Weekly Thoroughbred Racing True Crime Call To Post Belmont Stakes Winners 2022

4 out the 5 Triples Crown Races we have given out…

ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
Weekly Thoroughbred Racing True Crime Call To Post Belmont Stakes Winners 2022

4 out the 5 Triples Crown Races we have given out profitable information
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In this episode we profile Ultra Successful Horse Trainer Linda Rice.

She is a phenomenal horse trainer ; 89 million in horse race winnings and 1 Trillion in horse sales transactions of which she gets 3 percent of that =$300 million in theory for 30 years in upstate New York

The Kentucky Derby had a 270 million dollar handle The 2022 all-sources handle figure is an increase of more than 10 percent over the previous non-Triple Crown record of $102,163,280 for the Belmont linktr.ee/esbcpodcastnetworkPreakness Stakes officials, no doubt, celebrated the record handle of $112,504,509

http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/ar…-to-233-million Crime Reference for Podcast Episodes Preakness Handle 2022- $138 million in wagers Mis spoke on Podcast Linda Rice has bought over a Trillion dollars in horses to race and sale prices / $89,000,000 in winnings Only races in New York ? Why ?

In 2003, gamblers wagered more US$15 billion on horse races in the United States, according to Jockey Club statistics, a high-water mark that has been swirling down the drain ever since. (The amount bet in Canada peaked in 1990 at US$823 million). The betting numbers ticked up to US$12.2 billion in 2021, but factor in inflation, toss in a pandemic, and wagering today is half what it was 20 years ago

To cover her shady training and business processes ? Evidence is defined as information and events that can be proven
1) Video evidence with corroboration of the information
2) Contemporaneous documentation with corroboration
3) Eye witness testimony with several sources that corroborate the eye witness testimony
4) Probability theory where variables are eliminated to a logical conclusion and a 20 % “luck factor” is added to the process Strategy – Transparency – Information flow – Exploit market inefficiencies – Return

To the mean -Arbitrage -Return to mean -Law of opposites – Enjoy the ride Anti-Social Personality Disorder
1) Lack Of remorse
2)Frequent lying
3) Lack Of Empathy
4) Superficial Charm
5) Lack Of Positive Emotions
6) Distorted sense of Self
7) Constant source of new sensations

Vertical Integration The combination in one company of two or more stages of production normally operated by separate companies.

Who are those people?
What is their background?
What is their expertise?
Are they credible?
Are the genuine? What’s the structure of the business model?
Where does their allegiance lie?
Do they have any particular self interest?

ESBC True Crime 10 Insights

1. Do not commit: 2 crimes at the same time
2. Do not go back to the scene of perfect crime
3. Dig deep graves ; you never hear in the about deep graves being found
4. Truth is stranger more bazaar then fiction. (Always do your research)
5. Use Academic Decision science to make decisions
6. Know and study selective prosecution doctrine used by law enforcement
7. If you live in the past you die In The past “Pete Carroll”
8. Common Sense is not so common
9. Every meeting has to have a specific purpose and Outcome
10. For something to be business it has to be repeatable ; profitable: quantifiable and scalable

Also we tell the story of American True Crime within the Horse Racking Industry, local municipal and county governments perennially in the United States

In “Horse Racing True Crime” up coming true life story narratives. We give over view of the super rich and crime 70% NFL Picks Against The Spread counting NFL College Football, College Basketball, Horse Racing and Major League Baseball. @josuevizcay (#MLB #College Basketball #NBA #College Football ) Josh Abner

MBA Financial Representative & US Local Political corruption historian makes you are always up ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches the “how” that is linktr.ee/esbcpodcastnetwork #winnerswin

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