Pete Rose Belongs in the Hall of Fame

Peter Rose the player never did anything wrong, and he is the all time leader in hits. They only knock against him was that he was trying to win to hard as manager , overtaxed his pitching staff: because he had money on every game. They finished in second place 5 times in a row, then win the World Series with the team he built. So, as a manager he results were better than average guy like: Dungy  when in Tampa Bay. So, there is not doubt he belongs in the Hall of Fame. Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, and Babe Ruth, all had illicit women/illegal gambling problems, and  the press knew: but never reported. So, not letting Pete Rose in for the same sins is stupid. Pete Rose belongs in the Hall Of Fame.

Horrible Experience

Horrible Company. My wife was in a accident. There was 20000 on the loan. Between
insurance, gap insurance (rip off),and extended warranty. There is $1000.00 left. So they
being the evil people that they are took the payments and applied them to the loan, while still
wanting the regular monthly payment. They will not refinance. How will my wife get to work. How will we manager with two car payments. They will not reduce the payments. And Even though my wife was hurt and could not work they want the regular payment right away, and running fast to report it to the credit agencies while putting on $1000.00 in late fees. I have heard of $10.00 late fees but $1000.00 ? This is why young men die in foreign lands to be treated like this by Ameri credit ? Or more like it Ameri scam  Ameri credit is a Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and mass murder type of company, to be ran away from at all cost.