“Faith Family & Basketball” The Cinderella-Strategy”How Butler Created $1.9billion-in-Advertising Rights Value

Josh Abner  filled in the gaps with content in italics Josh Abner :  All right. So it’s better to be lucky than. Good. Thank you for joining the ESBC podcast … Read More

70% ATS Tells Story of SB 2021

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-jxrxg-fa46f5 22-9 = 70% Profit #Pac12 Basketball (52.5% is breakeven) 12-10=54% Profit #NFL Playoffs Follow The Money Playoffs 2021(18weeks consecutive of profit) #ESBC Podcast finish #NFLWeek16 236-159=60%#ats 16 consecutive weeks … Read More

70% CollegeFootball Free Picks ESBC Weekly Masterclass Follow The Money Week 9

ESBC NFL & SportsBetting Finance Education Network Pro Unlimited 70% NFL Free Picks ESBC Weekly Against the Spread Everygame Follow The Money Week 10(9 weeks consecutive profit) #ESBC Podcast finish … Read More

Angels Not Making Playoffs But Still A lot To Play For

As the final week fast approaches, many teams have already punched their tickets to playoffs. Two of these teams are from Southern California, but unlike them, most are already out … Read More

The Billion Dollar Major League Baseball Question

A lot has changed in 140 years, unfortunately some things have not. Since 1880, Memorial Day was a day of somber celebrations, BBQ’s and major league baseball. The league staggers … Read More

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