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Schedule:Fall 2023

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Host of Young and Profiting Podcast

Max Browne– Gatorade Player Of The Year Coming Out Of High School USC Starting Quarterback

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Winter Sched·ule

*NFL Big Podcast :Picks on every game and totals every Weds 6:00 pm (West Coast) -9:00 Eastern or (East Coast time as the young kids say) Start Time Every Side & Over & Under on each NFL game

*December 15 2022 Part #1 Bowl Picks Every Game Side And Total

December 29 2022 Part 2 Bowl Picks Every Game Side And Total

*Every Tuesday at 11:00 am West Coast Time-Hawthorne Effect ; Rene Descartes “life left unexamined is not a life worth living” “you learn more from the bets you got wrong or lucky then the bets you got lucky and knowing how to know the difference”

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Potential Podcast Participants Include But Not Limited To

Chad Nolan @cnolan3 is an accomplished College Football and Arena League Football player who has worked with big time NFL and current college football players.

scott cobe

Jim Coventry

RotoWire NFL analyst- Sat/Sun SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio host. Many top-50 contest finishes and a #1 overall. @KingsClassicFF
Chicago (Southwest suburbs)…

Robert Colosia


Don Benson – La Costa Resort & Spa @LaCostaDon

West Coast Time Every side & over and under on each game; DURING FOOTBALL SEASON with Scott Cobe @sjcobe1 “Las Vegas Golden Knights) s @cnolan3 (Starting Wide Receiver & Defensive Back)

*Actionable Business Tactics Insight And Motivation Every 3rd Friday of the month with independently with Independently Wealthy Bryon Low

*Josh Abner @josuevizcay on Twitter updated free picks

Horse Racing True Crime In Football Off-Season