NFL Last Betting Game Of The Year Super Bowl LVI -Monetizing Strategy Part #2

Bottomline 20-6=77% (Present value (PV) is the cu…

ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
NFL Last Betting Game Of The Year Super Bowl LVI -Monetizing Strategy Part #2

Bottomline 20-6=77% (Present value (PV) is the current value of a future $

20 X $950 =$19,000-$6000=$13,000 is the present value of the next NFL Podcast

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The 6 Pillars Of Sports Betting (NFL Betting)


Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Decision Science
Common Sense

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Jim Coventry Brings Juice ; fundamental Analysis to make us $$$$$$$$$$
Rotowire NFL analyst/Fri and Sat SXM co-host Ch 87 & 210 during NFL season. Many top-50 contest finishes and a #1 overall. Comprehensive analysis=solid takes.

Chad Nolan @cnolan3 is an accomplished College Football and Arena League Football player who has worked with big time NFL and current college football players. Current Las Vegas Knights Player

scott cobe

Josh Abner Vizcay MBA @josuevizcay for updates twitter and IG…l-bdc7d132490

Compounding monetary effect of winning 31 Straight Weeks In A row of profit
like you pay interest with a credit card by winning each week ; you pay your self compound interest ….Compound effect

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Evidence is defined as

information and events that can be proven

1) Video evidence with corroboration of the information

2) Contemporaneous documentation with corroboration

3) Eye witness testimony with several sources that corroborate the eye witness testimony

4) Probability theory where variables are eliminated to a logical conclusion and a 20 % “luck factor” is added to the process

Anti-Social Personality Disorder

1) Lack Of remorse

– 2)Frequent lying

– 3) Lack Of Empathy

– 4) Superficial Charm

– 5) Lack Of Positive Emotions

6) Distorted sense of Self

7) Constant source of new sensations
Fundamental analysis involves the consideration of all things that could affect the price of a stock such as corporate earnings, product developments, political considerations such as laws and regulations, corporate governance, accounting issues, etc.

Technical Analysis implies interpretation of patterns
Protect and provide for your family after you die

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