h 21m 31s):
Another place that I really get time in. And then when you go to this part right here, you have, I remember living in Boston, they call them assholes. Right? The people farmland. Yeah.

1 (1h 21m 43s):
Oh yeah. New Hampshire.

0 (1h 21m 45s):
I mean the first time I went up there and it was crazy, right? Cause I was, I was young, you know, stupid. And I was arrogant and I had a friend who delivered high-end art to Rhode Island. So we would go a straight shot, 16 hours for growing Island. You know, it’d be, you know, happy go lucky carrying, you know, $40 million for the art. Then I would touch it. And then my whole body began to sweat. Right? Cause I was suffocating all my fear and anxiety being fight drop this literally I’m dead in the crazy part about it is he used

to deliver the art and all he would get was a bag full of money and a slip.

0 (1h 22m 27s):
He would give him this little tiny slip. He would give people, I’m like, man, it was so much money and so much going on. This is how this deal is because of taxes, right? Art, you can depreciate the value and get it off your taxes, tax mitigation. But that’s what those areas are about. And that’s why the TAC, the Trump tax cut resonates with them local to the senatorial races.

0 (1h 22m 57s):
And we won’t predict well the final and we’ll predict them on the, on the third podcast, which will be a week before the election. Next. We’ll do a recap on the Republicans and let me get real clear politics and we’ll go through the races real quick. We’ll see what you think. Then we’ll have final thoughts. And what thank you so much. It’s been a fascinating podcast. I think.

1 (1h 23m 21s):
Yeah. A lot of interesting, interesting conversations happening here.

0 (1h 23m 27s):
Right? And those topics that we brought to it. Have you seen anybody talk about them? Okay.

1 (1h 23m 34s):
Not on, not on any podcasts that I have listened to you now and definitely not within the bedding sphere.

0 (1h 23m 43s):
No. And I haven’t heard a wall street journal talked about it. I haven’t seen it on CNBC, CNN. Nobody has broached these topics that are vital really, I think. And I think you and I bring interesting perspectives because we have not just lived in orange County, our whole lives. We’ve traveled around the country and we’re hoping to meeting and learning from new people, which unfortunately is becoming a lost skill.

0 (1h 24m 13s):
So just waiting for it to pop up, we’ll look at 10 senatorial races because the other part of it is nothing can get to Congress. The last one party has the three branches, which I think is dangerous. I think you always have to have diversity of thought. You always have to have a process. However things have gotten so messed up with polarization that if you have a split, nothing gets done.

0 (1h 24m 50s):
One side tries to obstruct the other without doing what they’re supposed to do and what they lied to us. When they’re running for office saying, Hey, let’s do what my wife, my wife tells her clients, you do what’s best for yourself. And for the people around you. Well, they run saying, they’re going to do that. But then

again, an office and all they do is follow the money.

0 (1h 25m 21s):
They do, what, whatever pays them to you. And that’s something that I always want to meet people. And especially on the third podcast, we’ll discuss there. And I I’ll I’ll screenshot campaign contributions because again, they spew it to themselves. You don’t know. And now with Mellon balance, it’s going to be a lot of mail and bouts before politicians disclose where they’re getting their money from

1 (1h 25m 50s): <inaudible>.

0 (1h 25m 52s):
And again, that’s something that people need to learn to research. Freedom is not free. And if you don’t know where the money’s coming from, you’re, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and to the community, right? Because people talk about draining the swamp, but they don’t do it. Right. Lobbyists are as patrol money can crawl. So we’ll show you where the money is coming from and how to do your own research about where the money’s coming from.

0 (1h 26m 29s):
And one thing I’d like to ask you is China, what are your thoughts on China and how it’s gonna affect the presidential election?

2 (1h 26m 41s):
Yeah. You know, I think again, Trump with his fear-mongering tactics, I think he’s, he’s kind of using China as the boogeyman when a lot of people don’t even really know what potential threat it poses, but that has been really interesting. And another thing that’s been really infuriating about the pandemic, you know, the election following so closely on, on the pandemics heels, I think that there was already so much fear surrounding China and Russia and these, these societies that run differently than ours and that are not democracies.

2 (1h 27m 22s):
So I think Trump has kind of using that as you said, as a scapegoat and blaming the whole pandemic on China, because it originated in China, which is, I don’t know if you saw that, that interview with the Australian reporter and Trump, but he kept referring to it as the Chinese virus or the China virus. And he knows exactly what he’s doing. You know, if something originated here, I don’t think anyone would ever call it the American virus because that’s our, that’s our privilege that we live in, you know, a, a wealthy superpower and, and a democracy and a first world country.

2 (1h 28m 6s):
But because it’s China and people are already so scared of China and misinformed about China, it’s really

easy to point fingers and to blame China for this entire pandemic and for the death of 170,000 plus people just in our country alone. So yeah, that’ll be really interesting. I’m sure that’ll come up in the debates. And as I said, Trump is, is now calling Joe Biden. China, Joe, I have no like DIY, but yeah, I don’t know.

2 (1h 28m 39s):
That’s another, another really complicated subject, right?

0 (1h 28m 43s):
Yeah. It’s very complicated because it has many layers to it. And I think the China in that’s something we can work on to educate the public on the, the, the problem with China is on the local level, the Chinese communist party basically run a Ponzi scheme with, and they take the money to pay off local politicians so they can rig real estate. And one of the most rate real estate places because of tryina and a combination of China’s money, right?

0 (1h 29m 24s):
And local politicians being so unpatriotic and the public being so apathetic, right? That it’s been a field day for Chinese and real estate interests, not the only reason, but one of the reasons real estate is so inflated in Southern California is because of that. Now you have to do your own reporting.

0 (1h 29m 56s):
You have to do your own research. So with Trump, I’ll give him credit. He did late January. And it’s funny, he does this in late January, but he doesn’t tell people not to go to the super bowl. And it’s funny how many people got sick at the super bowl that point in time, they weren’t attributing it to COVID-19 when Trump had information that it was COVID thing, but he does the China travel ban, no other tribal ban. There were 12 loopholes a lot.

0 (1h 30m 28s):
So Trump has been one of the most lenient president towards trial that we’ve had in a very long time, dictators and praise. He who’s also a dictator. And I think he would emit, or he is admitting at this point that he, that was a mistake, right? He ended the bait. If buying says, why did you praise?

0 (1h 30m 57s):
She, I think his advisors and everybody else will say, Hey, that was a mistake I made, you know, this is the triangle viruses she wants to say, but that’s, that’s why you have to do your own reporting. And you can’t, it goes back to what our, what our parents taught us believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see.

1 (1h 31m 21s):
Yeah. I think that’s very smart. Yeah.

0 (1h 31m 26s):
Senate races real quick, Texas, Cronin’s probably gonna win right. North Carolina can go either way. You got Tom incumbent. Currently, this is our composite poles, right? Like the gentlemen in the trap, anybody on chat wants to keep asking questions. We’re happy to have you here. And please ask as many questions as you want. These are composite poles.

0 (1h 31m 56s):
So it’s taking the polar opposites and going to a return from the me. And remember we used return from the meat and sports betting as well. So there you have a Tom tell us in North Carolina, and this one shows a few of them, Michigan, the Democrats winning by three. This is where the Republicans have a huge concern, right? When Trump’s aren’t surging in the polls in 2016, our first scene was, man, this is going to be the death of the father, but it took a while.

0 (1h 32m 32s):
But this is huge. Arizona has a right to carry state. You can carry a gun in your holster

4 (1h 32m 41s):
And the Democrat Kelly.

0 (1h 32m 45s):
It has a substantial lead in the polls against Mike Sally. And remember Mike’s attitude was very, very nasty to reporters during the impeachment, a strong Republican in the problem with this right now is that Big, deep pocket and repugnant all the sin. And you know, who owns the sands. They don’t want to invest money in a loser. So there’s a double whammy for Mick Sally, that she hasn’t been able to bring it, to make her look like if you see, you know, she’s even with clothes, this, you have them up by 11, right?

0 (1h 33m 22s):
Another one that has the Republicans worried Palm pale was supposed to leave the white house and go to Kansas. We’re not gonna predict this one because this one, I really feel things are right in Kansas. And the Republicans are going to win

4 (1h 33m 41s): The fact that

0 (1h 33m 44s):
It’s only showing a two point lead it’s it’s, it’s pretty bad news for, for Trump. All right. Another one to look at. Yeah,

4 (1h 33m 55s): That is

0 (1h 33m 58s):
Georgia. Georgia has two of them. One is the billionaire lady who got caught inside the train. You’re right. That sounds like Greek to me. Right? You already have a billion dollar. You’re still insider trading, right? Where the senators who got briefed on COVID-19 and immediately left the building and called their brokers to sell stock. We all know it’s illegal. You can not as a government official free stock. When you have insider information. Now I’ll give a plug to the bedding podcast.

0 (1h 34m 32s):
Those laws don’t apply to sports, betting sports buildings, and easier market to figure out. And yesterday I had an interview with the head coach of Houston Baptist football, and we talked some hardcore football. He taught me a lot. So technically it’s, this was stock. I can bet on a game. Cause I have insider information. The sports betting, very, very legal. That’s why that podcast and Sarah and I are on the MBA. One. You remember we had an MBA coach, come on the podcast and give us insider information.

0 (1h 35m 4s):
That’s why we make you a lot of money. And that’s what gives us an edge makes the podcast so valuable. But I digress. She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t take the information she got from the intelligence or from dr. Burton fallacy. And they go sell style. But yeah, Purdue from produce chick and against Asaf. And if you remember him, he’s a very young guy who was in a Republican district with 30 points and almost won a confessional race. Very, he wanted a story, came close to winning through social media.

0 (1h 35m 36s):
He was outspent 30 to one. Right? So yeah, when we recall the guy in Lake forest, we were outspent 20 to one. So, but you can wait. That’s why you never judge a book by its cover. So he’s going to lose, there’ll be a famous Loughlin lens, but we’re going to take a look at it. And then another couple of races, I want to look at a percent, right?

0 (1h 36m 8s): It’s going to be,

4 (1h 36m 10s): Let’s see

0 (1h 36m 14s):
We out a set of polls. I want to bring up. Iowa is going to go Iowa. And Trump is winning Iowa by a few percentage points. Well, it’s going to be interesting to me and something you’ll be able, we’ll be able to bet

on late is going to be that Iowa Senate race

4 (1h 36m 51s): C.

0 (1h 36m 55s):
So you’ve been in the Tufts center. Races feel pops up here. Alright. So I like to know your thoughts because one of the things I found out when I owned my restaurant was that I’m really, you know, I like people watching and I’m into sociology. So it’s very, very interesting to me, the tight rope, Joni Ernst walked in defending Trump, even though obviously he committed, he got people killed right in the Ukraine, trying to shake him down for Intel on Biden and how she did what the other guys, the Democrats do.

0 (1h 37m 40s):
Right. They walk and talk like Republicans, but registered as Democrats, she did the opposite. She talked like and shift, but at the end of the day, go to not to teach them. How’s he going to survive the Senate race, Theresa Greenfield in, let me look at her background. There’s one lady in a race like this, and she’s a Democrat who was the next CIA agents. Oh yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that’s her, she said she’s an ex CIA agent and she’s running against Ernst, a military woman.

0 (1h 38m 18s):
So again, you’re talking about military woman, ex CIA agent and she’s walking and talking like a Republican, registered as a Democrat to be able to win that race. And man, they’re tied up and it’s interesting. That’s really close to see their strategists and them go after each other. So that’s, that’s a race we’re watching for Senate. That’s going to be great. You can put money on it.

0 (1h 38m 48s):
And I’ll be interesting to see, and we’ll give you that prediction a week before the election was really as, excuse me, the only valid a lot of ballots come in. So those, those are your top Senate races of the other one. I wanted to talk about. We’ll close with this one. I like to know your thoughts on this lady, Susan Collins, again, similar case to Iowa and they ran Sara Gideon.

0 (1h 39m 21s):
The let’s look at her bio real quick. Very interesting. That pole’s very interesting. All right. She is up in the polls because Susan Collins again, voted for the Trump impeachment and she was very, very disingenuous and nasty. So like the fact that she was disingenuous and nasty, she talked like at a shift, but at the end of the day caves.

0 (1h 39m 51s):
Right. And that’s why a lot of people, you know, are impressed with memorandum Romney who voted

against it. Right. He stuck through to her principles. She didn’t hack, there’s some money out there. Definitely put some money on Sara Gideon who got millions and millions of money of money and campaign contributions to go against Susan Collins. Who’s always waffled. And that’s a very independent means.

0 (1h 40m 23s):
And I wonder if the people in Maine right. Are tired of being lied to and Gaslight, but she’s in college, he’s still in it. What are your thoughts?

2 (1h 40m 36s):
Yeah. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know much about local Maine politics, but I mean, she is Sarah getting is leading, is leading in every poll. So I would definitely give it to her.

0 (1h 40m 48s):
Right. And so Susan Collins claim to fame is that she, the swing vote, right? She voted for well, vomit care. If you go there for a lot of the main democratic legislation that’s gone through current Congress has been because Susan Collins has sided with the Democrats on certain issues. And of course we, you know, she’s not doing it because he has a moral compass. In my opinion, she’s doing it. If you want it to arrive when the next election, right.

0 (1h 41m 18s):
Impeachment, she, she talked one way and did the opposite. She’s going to pay the price. Actually. I want to give me one more that we’ll look at and it’s going to be Kentucky. <inaudible> Mitch McConnell. And when Michelin Carter comes out and says, just kind of comes out and says, Hey, I’m for the $600 unemployment.

0 (1h 41m 49s):
That’s because I think his polls are saying, Hey, it’s a poor state and you might lose if you don’t, if you did not you something for the poor people of Kentucky. And again, it’s that dynamic you were talking about with the rural. So let’s look at the Kentucky one again, again, I like to look to the strategy cause it’s reality, right? They pick a military woman who walks and talks like a Republican then registers as the Democrat, McCombs for windows and the normal circumstances.

0 (1h 42m 33s):
But this is not, you should win by 30 points. And there she is Amy McGrath. And she came out and said that, right? She said, you know, McConnell’s against healthcare for us. And I get free healthcare because I’m from the military that isn’t right. Everybody should get the same rights I have. And man Mitch McConnell for him, he’s in trouble right now. He’s only once what he it’s killing him. Right. Because he likes to stick his nose in other Senate races around the country.

0 (1h 43m 6s):

So he can have a, a majority. Right. And then the people that he helps also like in a mafia sir away. But man, he can’t do that. Now. He better go down there and go fight with any McGrath over there because he only had a five point lead. What does that mean? I mean, it’s Tom Stier, Michael Bloomberg each. And that’s going to be interesting to see what will bring you down to the one in the financial disclosure. We’ll see how much money Bloomberg and Stier gain to the name McGrath campaign.

0 (1h 43m 39s):
I think that white report show it’s about $20 million. Wow. She’s well funded. Yeah. Acting and walking like a Republican. And this is the thing she has. She didn’t military service and he got out of it like Trump. Alright. So final thoughts. What are your thoughts on all this?

2 (1h 44m 3s):
Yeah, this was a lot of great information. Yeah. I hope I didn’t piss anyone off too much with my liberal snowflake views, but I think, yeah, it’s important to, to read both sides and listen to both sides, but I just encourage everyone to vote with your conscience. And for me, there’s only, there’s only one way to go.

0 (1h 44m 31s):
Right. And I haven’t decided yet, but I am wanting to look at the information. Pragmatically, look it empathize. And that’s something that has struck me. Right? The lack of empathy. People have people kill their grandparents for twins, for the economy or unless something happens to them, it doesn’t happen to anybody.

0 (1h 45m 1s):
Right. So Tyler had lack of empathy. So I want to show him, is he right? And maybe convert some toilet paper, people who hoard things to look at both sides. And then people who do not have the time can listen to our information. And again, we don’t what we used to say, isn’t in gospel. We don’t have the monopoly on the truth. We just want to bring information out to people that are not getting other places. So they get more involved, they get more educated and we can help them make more sense of the world.

0 (1h 45m 36s):
Right. Cause we’ve been out there and we haven’t lived in a bubble, so they need, well, thank you so kindly for providing all of this, we will be back.

2 (1h 45m 48s):
Yeah. I’m excited to watch the RNC and come back with some, some thoughts, some hot takes.

0 (1h 45m 55s):
That’s going to be a lot because during this conversation, a lot of things kind of popped up and I have about, so it’s gonna be very exciting again with Winston Churchill. You make a living from your labor, but you make it, you live what you give. Thank you for listening to the ESB VC podcast network. <inaudible>.

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