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Bryanna Winner is a former sports editor at 2 universities and has extensive knowledge about different sports. She specializes in baseball, specifically the Los Angeles Angels.
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Jim “Raider Jim” Martinez 

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Raider Jim is proud to claim himself as a third generation native of San Diego, California. Born and raised in America’s Finest City, Raider Jim’s memory bank is filled with volumes of San Diego and Southern California sports stories he has seen over the years, along with his personal experiences which include visits in the press area with former Padres HOF announcer and 1948 MLB A.L. Rookie of The Year, Jerry Coleman and the times he was able to meet Muhammad Ali.

When it comes to following sports and gauging the performance of teams or individuals, Jim says his approach is fairly simple: Use historical and current performance data, medical data, who’s hurt/who’s healthy. Read and consider insiders’ or experts’ assessments. Last and often most important, go with your gut. “If gaming (gambling) was easy, there would be no casinos and there wouldn’t be a new off-shore venue popping up every other day. There is money to be made in betting, but a person has to be disciplined in both educating themselves on the game at-hand and most important with their own wallet. Set your limit before you play, don’t chase the losses and don’t surrender the house money (winnings). Make it fun, keep it fun.”

With an interest in most sports, you can be sure Jim is always tuned-in to Gonzaga Men’s Basketball, the San Diego Padres, Freddie Roach’s fighters (Manny Pacquiao) and thoroughbred racing. And while it’s stating the obvious, his moniker says it all, Raider Jim is a card carrying, member of The Raider Nation.

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Description automatically generatedJim is an original member of the 2017 listener’s team which was created to provide weekly NFL updates for AM Radio 1090 and he will always be appreciative of that opportunity. He is equally honored that E$BC Mastermind, Josh Vizcay, has invited him to be part of the E$BC team to talk NFL, NCAA Basketball and thoroughbred racing. Highlights since participating with 1090 and E$BC include his 2018 interview with Oakland Raiders’ HOF’er, Tim Brown. Recently, Jim was honored to host and talk thoroughbred racing with one of the most recognized award-winning radio hosts in the nation, KFI AM 640’s franchise tag evening host, Tim Conway, Jr.