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ESBC Sports Betting & Finance Podcast Network
ESBC Education On The Ukraine To UnderStand Investigations,The News,The History, The Culture & Trump Impeachment

For me it started when 20 years ago I met 3 beautiful Ukrainian women and we spent a summer discovering each other & learned about Ukrainian culture

2016 we learned that President Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort sent weekly campaign updates to Oleg Deripaska an Ukrainian

2019 President Trump was impeached over asking the Ukraine to give him dirt on President Joe Biden

2020 President accused President Biden son of selling influence by taking a high paying job at a Ukrainian Firm

What was the Ukraine war about ?

OlgaTuchina gives us her own insight on the recent history and “why’s” as a current resident and successful business women

she remarks on the optimism, spirit and resilience of the Ukrainian people

Also on the craziness of war

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