Stop Your Divorce San Diego !

Stop your divorce ! In Southern California the divorce rate is 80%. The number one cause of divorce is money. 80% of businesses fail. And, other businesses the owners are over stressed. The main problem is out of control expenses, and creative ways corporations figure out how to get into your pocket. My mom and dad were married for 50 years. I have been married for 8 years and there are a some key factors to look at.

The number one reason people get divorced is money. One solution that has worked for me is to every quarter go over all the expenses, and break down the value. And systematically cut out the fat.Step number two is forget the past.  It is important to do an inventory of what your real expectations are for you and your spouse before the marriage  and now. The second issue that ends marriage is trying to fill the void of your child hood through your marriage specifically asking your spouse to fill that void. I am referring to specifically a void left by one your parents. And, the third main cause of divorce is after the sexual haze is gone you end up seeing faults in your mate that you did not see when the sexual haze is on. The sexual haze lasts for 2 to 3 years.

Now for second marriages the number on cause of divorce is conflict over the kids from the previous marriage, specifically the step kids are to spoiled.

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Different Flavors of Hispanics

Just heard a totally off analysis of the vote in Florida & California. These experts were so off base, it was not even funny.

The ridiculous point they made is that as a result of  Obama executing executive orders helping illegal immigrants, this would help with Hispanic voters in Florida in 2012. Wrong ! The flavor of Hispanics in Florida are Cubans,  Puerto Ricans, and South Americans. Illegal immigrants are usually El Salvadorian, Mexican, or Guatemalan that live in California. Both group in “general” hate each other. Puerto Ricans, and Cubans think the other group are hard to talk to, and lack ambition just want to work 70 hours weeks and take off official “Mexican Day Sunday off”. In Southern California, most Mexicans and central Americans greet me with “You are Cuban or Puerto Rican right ?” And I win them over using “Mexican slang” then they start being nice and the tenor of the conversation shifts.

In this election cycle they are saying Hispanics are not voting for Trump because he is racist and called Mexicans “rapist” & “murderers”. Some Hispanics (racist Cubans-racist Mexicans) are voting for Trump because they think he “is” racist. It does not matter if you think Trump is racist or not: I am just reporting on how these groups thinks based of 30 years of private conversations.

The Mexican-Central American group thinks Puerto Ricans, and Cubans are loud mouth arrogant blowhards. I am very fortunate to be friends with everybody but learn from the comments they make in confidence even about my own ethnic group and others.

However, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have friends from each group, who think outside the stereotypes or (mental shortcuts). I know Asians who have inter-married both “flavors of Hispanics”.

For the most part, Hispanics get along just fine, are to diverse to label, and sophisticated to pin down.  However, these idiots on MSNBC, Fox News & most of the media are  completely wrong. Beware!

Business Text A Matter Of Opinion

The world has changed. You have to set expectations. Customers expect in a new world that you get back to them right away. However, people who are older, have their houses paid for, their children have grown, and do not have a sense of urgency to make $$$, get mad when you look at a text. Young people with a sense of urgency since they are building their lives do not get mad. Exactly the opposite the young people think you are dumb, you are not taking care of your customers communication needs. However, if you set expectations, and advise that you are responding to a text, in order to earn money, and that you love, and are paying attention to the person infront of you, then you can manage the new world effectively, with the older folk, with their lives established. As well older folk, still engaged in earning an income, also do not mind: you responding to a text: they understand you are just trying to make a living. Again, like it is always the case:deep meaningful communication is key !

The Ten Commandments Of working out effectively

The ten Commandments Of working out effectively

10) When you are tired, worn out, and feel like death still go to the gym. The Process starts with establishing consistency in showing up to the gym. Once you have established consistency, then go towards performance. The last step is variety

9) Working out is like religion or politics everyone has an opinion you probably should not listen to. Just focus on the basics starting  out, jogging is still the best way to lose weight.

8)  Exercises that must be done twice a week include lunges,squats,dips,push ups,sit ups,deep knee bends,bench press,and arm curls. Buy and exercise ball for the house, working out is like studying you have to do homework. That means little exercises at home, besides your normal workout routine.

7) Take a spin class at least once a week. There will be someone in class who you want to in better shape than, so that will motivate you the rest of the week

6) When lifting weights control the weight….Go super slow meditating on the negative motion, super-set every-time if possible, and make the last rep a “muscle-failure”rep where the last rep is the last you can possibly do. When beginning to 12 reps of an exercise, then 8, then 4, for a bulk/lean muscle balance.

5) Spend money on a gym membership because that will motivate you to go because you are spending money

4) Make a list of 21 items why you are working out. The why drives the what, therefore the 21st is the real reason you want to workout besides better energy, health, and to look better in clothes.

3) No eating at night, carbs only in the mornings

2) Creatine is good taken 4 months straight NO2 is good, and take daily vitamin

1) Get to the point where you feel weird if you do not workout, make it a routine, and workout until you feel uncomfortable during your workouts

Pete Rose Belongs in the Hall of Fame

Peter Rose the player never did anything wrong, and he is the all time leader in hits. They only knock against him was that he was trying to win to hard as manager , overtaxed his pitching staff: because he had money on every game. They finished in second place 5 times in a row, then win the World Series with the team he built. So, as a manager he results were better than average guy like: Dungy  when in Tampa Bay. So, there is not doubt he belongs in the Hall of Fame. Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, and Babe Ruth, all had illicit women/illegal gambling problems, and  the press knew: but never reported. So, not letting Pete Rose in for the same sins is stupid. Pete Rose belongs in the Hall Of Fame.

Horrible Experience

Horrible Company. My wife was in a accident. There was 20000 on the loan. Between
insurance, gap insurance (rip off),and extended warranty. There is $1000.00 left. So they
being the evil people that they are took the payments and applied them to the loan, while still
wanting the regular monthly payment. They will not refinance. How will my wife get to work. How will we manager with two car payments. They will not reduce the payments. And Even though my wife was hurt and could not work they want the regular payment right away, and running fast to report it to the credit agencies while putting on $1000.00 in late fees. I have heard of $10.00 late fees but $1000.00 ? This is why young men die in foreign lands to be treated like this by Ameri credit ? Or more like it Ameri scam  Ameri credit is a Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and mass murder type of company, to be ran away from at all cost.