70% Against The Spread College Basketball 52.5% Is Break Even (Margin is Compound Interest)


How To Monetize the Sweet 16 (College Basketball)

Purpose of the Podcast is to make me money=”keeping it real”; No BS so we collaborate making money watching Sports

Outcome is now Future NFL Player & Podcast Co-Host Chad Nolan 67%!!! This #NCAA’s !!! (52.5% is breakeven) 378% ROI Championship Week 2021

In  this episode we give you  #marchmadness2021 Sweet 16 advice remembering that “The worse most expensive advice you can have is bad advice” we give you the keys to open up profit & “Fun Times” watching the games
Link To Post “Top Ten Rules Of Betting”

Josh Abner MBA makes you money ; with Picks at a high percentage but teaches the “how” that is often omitted from Sportsbetting.
Here we help you win consistently.


This  week we introduce the Top 16 teams we are going to continue to research  to monetize their games using business and financial concepts.

Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Decision Science
Common Sense

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