Trump Nations 8- Who Are Trump Voters, Who Rushed The Capital ,What Will Haunt US? “The Other”

Gardner In 2017 Gardner was voted Mayor of Lake Forest California
PHD Gardner brings a wealth of experience to the Podcast. He has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and worked as a Therapist as well as a Professor.

Josh Abner MBA – Financial Services “Makes Businesses And Individuals Money” And is a “Local Political Corruption Historian”

Everything we talk about is based on facts ; direct evidence as defined by the state of California Civil and Criminal codes and general best practices for direct evidence nationwide
Videos with corroboration
Documentation that is contemporaneous with corroboration
Eye Witness testimony with corroboration
Everything we talk about is based on evidenced based science In this Podcast we set the ground rules for what is a Fact ? What is direct evidence ?

What are the central triggers that are fundamental and at the root of the Capital Riots and focus on profiling the police who got arrested at the Capitol PHD Gardner brings a wealth of experience to the Podcast.

Dr. Gardner news sources
Fox News

Josh Abner MBA Financial Services “Makes individuals and Businesses
Josh’s news souces
Fox News
New York Times
Washington Examiner
Los Angeles Times
Boston Globe
The Economist

Anti-Social Personality Disorder
1) Lack Of remorse
2)Frequent lying
3) Lack Of Empathy
4) Superficial Charm
5) Lack Of Positive Emotions
6) Distorted sense of Self
7) Constant source of new sensations…ders-a2-425427…iot-mob-arrests/…rges-names-2021-1…ing-white-supremacy

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