College Football Crack The Code Picks Against The Spread The Goal is 70% Week 7 Audio Episode

Florida St-14.5U50
Arizona St+28.5

46-30=60.5%=$11,750 on our way to 70%

Game Predictions: Hosts provide their insights and predictions on upcoming games, including the expected winners, point spreads, and over/under totals.

Betting Strategies: Advice on various strategies for betting on football, including how to analyze teams, players, and other factors that might influence the outcome of games.

Statistical Analysis: In-depth analysis of team and player statistics, trends, and other data to help listeners make informed betting decisions.

Guest Appearances: The podcast might feature guest appearances by experts in the field of sports betting, professional sports analysts, or former players who can provide unique insights and perspectives.

Betting Education: Information to educate listeners on the basics of sports betting, including understanding odds, managing bankrolls, and responsible gambling practices.

Game Recaps: Analysis of recent games, including what went as expected, surprises, and implications for future betting.
Top Ten Rules Of Betting


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Top Ten Rules Of Betting⁠
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