70% ESBC Los Angeles Angels Baseball Betting Breakdown (Post Mortem)

Mike Trout had a different look on his face. The Angeles season had ended but the anger was noticeable as he spoke to reporters. He squented his eyes. One had to wonder if he was thinking “I gave up bonding with my new born for this non-sense/ clown show ?”

The Los Angeles Angels have had the same problems have always had recently, they have a marginal amount of talent and not enough to give them a Mike Trout and to the playoffs and in need of pitching.

Now they have said that they care about the quality of the roster, not just the money and they don’t care about luxury taxes the ownership keeps saying.

The Angels got a sweat heart land deal from the failing city of Anaheim that chances are will create long term wealth for the Franchise.

There is a huge market in the middle of the Angels home territory. AS things sit now the team has the cash to over pay for talent, and get a them into the playoffs, and that’s really what the need to do.

They need to keep Dylan Bundy and get two to three front line pitchers and let Joe Maddon work and do his magic with Free Agent relievers.

In business processes and strategies are vital. Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis,Decision Science and Analytics are vital/ At the same time to be good at business you have to be able to use common sense, be able to pivot quickly and understand that real intelligence is “situational intelligence.

They need to overpay to keep Andrelton Simmons because Simmons is one of those guys who has a lot of talent, keeps his mouth shut, and gives stability not only in the line up but up the middle vital for any team to make it to the playoffs. Angels can keep him for about 17, 18 million.

Simmons has a tremendous amount of talent. And he’s one of those guys who’s a quiet guy, a very introverted guy. So that’s good for the locker room.

A Simmons is a net positive in life. Either people are positive or negative of your life and on transcendence is a net positive. So you need to keep the man and you need to get six pictures.

Creating chaos in the Angels labor costs is the fact they have to pay Albert Pujols 30 million. How motivated will he be in his last year ever ? Maybe he can hit 25 to 30 home runs next year a good bottom of the lineup guy, , a good guy is a clubhouse. So that’s another thing to manage. If you are really have to manage and you have a good team and we have a good organization, we have to manage all of the details.

Maddon is excellent at this. And putting Pujols in charge of the all the Hispanics on the Angels is a great move. It gives Pujols an idea for life after baseball, an incentive to be engaged and an incentive to be a “good club house guy.”

The Angels fired Billy Eppler. “Same old Angels” Sad ending to a sad year. Sad to look at the anger and disappointment in Trouts face. He must be thinking “I missed bonding with my new born for this ?”

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