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Josh  Abner MBA makes you money ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches  the “how” that is omitted from helping you out to win consistently @JPL92

Just coming back from the #SilveradoFire profit from games was both a blessing and a distraction

We all give you winners in an extraordinary rate for free. Against The Spread. #Edutainment


Oh, thank you for listening to the ESBC podcast in another crazy Week in America.

A member of the purpose of this Podcast is to make me Money. We’re not like these, a hypocrite athletes that say, Oh, I’m doing this for the goodness of the universe. I’m doing this for my family. I’m doing this for the city. Now you’re doing it for the money.

This is a business meeting. Every business meeting has to have the purpose in an outcome. And you know, the purpose in the outcome is that we were at a 70% last week. Was there any percent, 52.5% to break? Even what we do is we’ll give you business and financial concepts to bet on football camps, and we’ve been doing it at the highest level. We’ll give you better information that you can pay for it and were making massive profit. We are like 200% of our eye, where are we even got Biden into the election? So that was the first Podcast. And most of the people listening are people that listen on a weekly basis in our bidding on games. And one of the purposes of, of the podcast, it’s a hospital in effect where you make more money analyzing games, you got wrong than games. You wagered correctly because what we use on the Podcast is decision science, a fundamental analysis, technical analysis, a statistics like return to the mean and experiential education, right? It experiential knowledge. We have a lot watching the football for so many, many, many years, and then collaborating with our friends or colleagues or clients to have fun watching the game in predicting the outcome accurately at the high level we’re doing in being able to have a out of understeer to be able to give away all this Picks that people pay a lot of money for them. So with that being said for the new folks, and thank you for everybody, for listening and going to the podcast and telling your friends and neighbors and subscribing it’s, it’s really humbling. And we’re happy to do that. We’re happy to share the information. We feel like we have the best content out there is real, and it’s actionable information. You can monetize that in the middle of a pandemic recession, social, a lot of rest to have a consistent way to make money is phenomenal, right? So let’s get into the games we got wrong, but we should have gotten right. The Panthers on Thursday night, the Money line. It’s what I picked, you know, when it gets revenge theory. But I learned from my mistake. So instant HawthorneEffect the Atlanta Falcons with Raheem Morris had beaten, had, had been beaten by the Panthers and they played him again Monday night. These are professionals that have big Eagles, the wounded by losing to anybody. So they figured out a way that they stayed up all night. And the figured out a way that the extra motion beet the Panthers, the Panthers are in an analytics team, owned by a hedge fund manager and analytical. This is a brick wall. We had coached subtle coach James harden, former NBA player, former NBA coach. He talked about analytics, hitting a brick wall. And I think right now and betting against it, made money on it. Last week, the analytic teams have hit a brick wall in the Panthers, lost a game. They probably fit a one. So the HawthorneEffect to explain it is that whatever you measure and track your improve its performance 10 to 20%. So if you’re Betting a 55%, 52.5% is Breakeven you analyze your games, you learned from your mistakes like we were doing. So we’re now at 70%, right? A this is Thursday night. We went to a no. All right. So if you heard the last Podcast the new England game in the jets Duane land plus for over 47 The plus For in the over 47 is a game that I got wrong. But my process I feel was correct. You can not predict turnovers, right? So that’s a big controversy point of contention and a debate, right within guys that bet all the time guys in the bidding world, can you predict turnover? It’s in the answer is no. Or do you use turnovers as a tool in your wagering process are in your process of decision science that we use to wagering came in? The answer is no, you can not predict turnovers. However, just like analytics, you shouldn’t let analytics and make the decision for you because analytics is not working football ’cause to ensure as a result, you have to eliminate variables and code variables. And you’re just too many variables for analytics to work. However, you can use analytics as a tool to get to the right decision. So you can analyze turnovers. If it’s a guy like bill, bill, a cheat Nick Saban who liked to create turnovers, you factor it in, but you don’t predict it. So there’s no way of predicting that a guy who was taking the team to the Superbowl guy who’s won a national championship with Kim knew it was going to fumble at the end, he was going In patrons. We’re going to go in to win the game, win. Exactly like we’ve seen ability to do a lot and people get math wrong, right? The, how they think the man with his calculator, what they’re doing that with the counting on the boats, it’s not it’s pattern recognition. And we recognize the pattern division came at home, a bill to build a cheat, you know, being able to do what he did and get his team going in with a guy who had taken in a team to the super bowl, win a national championship. He fumbles, he doesn’t fumble what you wouldn’t do. Eight out of 10 times, we get new England and the over 47. So the thought process was right. That’s the old adage. If the surgeon executed the surgery, but the patient dies, right? So you can only in, in probability theory that you use in bed and games, you can only be correct up to 80%, You know, between 80% at a a hundred. And the outcomes are based on luck. You either good or bad, Nothing wrong with a process. The same thing with the jets plus 20, there was one play away that should have covered in Andy Reed, every opportunity to cover as he took the pedal off the metal. And the Jeff’s very close to covering that game. What does the proximal Top process was? Right? And it was just way, way, way too many points in just the We and the reader’s right. Pain of recognition. He doesn’t really like to blow out teams. He likes to keep placing in the back pocket for division games. So I didn’t feel bad about that. Dallas People thought like a game was fixed because of the fumble at the end again, and it was a bad cop of the refs. So it was a bad luck. There. Wasn’t a flawed decision making. I knew Dallas with a great offensive line of Money Cooper, a is equal Elliott in with a plan to protect a defensive fight for our passes all the time, the game was going to go to the way it was the other 43. What happens to that situation? Dallas is a horrible so that you have to protect them, which means running the ball short, controlled passing game to cut out, get the game and a half, right. To cut that game in half through the strategy. So we didn’t feel bad about that. Well, we went 17 and nine 68%, which is phenomenal. 52.5% is break. Even the pros and Vegas sharps to 59%. So the fact that we are around 63% is phenomenal. We want to get to 70% and to do’s that we have to do what we’re doing, right? ’cause the HawthorneEffect, this is hard. Especially with the guys we’re having families that knows best. So it was it’s very humiliating is very embarrassing, right? It was like, Trump feels being a loser and losing the election. It was a very humbling right. To be wrong. But you got to figure out the flaws in your thinking. I’m the reason why your wrong, and that’s how you prove like Renee, the cart. And I believe it was Socrates said, a life unexamined is that right. Worth living. So you have to make sure you review and your track yourself. And that’s what we’ve been able to do so well. And we really did so well last week, a Seattle, the Money line under 50 For and then the giants plus 14 under 46. So those were two games where the totals that I got wrong, did I should’ve gotten right? I’m hard-headed, I’m still living in the past. I’m living in 2019. This is 2020 pandemic. The teams haven’t practiced tackling and all of the reasons in my guy 10 and Twitter, that these games were going over. And man, I made a mistake on that one. I should have picked the over, I should be living in the moment practicing mindfulness. Right. You know, and I didn’t. So I got to learn that this week, but I did learn my lesson with revenge theory. I picked green Bay to get revenge where the 49ers and that the game was going to go over 48 is what I ended up picking. So I’m up to a note to ATO to start the week. Alright. So that is the HawthorneEffect for this week. Let me know if you have any questions in a life. Unexamined is not worth living. Right? That’s what Trump needed to do. Figured out why he lost and a face to his feelings over a bad decision-making right. That the cost to them, right? Like it costs all of us. We all have to learn from our mistakes. Well, thank you for listening to the ESBC podcast. And like we end when Winston Churchill, you make a living from your labor, but you make your life from what you give. Thank you so much.

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