Current State Of Pro And College Football Betting Going In 2022

“More things change the more they stay the same” but at the same time ; there is always something missing ; something different about every betting football season.Last year $170,000 in profit and fun the big misses for me was not sticking to my guns enough. Then the Pandemic messed up a lot of routines with the constant cancellation of games. Always as the season moves along you have to adjust to the the adjustments that competition is making.

For us the competition is other bettors, more states legalizing sports betting, the changing and tightening of the lines by the book makers. Every year is different but for us the process is still the same. Get those college football magazines early. Go to NFL Training camp and get information from the those “hard core fans” that will tell you more than those “Mainstream-drive by” major sports media will ever tell you so you can make money and pay your bills.

Jon Gruden being fired in the middle of the season and the major corruption in the Raiders front office distracted me from doing the research I needed to do to get to my goal of 70%. I rode the “hot hand” of Scott Cobe 78% in the playoffs on the advice of the my fellow ESBC Sportsbetting Partner Arena League SuperStar Chad Nolan brother of Oregon State Quarterback Chance Nolan.

I executed the part of Sportsbetting that is collaborative ; that is “getting out of your own way” “getting out of your own head” and “share what you know” around regular guys and girls ; and since they are decent people they will share what they know & you make money to pay your bills ,feed your family, and buy Christmas gifts:“ How will “Conference realignment” affect college football betting ? The answer is that USC and UCLA are not going to get the close calls for the next 5 years.

Also their lines are going to be “over sold” “Inflated”. To be Specific when USC or UCLA go to Minnesota those crazy fans will go nuts and the refs will give the Golden Gofers every single close calls we cover. That is how we get a piece of the 100 million they are making every year, because FOX -ESPN will hype the Trojans and the Bruins & the millions in LA will bet them blindly. Us will see value in that middle western team at home; and monetize our investments in watching those games !
It is about making that money to pay bills and fight inflation
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