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Hala Tala MTV Reality Star

Max Browne USC Starting Quarterback

Host of Young and Profiting Podcast


*Josh Abner Daily Playoff Picks September And October 2020

Updates the Spreadsheet on Twitter @josuevizcay throughout the day


*Josh Abner NFL Betting wrap

* Josh Abner 3 picks a day (30 mins First Pitch of First Bet)


Josh Dodgers Betting Financial 10:00 am

*NFL Big Podcast side and over and under on each Records And Life Streams at 7:00 pm West Coast Time

*Josh Abner @josuevizcay on Twitter updated free picks

*Josh- Updates the Spreadsheet on Twitter Time permitting @josuevizcay


*ESBC Weekly Thoroughbred Racing Call to Post & True Crime Josh Abner  3:00 PM West Coast Time-

*Josh- Updates the Spreadsheet on Twitter @josuevizcay


*ESBC Weekly College Football Conference Previews & Saturday Betting Previews (Josh Abner) 7:00 pm/ 9:00 pm

Josh- Updates the Spreadsheet on Twitter @josuevizcay


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