ESBC Sports Betting & Finance Podcast Network
ESBC Sports Betting & Finance Podcast Network
San Diego Betting Financial Preview 2020 To Monetize Season

@ferstreport gives insight from a gambling and betting perspective on the San Diego Padres And the rest of major league baseball as they return from Covid19 suspended season

70% ESBC Weekly Thoroughbred Racing "True Crime" "Call To Post" Preakness 2021 "Measure Of The Man" ESBC NFL-NBA-College Football-Basketball Sports Betting, Financial and True Crime Podcast

Horse racing syndicates and crime operations can not go  on without county board members. We bring an honest one to educate on  the whole processIn this episode we track Legendary Trainer Bob  Baffert using the last little bit of this equity that "he does not know  how the horses are being spiked"In this episode Author of "A Story Almost Told" and "Standoff" Rick  Karlsuher breaksdown the 2021 Kentucky Derby's return to normal after  Covid19 and entertains us with great storiesThe Kentucky Derby had a 233 million dollar handle…-to-233-millionAlso  we tell the story of American True Crime within the Horse Racking  Industry, local municipal and county governments perennially in the  United States In this episode we meet the type of activists that  attack the Horse Racing Industry over deaths that seems to be for over  spiking horses for massive profit In this episode we profile like  writing a script in a movie the back story of the characters involved in  "Horse Racing True Crime" up coming true life story narratives. We give  over view of the super rich and crime 70% NFL Picks Against The Spread counting NFL College Football, College Basketball, Horse Racing and Major League Baseball. @josuevizcay (#MLB #College Basketball #NBA#College Football ) Josh  Abner MBA Financial Representative & US Local Political historian  makes you are always up ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches  the "how" that is omitted from helping you out to win consistently We teach you the how's and the why's without charging you or asking you for a dime for anything or trying to sell you anything Michael Prestonise MA. Derby 2021
  1. 70% ESBC Weekly Thoroughbred Racing "True Crime" "Call To Post" Preakness 2021 "Measure Of The Man"
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