Get An Edge in CollegeFootballGambling: Crack The Code Podcast 2023 Week 5

The post discusses a podcast available on Apple and Spotify, “ESBC NFLand Sports Betting Podcast Network,” which offers betting advice. Their current success ratio stands at 68% with about $6000 as profit. The post also includes their “Top Ten Rules Of Betting” link and social media handles.

28-12=68% (52.5% is breakeven)

Apple and Spotify links

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We start 28-12=68% = $6000ish profit (52.5% is breakeven) tonight Ask yourself / who is making you money ?

Your go-to source for insightful discussions on NFL sports betting strategies, expert picks, and in-depth analysis. Join us as we break down the latest NFL games, share insider tips, and help you make informed betting decisions. Tune in now to stay ahead of the game and elevate your NFL sports betting experience!”

Top Ten Rules Of Betting
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