Trump Nations 2- Who They Are Trump Voters ?- Who Rushed The Capital ?

Who rushed the capital ? A more diverse group tha…

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Trump Nations 2- Who They Are Trump Voters ?- Who Rushed The Capital ?

Who rushed the capital ? A more diverse group than you think. As a Latin X guy who lives in Southern California but lived 20 years in Florida. These white people are my family, high school classmates people that I have “Bellied up to the bar with and had conversations after alcohol had loosened things up.

Who are the people who follow Donald Trump and how do they differ from everyone else. Scientific analysis of demographic and behavioral correlates of voting for Trump as well as pro-Trump activities. Also, fact-based statistics about issues such as federal deficit, trade with China, value of the dollar, immigration, etc. Not the place for partisan vitriol but a place to share information & opinions
PhD – Psychotherapy Ohio State Former Lake Forest California Mayor Jim Gardner
In 2017 Gardner was voted Mayor of Lake Forest California

Josh Abner MBA – Financial Services “Makes Businesses And Individuals Money”

PHD Gardner brings a wealth of experience to the Podcast. He has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and worked as a Therapist as well as a Professor. He also owned and managed his own software development company, Internet marketing company, and served as a Management Consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Jim Gardner is…

– President, Lake Forest Beach & Tennis Club HOA.
– Member, Lake Forest Community Council.
– Graduate, Lake Forest Leadership Academy.
– Graduate, Lake Forest Emergency Preparedness Academy.
He has lived and worked in Australia, Africa, and Brazil, and in the US he lived and worked in New York, Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He has been in California since 1980.

Dr. Gardner is the author of 6 books and more than 100 articles in major professional journals. He is a member of Psi Chi (National Honor Society) and a Fellow of the American Association on Developmental Disabilities and the Australian Psychological Society. Among his many awards and honors he was named a Top 100 innovator in the PC field by MicroTimes and was Outstanding Young Man by the Columbus Jaycees. Dr. Gardner served on the editorial boards of more than a dozen professional journals, including Computers in Human Services, Mental Retardation, Analysis and Intervention, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, The Clinical Psychologist, and Professional Psychology.

Since 2003 Dr. Gardner and his wife have maintained a 3000 acre rainforest along the Atlantic coast about 2 hours south of Salvador Brazil. Here they grow several endangered trees, including the Pau Brazil tree, the only tree whose wood is used to make high quality musical bows. Their efforts have resulted in the largest single collection of Pau Brazil trees in the world – a precious resource for future generations. You can view their efforts to preserve the rainforest by visiting The Gaia Way

In addition, Dr. Gardner continues as a supporting member of Breast Cancer Solutions, a California based group that provides financial assistance to people who are unable to pay their rent as a result of the onset of cancer and the problems associated with cancer treatment. Through his grant writing and fund raising efforts he has helped generate more than $1,000,000 that has been used to improve the quality of life of hundreds of families. You can view the activities of this very important organization at BC Solutions.

In 2005 Dr. Gardner went to rescue animals in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. d his work there has been described in the recent book Rescued by Linda and Allen Anderson and on the Muttshack website.

Police corruption due to ‘blue code of silence’

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