Criminal Lake Forest Mayor Scott Theft From The City Of Lake Forest Revealed

The same way the Human Health Care system is brok…

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ESBC NFL & Sports Betting
Criminal Lake Forest Mayor Scott Theft From The City Of Lake Forest Revealed

The same way the Human Health Care system is broken as the result of greed is that horses are dying ; we describe the problem and we come up with legit solutions

Horse racing syndicates and crime operations can not go on without county board members. We bring an honest one to educate on the whole process
In this Episode we profile Marcos Zulueta who was part of the distribution ring that distributed Performing Enhancing drugs and putting fake labels on the packaging and stupid enough to do it on the phone
The Kentucky Derby had a 233 million dollar handle
The 2021 all-sources handle figure is an increase of more than 10 percent over the previous non-Triple Crown record of $102,163,280 for the Belmont
Preakness Stakes officials, no doubt, celebrated the record handle of $112,504,509…-to-233-million
Crime Reference for Podcast Episodes
Evidence is defined as information and events that can be proven
1) Video evidence with corroboration of the information
2) Contemporaneous documentation with corroboration
3) Eye witness testimony with several sources that corroborate the eye witness testimony
4) Probability theory where variables are eliminated to a logical conclusion and a 20 % “luck factor” is added to the process
Anti-Social Personality Disorder
1) Lack Of remorse
2)Frequent lying
3) Lack Of Empathy
4) Superficial Charm
5) Lack Of Positive Emotions
6) Distorted sense of Self
7) Constant source of new sensations
Also we tell the story of American True Crime within the Horse Racking Industry, local municipal and county governments perennially in the United States
In this episode we meet the type of activists that attack the Horse Racing Industry over deaths that seems to be for over spiking horses for massive profit
In this episode we profile like writing a script in a movie the back story of the characters involved in “Horse Racing True Crime” up coming true life story narratives. We give over view of the super rich and crime
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