How To Gamble Oakland A’s Games During A Recession By LifeTime Baseball Fan Ferst Report

Who to bet when Major Baseball Starts?Need a dist…

ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
How To Gamble Oakland A's Games During A Recession By LifeTime Baseball Fan Ferst Report

Who to bet when Major Baseball Starts?Need a distraction from Real Life Science fiction? @FerstReport “The PHD Of The Philadelphia Eagles” looks at every Major League Baseball team from a gambling and betting angle! As @josuevizcay “We are in the middle of a recession, making money betting on games can not be taken lightly!”
70 to 80% winning percentage; on NFL bets follow us on Twitter and our blog at

All past and future picks posted there

We Use Business & Financial Concepts To Monetize Inefficiencies In The Sports Betting Market

So you make the difference between 52.5% and 80%….52.5% is breakeven

*What is easier to figure out ? Stock Market ? or Sports Betting Market?Have you been watching Sports ? Or the Stock Market your whole life ?

All Podcasts are 3 dimensional; from an Joesph Campbell artistic point of view

*We study and report on local political corruption to educate the public why they should become more involved

Free picks with a higher percentage than what people charge high prices for 100% transparent & we are extremely accessible

We provide insight into the Financial Markets specifically the Sports Betting Process

Independent Sports Reporting

Sports Commentary from a betting & Gambling perspective

We teach basic mental health skills everyone should know

Homeless crisis education

Every meeting has to have a purpose and an outcome.
The purpose of this Podcast is to make me & Podcast cast $$$.

We are not hypocrites we see in sports all the time that they say the switch teams to be closer to family or the new team is in alignment with their values; like Mel Tucker it is money. And now Colorado is screwed with one of the worst college head football coaches of all time Karl Dorrell. 2) The Second purpose of the is to make you money. We have been collaborating with each other since the Scott and Br show 2017 and making each other money”

3) Third purpose of the podcast is to is to teach business and financial concepts as it relates to predicting the outcomes of games; so we all make better decisions. Return to the mean, the USA meaning of Arbitrage not Euro zone version ,Decision Science, probability theory and situational intelligence

We all now as society evolves have to know basic mental health skills. We teach that as well

So the outcome has been 75% historical winning percentage and 52% is break even; making the audience that has grown to 10,000 monthly downloads millions

•Unique Alternative viewpoints on games
•Hardcore football strategy
•Mens Lifestyle

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