70% NFL Picks ESBC Weekly Against the Spread Follow The Money Podcast (Long -Form Transcript)

52.5% is breakeven we are consistently 70 to 80% Against The Spread. This is a hybred Transcript and Long form article on the on the Podcast 09/09/20 With The Supreme Court Of Sports Betting

Josh Abner MBA Financial Rep And US Local Political Corruption Historian
Thank you for joining the E S B C bedding podcast, where the purpose of the podcast is to make me money. And man, did I out do myself? Every single cast member of the podcast has made me money. Even the newest cast members from the ringer bill seven, Sarah Lynn Robinson gave me the Kamala Harris VPP and what a hundred bucks on that and her pick.

Josh Abner MBA
And then Brianna winner from the winter circle, she went nine and one major league baseball three and all NBA. So she bought my wife, Anna gasoline for the whole rest of the month. And then we have everybody on this podcast has made me a ton of money over the last four years. And the men on this garden BR show four years ago, and each of these guys have given me a major streak. So it’s always better to be lucky than good now that every single business meeting has to have a purpose and have outcome.

Josh Abner MBA
First purpose is to make me money. Second purpose is to make you money using business and financial concepts in order to bet on these games, the third purpose of the podcast is mental health, right? There’s no other gambling or betting you can do where you’re texting your buddies and you’re having a good time. 52.5% is break even where it’s 70%. So the in between it’s compound interest for interest for us. That’s why we’ve been able to monetize it.

Josh Abner MBA
However, we’re a little bit different than everybody else. We have a spirit of abundance versus having scarcity. So we shared this information with you and from a, you know, George Floyd, social justice perspective, we eliminate income inequality and financial illiteracy as we move along. So we will quickly introduce the Supreme court of bedding and there’s already messages on Periscope. Feel free to message just throughout the podcast.

Josh Abner MBA
And then we’ll start out with the Pope of the Moneyline Craig, ms. Req first we’ll introduce quick words, 30 seconds to a minute. Brandon first, the PhD or the Philadelphia Eagles. I personally reviewed his dissertation and gave him his doctorate degree. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Philadelphia Eagles. Dr. First, thank you for putting your on hold and joining us tonight.

Thank you. It’s good to be back. It’s been ad it’s been a long, strange off season. I’m going back to triple zeros, quadruple zeros, and the super bowl to where we are now, who could have thought, but we made it. We’re about 24 hours away from the season beginning and look opportunity to make money watching sports. That’s what I’m all about.

Josh Abner MBA:
Big time, big time. Then you have the 2016 coach of the year college tennis coach of the year. He’s made me a lot of money giving me insight on the new Orleans saints and their statue of a quarterback at this point, drew Brees. Thank you. COVID know. It’s been a long off season and

2 (3m 49s):
I’ve always looked forward to our second season together and I’m looking forward to having a full NFL season. So

Josh Abner MBA:
Welcome back, gentlemen. It’s good to see your faces and I’m ready

2 (4m 3s):
On this season right now.

1 (4m 5s):
And a lot of money. You’re one 64.5, which would have been fourth place and the super contest in Vegas. We’re probably gonna enter the half season contest. I just got paranoid with collecting a million dollars in the middle of a pandemic, right? You never know. So, but half season we’ll look into it. Next we’re going to go to when he, he had an interview with the legendary Hollywood legend, Tim Conway jr.

Josh Abner MBA
At the end of the interview, I got chills up going up my spine. When Tim Conway said, are you the, in a real deep voice? Are you the Raider, Jim? We were just chilling. Yes, I am the Raider, the Raider Jim Martinez, man, legendary every Saturday. It seems like in Delta, it dumb Mark. He was nailing the daily terrible. And then last year he made me ton of money. Again, he got two months of gasoline for Ana with the Miami he’s like in that voice again.

Josh Abner MBA:
Now I know that voice. You like ride Miami. Well, I don’t want to listen man, wrong for like seven weeks solely based Raider. Jim Martin. Thank you so much for joining us tonight.

2 (5m 23s):
Oh, always a pleasure. And always my honor to join you guys. I’ve known these guys now for four or five years, whatever it is. We met through a radio station and Josh had the, where with all to pull us all together last year when there was no radio station and we’ve continued that we’ve started and we’re going to continue a tradition to make you guys money and have a lot of fun. And the best part about our podcast is we do not want your email address. If you don’t want to give it up, we don’t want a dime from you. We are just here to share our wealth of knowledge and me. I’m kind of like the old guy that they like to have their cause I can tell stories and things like that.

2 (5m 58s):
I’m surrounded

3 (5m 58s):
By some smart people. Let me tell you when these gentlemen talk.

Josh Abner MBA:
Yes. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room, man. So I picked the guys who had this knowledge that I piggybacked on it. When these guys spoke, I didn’t have to research the game. I just went on what they said and very privileged and lucky to have him on here. And now we have I’m the head of the orange County diversity council. And we bestowed the Pope of the money of the first Jewish Pope of the Moneyline. He’s actually the they’re going to crown a new Pope in Italy right now.

Josh Abner MBA:
He’s a about a million of one right now, but he is on the board to be the Pope of everybody. But the Vatican dose, when they placed her back, they got to go to what guy, one guy only who, who just, all he knows how to do is, is make us and me money. Man. First, he came out with the MLS. Now he’s like 90% dentist. Now the Pope with the money line. Thank you so much for being so gracious with your time and honoring us and blessing us with your presence.

Josh Abner MBA
Last year, he went into immediately. He went into the bedding hall of fame. When he picked out of nowhere, he picks Queensberry and the high school quarterback, they went instantaneity plus two 50. And we want to ties that man, the Pope of the Moneyline Craig ms. Right? Thank you so much,

3 (7m 33s):
Josh. Thank you. And genuinely just sitting here, it’s just, it’s so nice to be back with all you gentlemen. This is fun. COVID I think taking a fun, fun out a lot of people’s lives and I know the listeners lives. And so, you know, I would echo what Raider Jim said in the beginning. Hopefully you get some, you make some money out of listening to us and you have a few laughs and we’re here to just give you our education and our buddy making hopefully for your benefits.

3 (8m 9s):
So thank you guys. It’s awesome to be here.

Josh Abner MBA
Right? Right. And sports betting is really the only way you make money, but you’re relational, right? You’re competing and we’re competing ourselves against the books and all kinds of people, but we’ve got a long history of winning. And they say the difference between capitalism and communism is that a communist think that capitalist can not collaborate. Right? And the, in this podcast is a hundred. We can put it in the Smithsonian, right?

Josh Abner MBA:
Library of Congress, as an example, case study of people collaborating to make money to that end, we’re going to go to Craig mills rack. And we got yours, Cincinnati Bengals at home,

4 (8m 57s):
Plus three, getting numbers to hard knocks, Tyronn Taylor in your chargers. What are your thoughts on that game? Right?

3 (9m 8s):
Sure. I know there’s a lot of listeners that were charger fans and have disowned them like many of us. And I know there’s many listeners that still have managed to wake up and look themselves in the mirror and stay a charger fan. I’ve got a friend like that. He’s going to come over my house on Sunday and he’s gonna, he’s gonna meet Joe burrow. This game is so exciting for me a to see played in Cincinnati, but to see the Los Angeles tie rods take the field for the first time and a it’s going to be beautiful because the only reason I cared for the charges as many people did anymore, it was COVID cause Phil rivers was playing for him.

3 (9m 54s):
Right? And now in tie, rod walks on the field, I think a lot of people, souls are gonna wake up and be like, who am I watching not to mention the fact in this game, Mike Williams, I do not believe is playing one less weapon for Tyra and tailored to utilize and to think if I’m not wrong, the last time tie rod Taylor had a starting quarterback job, he lost it to Baker Mayfield. And look what happened. Tie rod is extremely limited. He can still use his legs, but without Mike Williams on the field, he’s going to have Keenan now.

3 (10m 25s):
And I think if there’s one big asset of this Cincinnati, his defense is here, which is much more. First of all, they recovered the last eight games of last season. A lot of people think their worst defensive Val definitely the first eight games, but they tightened up at the end. They learned how to play better together. And really all they did was go on the free agent market, signed Von bell stra going to be starting safety with their captain, Sean Williams, who also plays kind of a Nickelback as well as a,safety as well.

3 (10m 57s):
But Jessie Bates, who was their second round draft draft choice last year started the, the Bengals are really some of the backend of the secondary. They’ve had some injuries at cornerback in the preseason. So they’re a little vulnerable there, but if you’re going to be vulnerable on defense somewhere against tie rod, I’d rather be at the cornerback position than up the gut. And I do. And the defensive line from Cincinnati is really staunched. They signed DJ reader in the off season for years, 52 million, arguably the best nose tackle on the market to go next to Geno.

3 (11m 29s):
Atkins has never had somebody to plug up the middle next to them and they totally restock their line back core. So I think that’s the key to the game is because if Cincinnati defense can stop the run, you don’t need me to tell you the toys that Joe Mixon or that Joe burrow has at his disposal. I don’t care if he’s a rookie quarterback, a first round draft choice starting his first game. And the record for those quarterbacks does look pretty in the NFL. It’s a home game. There’s no fans yelling. He’s got a strength in a, in a retooled, Cincinnati defense, AIG green Tyler boy who had a thousand yards.

Craig Mistrah

The last two years, John Ross is healthy and Oh, by the way, T Higgins T Higgins the best receiver on the national championship team, Clemson, he may not even see the field much, which is a great asset to have their line is still suspect. They’ve there. They’ve been playing together. Natha for at least half a season. I do think Bosa and Ingram are going to have a modest field day, especially on the right side of the line, but that’s why Zack Taylor is going to protect Joe burrow. They’re going to use a mix in a lot early, a lot of, and that to build the play action for some deep balls, with a J green and Ross.

3 (12m 40s):
I definitely think at home first week of the season where dogs generally can Rue the day you take those three points in a New York minute, right at home. And look, it’s not just cause I’m the Pope of the money line. It’s not just because I’m from Cincinnati, but you’re getting one 50 in a home game against the types. Los Angeles tie rod dealers. Whoo. You can put me down for the money line over others, 42 and a half.

3 (13m 14s):
The over under is 42 and a half. It’s a really tough money line. I would err on the side of it going under because maybe Joe burrow does for seven touchdowns. I don’t know. I do think the charges offense is going to be a little limited unless they gouge their cornerbacks, which I don’t see that happening with their strong safety play and the pass rush up front. So Moneyline bangles under, sorry. That was a little long, but I’m excited.

4 (13m 48s):
You came out strong, you came out firing. We expected no less. We expected no less for him. Now he knows me. I’m fundamental analysis, conservative take a conservative approach. So I’m going to go plus for your Cincinnati Bengals plus four, I’m going to, by that point, I’m going under. What I saw in hard knocks was a bunch of afraid fear in their eyes, no flakes on the chargers.

4 (14m 18s):
They’re going to be afraid traveling. They’re going to get COVID-19, they’re going to go across the country. And I agree with, with Craig misery, if there wasn’t maintaining discipline in my investments, I would go with the money line. Right. But it might be too early for me. But yeah, there’s, there’s two, right? So there’s two Cincinnati Bengals and there’s two under 43 by the half point renter. Jim, what do you think?

3 (14m 51s):
Phenomenal job.

5 (14m 52s):
That’s pretty much the breakdown. I see. When I look at this game, there’s a lot of stuff that is just not in the charger’s favor this year. And I’ve got Cincinnati plus four and also under on the money line.

4 (15m 4s):
Nice. So that’s three Cincinnati’s and the under 2016 coach of the year.

5 (15m 11s):
Yeah, Cincinnati plus three, I saw under 49, but Craig’s going with under 42. I see. Under 42 on my bookie. I also, so I’m sticking with the under and I do like that money line number actually once I saw it. So 50 plus three plus one 50 on the Moneyline and under 42.

4 (15m 29s):
Well, you got two on the money line. So he got three people on the money line and the consensus would be a money mind pick Cincinnati. What do you think doctor?

6 (15m 37s):
I will be a Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And let me just tell you reasons why I think this is going to be the toughest. These couple of weeks are going to be the toughest for Joe burrow. I don’t think there’s any quarterback that’s come into the league. I mean, obviously ones that have been hurting, but I mean, no preseason for a, a brand new rookie quarterback. I love Joe burrow. Not nearly as much as the Pope does, but I think it’s going to take a couple of games for them to get themselves under their, their legs underneath them.

6 (16m 8s):
I also think one of the biggest weapons for tie rod Taylor, kind of somebody that makes a quarterback look a little better than is Austin. Eckler Austin. Eckler’s a guy who can make you wear, you know, turn a, a two yard pass into a 45 yard pass. And in the box score, that’s a 45 yard bomb folks. So those are things, little things. I also look at the defense for the chargers. They don’t have any Derwin James, but that is the strength they’re going to play to that strength. I I’m going to go the other way with I won’t now.

6 (16m 41s):
Cause the consensus is with Cincinnati, but for me, I w I would have liked the chargers minus two and a half. It’s it’s just a situation that I think the first couple of games for Joe burrow are going to be tough just because he really hasn’t seen another defense other than his own. I really do think Joe, borough’s going to be a rookie of the year candidate. And he’s probably going to be in Cincinnati for a very long time. But I mean, we’re literally talking about game one, breaking down a defense and you’re expected to win.

6 (17m 13s):
Not every rookie has that. And the ones that have had that, not always successful right away, but the consensus is Cincinnati plus three and a half. If you want to go the money line, two of our guys, including the Pope does it. So we could, you could go three ways on that, but we all afford a one on the under. So we were in agreement on the under as well. So Cincinnati plus three and a half is the consensus. The Moneyline is also there, but the under is a consensus as well.

4 (17m 45s):
Yeah, no. And drove Burroughs crazy, right? This point last year, they were teaching him how get on LinkedIn

Josh Abner MBA:
And teaching them how to sell life insurance. Because he probably wasn’t going to give you a bit drafted. And now he’s the first round draft pick in the NFL. And we all know that those defenses in the sec were paid more than what the Bengals defense is getting paid. Right, right. Now we’re going to go out to Raider Jim, and he’s going to give us the AFC West breakdown

Raider Jim
Real quick breakdown on the AFC West week one.

1 (18m 18s):
Thank you for joining us. Bestowing us. Money-wise blessed.

Raider Jim:
Thank you everyone. I’ll be on the whole time. Next week.

1 (18m 30s):
Heavy have a safe night, man. Alright. The Pope and the money line pigments, right? You will be back next week. Raider Jim,

Raider Jim:
Thank you. So the AFC West breakouts, everybody knows it’s not news COVID-19 has screwed up the entire year for everything and all sports for football. One of the things that did was a lot of players were given the opportunity to opt out. Now in the AFC West, there was just a handful. As of the August deadline. I have one, two, three, four, five, six players that opted out a couple on Denver, one on Kansas city, three on the Raiders, but nothing, no impact players.

Raider Jim
As far as the power rankings go, the chiefs, no surprise where the top of the NFL power rankings, they are. Number one, they had no impacting roster changes in the off season. They’ve got high expectations for their first round pack, CLI or pit Clyde, Edward Hilaire, five seven, just over 200 pounds. And if he can stay healthy, he’s going to add a real dimension to that offense. That’s already dangerous. That’s just what they needed is one more thing to make them unbeatable.

Raider Jim:
Are they going to repeat and win the super bowl? Probably not, but they got the best chance of anybody else. And everybody who’s an expert in forecasting odds for the NFL season. The only consistency you’re going to see out there and in the AFC West, when you talk about it is everybody’s pretty sure Kansas city is gonna finish at the top of the AFC West. After that you get a real mixed bag. You got the Denver Broncos coming in second. And a lot of holes. You see the Raiders get on second on some people’s pics.

Raider Jim:
You even see the chargers tied for second and third, the Broncos actually are coming in and the number 15 spot overall drew lot got his chance last year. And he made an impact. He got people’s attention. Now, is he going to come back and do it again? I think he is. I think he’s making the discount or excuse me, the offense much, much better. Jerry Jude out of Alabama, the number one pick is going to be starting as a one of his wide receivers. Great speed. Great hands. Definitely again, an impact player for the Broncos right out of the gate and on DFS, they really beefed it up.

Raider Jim
They picked or excuse me, let me go back one more. Their third round draft pick on offense. Lloyd cushion Barry out of LSU is going to be coming in, starting as a rookie at the center position, the anchor position of the offensive line, big shoes to fill big shoulders, but I’ve watched this kid play and he is good. And so drew locks got it made, having that young man in front of him. And as long as he can play focus, as long as he can play discipline, he’s going to have a long successful Rodney Hudson like career in the NFL, the defense two good moves in the off season, which are going to pay off.

Raider Jim:
They got a gay boy coming in from Jacksonville Jaguars. They also have a all taught, let’s say five time pro bowl, defensive lineman, Gerelle Casey. And that defensive line now is going to be dangerous. They were already playing okay. They’re going to play much better this year. So the Broncos seeing them at number two, I think they’re going to be fighting it out with the Raiders. They’re going to be playing in week one, Tennessee. And my pick on that game is Denver plus three. And over 41, that was the money line I had seen.

Raider Jim:
So Denver plus three, over 41, we go to the chargers and again, they’re going to have a brand new stadium when they start at home. And it’s really a shame that it’s not going to be Phillip rivers leading them out of the tunnel and getting everybody fired up, but there’s not going to be Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, no Derwin James, maybe no fans in the stands when they finally get to home is going to be a blessing in disguise because their last two year of home games within a soccer stadium and most of the crowd was filled with the other team’s fans.

Raider Jim:
So it could be a blessing that they don’t have any fans in the stadium this time around, but there’s too many questions on the offensive side of the ball tie. Rod Taylor fourth came that he was going to be quarterbacking in his nine years in the league. They’re not going to let the rookie out of Oregon play this year if they do it’s because things are just, the wheels are falling off the wagon. And that could be the best thing they do is let him learn, get back, hold to clipboard and clipboard and learn. He probably is the future of the authentic for the charges, but not this year, but there’s just too many questions out there on offense for them to really make an impact in the AFC West.

Raider Jim:
I think it’s going to be a very disappointing season for the chargers and I am putting, you know, all Raider affiliation aside when I say that, because if they’re good, they’re good. And when they beat you, they beat you. But I don’t think that’s going to be the case with the charges this year. Again, as we already talked about, they’re going to be in Cincinnati on the road to open up the season, it’s going to be Cincinnati plus four. And the RO the charters are going to be playing catch up from the get go. And then number 23. And in some, they came number 23 in the overall power rankings, a Las Vegas Raiders.

Raider Jim:
And to, to my boys out here that I do this with every week, I’ve got a personal commitment from myself. Every time I refer to them as the Oakland Raiders, I’m going to donate $25 to charity. So, so far so good. I’m safe on that. A lot of the members of the Raider nation are insulted that we’re coming in at 23 in the power ranking. I’m fine with it because when you set the bar low, it’s easy to clear it and make an impact on everybody. They’re going to go to Las Vegas.

Raider Jim:
The press has had its field day with Derek Carr and Jon Gruden over the last couple of years, everybody, you know, all the prognosticators he’s done when his group you’re going to bench him. When are they going to cut their ties with Derek Carr? Not the case. That’s all fake news. It was never going to happen and it’s not going to happen. But now it’s up to Derek Carr. He went from 51 SACS two years ago to 29. Last year, he has got the most dynamic and powerful offensive line in front of him. Again, led by that all star, Rodney Hudson at the center on the left side, he’s got incognito and Cole Miller.

Raider Jim:
An incognito is treating him like his favorite nephew. And he has taught the young man. Well, and on the other side of that line, you’ve got Gabe Jackson and the big man, Trent Brown. He only got sacked 29 times last year. They almost cut that in half and he’s going to be even more protected now. And they’re going to open a polls for Josh Jacobs. Who’s going to have a dynamite year. His second year in the league targets. The one you got to talk about is their number one off pick from the draft Henry rugs. The third, he’s not a big receiver, but he’s dangerously quick.

Raider Jim:
And with the veteran Hunter Renfro out there and tied in Darren Waller, car’s got some targets and that’s gonna make every, he’s gonna open up the field for everybody, which of course then leads to opening the running game on that defensive side of the ball. The Raiders made some improvements, but that’s been their Achilles heel. The last few years, they really have to step it up. I’ll have more about the Raiders next week. They’re playing Carolina on the road to start their season, but I’m taking the Raiders minus three as are a lot of people, but I’m going to go under 48 on this one.

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Raider Jim
And I didn’t give you a pick on that first game. It’s the chiefs opening up tomorrow night against Houston at home. I’ve got the chiefs covering the minus nine, but it’s going to go under 55. I think they’re going to take their foot off the gas and they’re not going to be out there tomorrow with no preseason games under their belt, trying to overly impress anybody. And that’s the AFC West.

4 (26m 24s):
Nice, nice. We’ll we’ll go with those games in order. I’m gonna agree. I ain’t gonna bet against all the analytics team cause analytics does not work in football and urban. Meyer’s been listening to me on the podcast and now he’s picking back on my comments.

1 (26m 45s):
The analytics don’t working in football is somebody knows football. It’s urban Meyer. Last time I did. This was on the advice of somebody that works in the analytics department for the st. Louis Cardinals. They told me that he would not take an NFL client because it works in baseball because in finance, we teach business and financial concepts in order to bet games. When you eliminate variables and COVID variables and ensures a result, there’s just too many variables in football for analytics to work and Carolina, Matt rule.

1 (27m 17s):
I liked him as a guy, but he’s going a hundred percent. All analytics taking $5 million a year from David Tedder. Tedders money. He is a hedge fund manager and he had $3 billion. He took 2 billion of it and pumped it in the Carolina Panthers saved the billion and retired, but very interesting. I love the fans because the fans have been teaching me a lot. Right? One of the great things you learned to make money embedding is that when you realize that you only have 80% is your top, that you can be sure of anything.

1 (27m 57s):
That means that you don’t know everything. And then you got room to learn. And a fan sent me the David Tepper’s percentage as a hedge fund manager, right? Making 20% on the billions was 59%. What’s his winning percentage and picking stocks for his hedge fund, David Tepper. So he’s bringing all that in to football and in my opinion is not going to work. So I’m going to bet against them every time, see our opinions are different than everybody else, because if we wrong, we lose money, but I’m going to go with greater Jim and your Raiders a minus.

1 (28m 34s):
It depends. If people start bidding and Carolina, I’m going to go Moneyline Raiders. And you know, that way last second field goal with me money. And I’m definitely going under. I seen a lot of giant Gruden when I was in Tampa and he likes to protect that defense, especially early in the season. So he’s not, he doesn’t want to blow anybody off. He wants to protect that defense, keep them fresh. And that’s the way he thinks as well. And he wants to establish that running game. He’s old school, his dad, what’s a scout for Al Davis.

1 (29m 7s):
And if he was a scout for John McKay and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in the day, or you’ll see coach to believe me running it’s in his DNA to keep this game under. So I got a hundred percent agreement with Raider. Jim, what do you think, doctor?

2 (29m 23s):
I agree Raiders minus three, keep it under Carolina is going to be very similar. I think to last year’s dolphins, if they do get good, it’s going to be at the end of the year, maybe when three out of four at the end of the year, but they’re not good right now. Their main goal is get the number one overall pick and keep Trevor Lawrence in the Carolinas desert. That’s their number one goal Raiders minus three and the under for sure.

1 (29m 45s):
Yeah. And last stock guys tank big time, right? The goes about seven 76 or so in a hedge fund buys a team. They usually tank to try to get high draft picks. That could be some interesting insight. And plus Trevor Lawrence is from that area. So you’re talking business guys too. If you’re talking about marketing, Trevor Lawrence was sell a lot of season tickets and Carolina, what’d you think?

2 (30m 10s):
I think it’s a consensus, a Raiders minus three under 47 and a half.

1 (30m 15s):
Yeah. And well, when they’re a hundred percent on something, I always tell the audience double down on it. You never bit more than 25% of your pick role. But when you got guys had the record last year, that would have won $160,000 last year in the circuit contest. And we’re all saying to do something, I would do it double down. And then the next game bread or Jim picked was your Thursday night game. Your Miami dolphins city Houston.

1 (30m 45s):
Okay. Alright. So you got a double digit dogs into division, right? One, one reason we know the is very intelligent is because he has the traits of the people that make the most money in bedding. And those are cynical contrarians. So when I was saying double digit dogs into the division last year, a doctor first would against it. He’s like, no, no, no. Think he saw that winning. And dr. First has a capacity, only 5% of people have, right?

1 (31m 17s):
And that’s the theme of the podcast. Only 5%

2 (31m 20s):
People can change, can admit they’re wrong and change

1 (31m 25s):
A doctor. First admitted. He was wrong in the double digit dogs do cover 80% of the time. And it’s funny, the only double digit dogs in the division that did not cover was games in which bill bell cheque and Andy Reed were involved last year. So I’m going to go return to the mean, and I’m going to dial up. Maybe it’s a game I should not pick because I have emotional ties to the Tron Watson.

1 (31m 56s):
My coach, Jeff Scott, that USS recruited to try and Johnson recruited the country Hopkins. Now he’s the head coach of the USF bulls over there, alumni. So I’m kinda biased towards the Sean Jackson. So I would hold judgment, but I’m thinking the Sean Watson plus can, I’m going to, by that point so I can get my double digit dog in the division. And Andy Reid doesn’t cover the first time in a while as a double digit fever, favorite guy, but there’s not a division game, right?

1 (32m 29s):
The revenge game last year with O’Brien. So I think they’re gonna have some special plays in here. First game of the season, not everybody’s hurt, even though the Texans are probably going to have a bad year longterm. I think they’re going to cover the 10 points, but I can be talked out of it, but I’m definitely going under, that’s just too many points. First game of the season. What do you think a coach of the year?

5 (32m 55s):
So I agree with the under, especially on 54 early, early season, first game of the year, Raider Jim mentioned the chiefs they’ll score enough, but then they’ll hold off. So I’m going to go definitely with the under 45 or 54, sorry, but I actually am going to go with the chiefs at minus nine and a half reason being, I think it’s a sinking ship in Houston, other than the Sean Watson Deandre Hopkins is no longer there a threat.

5 (33m 29s):
There is no pressure on that chief secondary. And that frontline is, is tank tough as is the running back. They drafted at LSU. Hilaire is phenomenal. Let’s not forget about San Diego’s own Damien Williams, who was in the backfield last year in the super bowl. And he was quite a influence on that game as well. So I am going to go with the defending champs here minus nine and a half sticking with the under 54.

6 (34m 0s):
Yeah, I, this is a tough one because you know, look, nine points nine and half points, 10 points of you want to look at it’s a lot of points early on in the season, but I just look at the Kansas city offense, take your pick. I mean, w the, this can change really quickly. The defense for Kansas city does concern me. It’s going to be tough against Houston, but I think the Texans like coach Lucien alluded to sinking ship, everyone’s going to be looking at willful or to pretty much carry that wide receiver core.

6 (34m 34s):
Well, guess what, if we’re all looking at him, guess wealth is looking at him, defensive coordinators. Think he’s going to get a lot of double coverage. He’s going to really, if he took the Andre Hopkins for granted, he’s really going to, when he sees all these double and triple coverages this early on, I think Kansas city, they do just enough to where you just tell Patrick Mahoney, Hey, go and make a play. And he goes and makes a play. He has the weapons. And I think he is. And this social coaching mismatch, let’s, let’s not forget that. I feel like Andy Reed, at least in what September is someone that you can count on.

6 (35m 8s):
I would like to, I know it’s nine and a half. I’m going to bet the point down to get to nine, a bit of a magic number in football, you know, missed extra point here, or I dunno, safety somehow just to keep yourself there. But I, I like Kansas city to cover.

1 (35m 27s):
Yeah. And we’re gonna make it three to nothing. I’m going to take myself out of it because I am definitely biased. Right. I once had a tear in my eye listening to dabbled and Deshaun Watson interviewing each other on zoom. And he’s telling, you know, Watson and paying the rent for 10,000 people facing this game. Cause I’m biased towards the Sean Watson and the great work he’s doing and the whole dabble Sweeney Deb’s got, there’s a bunch of good guys.

1 (35m 59s):
So I’m going to go with you guys. And we’re going to go Supreme court decision with Josh recusing himself because of conflict of interest. I’m recruiting, recruiting myself from having an opinion on this game. And we’re going to go three to nothing with your Kansas city chiefs minus nine under 55.

Raider Jim:
Definitely the under

1 (36m 26s):
Definitely everybody’s got on there. Now we’re going to go to Raider gym and the Miami dolphins, plus six against new England and new England against the evil empire. And we’ve got to do Miami Raider Jim first. Cause he made me so much money last year when Miami went on that seventh day, I don’t think they won the game, but they covered several weeks in a row. They did. Yeah.

Raider Jim:
And I think Brady or no Brady this year, it’s going to be a real simple, you know, it’s just not going to matter because the dolphins are still the dolphin, right. So there’s not going to be any magic this time around. And I think it’s going to be, I think Patriots still cover. And what’s the over, under, on this one

1 (37m 12s):
In half 43,

7 (37m 16s):
Ken, over, over,

1 (37m 19s):
Yeah. I’m going to go with a New England and the under bell-shaped boss’s name last year in that even with COVID right bell. She was inside watching this film over and over. It offered and to us starting or whatever, it doesn’t matter. He’s going to shut down Miami. Cause that’s just the way he is. He he’s married to the game of football. He said he got his financial advisor. He set up his great grandkids.

1 (37m 50s):
He divorced his wife because he was neglecting her and told his girlfriend, an independently wealthy woman who divorced a billionaire. Hey, I just want to hang out with you during the off season a few times. And she’s like, okay. And she’s really a companion for him. So this man is married in his own words to the game of football, like chip Kelly. So believe me, he knows every single thing there is to know about the Miami dolphins. So I’m going to take minus six and it’s going to be under 43 because even though he lost a lot of guys in the off season on defense, Bella cheats, a defensive guy, and he’s breaking in Newton and Nunes only going to have place for the last quarter of the season and into the playoffs right now, he’s going to be like Tyrone Taylor.

1 (38m 37s):
The main guy is an open he’s going to take off, but he’s going to run that football behind that monster with pancaking people last year that tackle that George. So they’re going to run right behind that guy. They want to keep this game under, but they’re going to cover the six points. So you’re gonna win. I would say 17 to nothing doing the Patriots over your Miami dolphins. What do you think doctor?

6 (39m 5s):
You know, I’m I like Miami in this situation. I think, I think new England’s a wounded animal right now, or at least an animal that lost a Paul or I mean, loosen Tom Brady. That’s that’s big. And now for Josh McDaniels and the game plan that he put together, you can throw whatever you want at Tom Brady. And not only will he understand it and comprehend it, but it’ll probably add onto it. Now take that and think about cam Newton, pretty much the exact opposite.

6 (39m 35s):
I think he’s going to have to simplify this offense. I think block Brian Flores and the Miami dolphins all off season. This is that they want to come out and I’m not calling from Moneyline. But I definitely think that they’re going to cover, I believe this is a game that the dolphins have targeted. I think the, like I said, this is whether they’re a wounded animal or not the predator in this situation, which is the dolphins. I believe thinks it’s a wounded animal. And with, like I said, with cam Newton, I think it’s going to take a couple of weeks a for them to just get the right game plan for him.

6 (40m 7s):
And I understand, yeah, you can get ready to, you know, you can run like that, but if you don’t start beating people through the passing game, they’ll just spy you with two linebackers and play single coverage everywhere else. And cam, Newton’s going to have to force to make a play. I like my chances with Brian Flores and what I saw last year from Miami. So I’m going to go Miami plus six and a half by the half point. Once again, over that little magic number of six. But I do like the under, I think I it’s, there’s a lot of unders this week, a lot of bits going to be a Bonilla offenses cause they don’t want to show.

6 (40m 40s):
And B not really being able to put your offense out into a real life scenario, even if it is only preseason. So I’ll take the under.

1 (40m 50s):
Yeah. And I disagree about cam noon last year, the reports was that he had that nerve North Turner office down cold. And when he was at university of Florida, he was a 4.0, he took trigonometry in high school and he was taking a high level math at Florida. So it was perplexing. He started stealing laptops and he ended up at awkward. So I think he can handle the onset that I don’t think they’re going to put a lot in math. They’ll put it in for later, but they’ll have enough to win.

1 (41m 22s):
So actually cam is a pretty smart guy. What do you think Ray to do

6 (41m 30s):
Where your gyms are to be gone, right? Where your true I’m sorry,

4 (41m 34s):
Let’s go to a coach of the year. I hear a lot of vanilla talk in what’s going on right now. And I think the one thing that dissipates vanilla is athleticism. I totally understood what was going on with Miami last year. I totally loved what they did for coach Flores last year. However, just like Miami’s been eyeing the Patriots.

4 (42m 6s):
I think every team this week has been eyeing that opponent they’re all facing, including the, but the difference I like about the Patriots is their running back game for one. So I’m going to choose the younger because they could go running back off fence and, and I’m, I have no faith in a Miami offense to really put up numbers, overwhelming numbers. So I’m going to stick with the under, but when it comes to vanilla offenses and it comes to base defenses and it’s still, it’s kind of unknown what cam Newton we’re gonna get.

4 (42m 45s):
But when you have a guy with that kind of athleticism, you have a guy that MVP Ben in a suit, right? Exactly. I go with the talent and they ask lettuce to them. So I do think six and a half is a reasonable amount for the Patriots to cover. And I’m sticking with the under 50, 43 and a half. So I’m going Patriots minus six and a half sticking with the under 43 and a half. So we all agree on the, under a, we are deadlocked in the side.

4 (43m 21s):
So what we do is once we get the info from it’s three, one it’s three, one, is it? Yep. I was the only guy, but I took over. Yeah. Okay. So it’s three to one to the under. Yep. And three to one new England and three to one with England. So kosha 2016. You’re picky.

4 (43m 51s):
Okay. 31 knowing. Okay, cool. We got it. And then three to one to the younger, under correct 12. So that is your consensus. GFSN pick, we move on to the East eight F E E S New York jets in the Buffalo bills bills at home, a minus six and a half over under is 39.5. Doctor. What are your thoughts on the scale?

8 (44m 21s):

4 (44m 25s):
I’m sorry about that. We are looking at Baltimore and Cleveland. We’re looking at

5 (44m 34s):

6 (44m 35s):
You know, for me, this one’s pretty straightforward. I think Buffalo, I think that they’re the best team in that division. I think they’re easily going to cover the six points over a jets team that look I’ve seen Sam Darnold year-end a year out and how he’s progressed or lack there of, I personally don’t think he’s going to progress to a NFL caliber level and this year they’re going to pay the price for it. So give me Buffalo minus six.

6 (45m 7s):
I know it’s 39 and a half. It’s a really low number. I’m still gonna take the under. This has like a 13 to six or 14 to 10 game written all over it. And if you do watch this game, I expect a very hard hitting game. And, and for me, Sean MacDermid is somebody that he thrives in games like that. And I think he thrives in situations, especially now the AFC East for the first time in what 15, 20 years for the most part is up for grabs.

6 (45m 38s):
And that might just be an extra little perk to these guys. The jets might, you know, be perked up as well, but then they look in the mirror and remember they’re the jet. So give me Buffalo minus six and the under,

5 (45m 51s):
I think you’re right. When you said 14, 10, 14, 10 Buffalo is going to win the game, but the judge isn’t going to cover and it’s going to go under, what do you think coach of the year 2016? You know what I, I think this Bill’s team has a stamp to press down on that AFC East. I think with the signing of digs out of Minnesota, they’re going to put him on display and I could totally see them covering the minus six and a half.

5 (46m 25s):
That is a really no low 39 and a half when I saw it initially it was 37. So I picked B over at 37 39 and a half points. But you know what, like, I don’t believe in Sam Darnold nor that jets offense enough to put up numbers. I don’t believe a West coast can suffice in the AFC East, especially in the, the North.

5 (47m 3s):
So I don’t, I love Sam Daron at SC. I just haven’t seen enough as a man from him as a jet. We all know from last season I was on the bills, quarterback, jock, all season. I thought he was amazing, got his team to a wild card and they’ve added around them, which is exciting. So I’m going with the bills to cover that minus six and a half, I’ve actually been convinced enough, take the under

4 (47m 30s):
39 and a half. It was 37. I probably would take over, but 39 and a half. I’ll take the under on that. Now you bring up a good point, right? Because we do betting education, especially on the Tuesday podcast that I put financial betting on it because you’re competing not only against the house, right. You’re competing to get the best price. So the earlier you bet sometimes the better price you get sometimes the later you bet. So when he saw that at 37, he could have gone over and then once it goes to 40, by the half a point and then go under and he was both sides of that bet.

4 (48m 9s):
Okay. So that, that’s part of the fun here. Raider, Jim, what are your thoughts in that game? I think this is the bill division to lose this year. I don’t think the Patriots are going to be as bad as everybody is thinking because they lost Tom Brady, but it is set up now for the bill to take over the reins of the East. They’re going to cover six and a half. I had originally picked that they would go over. I had 39 and a half and I don’t know how I got over 40 on the spreadsheet I made for myself.

4 (48m 40s):
But I also just looked at the weather report and it’s going to be pouring rain in Buffalo. Right. So that being said, I’m going to go under the 39 for sure. Yeah.

6 (48m 52s):
And I just want to clarify, so I don’t sound like a total mess. I would mean 17 to 10, obviously 14 to 10. Doesn’t cover it for me. Yeah. I just kind of threw out, I was more speaking, like a low number, like, cause Josh, you didn’t bring it up. You’re like, I’d like 14 to 10, but I like it. The cover that realized I was like, Oh wait, I kind of just contradicted myself. But I was making a point of a, it’s going to be, you know, Jet’s getting around 10 points and the bills will get seven more points than that. Map’s a little raw today, but maybe I’ll ask cam Newton for some trigonometry lessons.

4 (49m 22s):
That would be a good idea. Guess he does give out free tutoring in the hood. But that was the perplexing thing about him. He’s such a smart guy. And then he starts stealing laptops and then he takes a hundred grand to play for Auburn and Guzman sells and Dean says, listen, really good motivational stuff. And they go win a national championship and he gets to a super bowl. So that is the life of cam Newton. That’s why I’m actually the contrarian on this one.

4 (49m 53s):
I think the Patriots listening to will Muschamp. Who’s a bill cheat guy. The most organized organizations are going to do the best in the pandemic. And that is your evil empire, the new England Patriots. So we’re going to go to the NFC South, the dirty South 2016 coach of the year. And I’m going to go your Atlanta Falcons plus three. I’m going to, by that point and I’m going to go under 49.

4 (50m 26s):
What do you think? 2016 coaches a year.

5 (50m 29s):
We’re talking about the Falcons right now,

4 (50m 31s):
The Atlanta Falcons in my man, anger control issues and lack of networking skills, got him out of a head coaching position. But when you talk about X’s and knows he’s a genius. And when he took over that defense last year for those Atlanta Hopkins, all they did was when, especially on the road against the super bowl losers 49ers. So what are your thoughts on them?

5 (50m 57s):
They’re facing a Seattle Seahawks team that we spoke about last week. And I think the consensus was that that’s the team of the, to beat in the NFC West, going out to Atlanta, Atlanta really hasn’t done much to improve what they have. Let’s talk about what they have. They have a strong offense, Matt Ryan’s back their gun, sling into Julio Jones and to Calvin Ridley. But then what do you have on defense? They picked up some guys that have really underperformed for their draft stock, but then you gotta see out a team that, you know, when you got Russell Wilson, top three quarterback in the league, I see the number at minus two over 49.

5 (51m 42s):
Like, Hey, you know what, that’s kinda, that’s a really juicy number for me. I think Seattle is going to cover the minus two just because I’m not sure what the Falcons defense is going to look like. And then the over 49, you know what, because Atlanta could score. Seattle has always been that team that could score as well. And then if it comes down to the end Russell wills, Wilson’s gonna put them in a position to if it’s tied, kick that game, winning field goal, or go up four points on a touchdown.

5 (52m 17s):
So our three points without the extra point. So minus two, I’m going to go with Seattle and I’ll go over the 49th indoor, no weather issues, fast field and no fans to, to pick up an Atlanta team that really needs fans, that fan energy to come over to the top. So yeah.

4 (52m 42s):
Yeah. And I’m going to ask for you guys some questions, cause I think it’s really relevant going through these games. Hey, I saw Rocky. Warstic a really bad camper. B defense with no players win 10 games. You give them a whole summer to study team. He’s a dangerous guy. So he’s made me a lot of money, but what do you guys, would you guys, if you guys went traveling, would you guys be paramount? I know with NFL players being so even any little edge can switch things around. What do you guys think?

5 (53m 13s):
Well, the edge without fans

4 (53m 17s):
Traveling, what would you be paranoid traveling?

5 (53m 20s):
I think Pete, Carroll’s been at this long enough to know how his teams need to acclimate. He would calm down, take some Xanax. I know I’ll be, I would be taking Xanax right now. But as a head coach, you better know how to do know how to travel and get your, your teams acclimated. And again, this is game one of the season, so it’s not like they don’t know what they’re going into to a neutral dome.

5 (53m 52s):
We’re a place advantageous to speed. And they’re taking a charter flight and hopefully we circulated ear. There’s a ventilator in that plane, hopefully where the years in circling around getting ready to say, well, from what I heard and what I read there, airlines are supposed to research, violate the air, right? Every, so many minutes. So, you know, that’s not something I thought about going into my pick.

5 (54m 23s):
I’m just going with who I think has the best talent and Russell Wilson as a top three quarterback and, and, and a neutral home field, which is it gonna benefit Atlanta? You know? So it kind of neutralizes everything. So minus two is up a low number as is, go with it. And we’re talking about an NFC West, you know, title contender versus Atlanta. That’s not mentioned as a, as an NFC, South contender at all.

5 (54m 54s):
So right. I think Atlanta is going to get, because remember the NFL reps are paid by the NFL. So they’re going to get that whistle for social justice. What do you think?

Raider Jim
No, I think, I mean, Pete, Carol’s going to have these guys dialed in. You got to remember their training facility for the Seahawks is in Renton, Washington. So they were in Washington state when all hell was breaking loose up there, they have been surrounded by the worst of the worst, from the social issues to the health issues and COVID scares. And they have persevered. Why? Because like every other guy that says, no, we need to keep playing football. These guys want to play. So I think it’s going to be refreshing for them to get on a charter flight travel halfway across the United States, as a coach, Lucien was saying, get into a stadium where there’s no fan screaming and yelling.

Raider Jim:
And I think the Seahawks are definitely going to cover the two. And, but I do think they’re going to go under 49 because game one, again, all these no preseason schedule at all, I really think a lot of the offenses are just going to take their foot off the gas. If they know they’ve got a game under control.

5 (56m 4s):
Cool. Right? And we got that actually from coach Haley, from Houston Baptist, you know, you gotta keep some things in your backpack. You know, in that regard too, let’s not underestimate the running game. And the running philosophy coach Carol holds, they have

1 (56m 24s):
When their running backs are healthy. There’s a, it’s a three headed monster and coach Carroll’s old school. He’s going to run it when they have the lead. So yeah, I’ll say with the under now, thank you, Raider Jim, under 49, we got three, we got three unders and we got to Seattle and you got one Atlanta. What do you think doctor first?

6 (56m 46s):
You know, I’m, I’m actually surprised. I think this too is a very low number. Look, I know it’s in Atlanta and all that stuff personally. I don’t think the travel is that big of a deal. I know you talked about paranoia of getting COVID. I mean, these are guys that if you step on the field and one Brad play you’re paralyzed or dead. So a disease that, you know, for the most part, I think most athletes aren’t outwardly, or at least outwardly, they seem concerned, but I guarantee you people are, you know, a lot of these athletes internally really don’t care.

6 (57m 22s):
Maybe they’ll put on a show for, you know, people, but a lot of them already feel invincible. So this, this disease already, or virus, whatever you want to call it. But the main thing for Seattle is Russell Wilson. Being able to do his thing in a situation there’s, there’s no fans, you you’ve had an opportunity. And the reason I’m actually going to go over is because I think Atlanta’s offense is going to push Seattle’s offense to have to keep rolling. Because you know, I look at that Ryan and I look at the, the, the weapons he has.

6 (57m 54s):
I mean, he’s got Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley that may be the best one to punch on. So, like I said, I really think the offensive Atlanta is going to keep the game kind of pushing forward. I do think a lot of teams are going to take their foot off the gas, but Atlanta is not going to be one of them. Cause they’re going to try to turn this into a spring and try and shoot when this shootout. And one thing though for Atlanta is Atlanta has to look at this as a measuring stick game.

6 (58m 24s):
I think Seattle for me is the second best team in the NFC behind of course the saints. So for them, they have to look at it like, Hey, if we can compete with this team, we got two chances to who knows, maybe do something against the saints. So we’ll see how the Falcons do go about it. But for me minus two and give me the over. But the consensus is under, but a Seattle is two is also the consensus.

1 (58m 49s):
Alright, cool. And I like the Atlanta coaching staff with dirt cutter and Raheem Morris, two former head coaches as coordinators for Dan Quinn, who was, who won a super bowl with Pete Carroll in Seattle. So he knows Seattle up, up and down. And when a covered against the Falcons last time they played in Atlanta last year or in the yeah, in Atlanta last year. So the consensus pick is Seattle on the road and the under

4 (59m 23s):
The next game, we’re going to go to a very traditional game game that I covered double digit dog last year, last play of the game within fire Gruden’s brother, keeping the offense going for no other reason other than to cover the double digits as a dog. But now they’re a dog again, Philadelphia minus six against the Washington team. Now because of the whole George Floyd, Rihanna Taylor on my arbitrary, who is from Atlanta against the Philadelphia Eagles.

4 (59m 58s):
What do you think doctor first?

6 (1h 0m 0s):
You know, for me, it’s just the facts. I didn’t even come out with a pick or anything like that. The Eagles are gonna win the game. That’s all I can tell you. It’s a division game. The, for Dwayne Haskins, the thing that he can rely on or at least look back on is maybe last year wasn’t the Ricky year he’d wanted, but his best game was against the Eagles. Now on the flip side, that’s the Russell Douglas Sydney Jones beaten up week 16 week 17 Eagles. You now have to deal with Derrius, sleigh and nickel Robbie Coleman who come in and are an immediate upgrade to the secondary position.

6 (1h 0m 35s):
No doubt about it. Derrius sleigh for me is a top five, top 10 quarterback in the NFC. So Dwayne Haskins is going to have to deal with that. There are issues offensively for the Eagles injury wise, not Carson Wentz, but miles Sanders, lane Johnson. Yeah, I know everyone takes that moment to chuckle to themselves. It’s not Carson Wentz on the injury report, but you know, lane Johnson, some of these guys that if you’re an Eagles fan, this is, this is our life, right? Like we don’t read the sports page. We read the injury report, cause that is, that’s pretty much a lot more revealing.

6 (1h 1m 9s):
So for the Eagles they get, they try to get that figured out. But I think that’s a longterm solution. Miles Sanders is the kind of the cog that keeps this offense together. Carson is going to do his thing, but if miles Sanders can be a reliable everyday on running back and catch the ball out of the backfield, the Eagles will have something to say about that. But at the same time, if you’re already on the injury report, there is a chance, you know, who knows maybe Corey Clement gets the call against the Ray or well Washington football team.

6 (1h 1m 40s):
And they just decide that, you know, w we’ll deal with Sanders later and we can win this game with Corey climate. So keep that in mind. The one thing I will say about Washington or is Jason, I have nightmares about this guy and I haven’t even seen him on the field yet. I haven’t even seen in a preseason game and I already worry for my offensive players. This guy seems like an absolute superstar. He could be somebody that really does affect the game. Now let’s all, remember this is once again, his first game in the NFL, not regular, no, just literally his first game in the NFL.

6 (1h 2m 14s):
So I don’t expect a dominant debut please, but we shall see that’s

7 (1h 2m 20s):
All I got. The line is minus six 44. I’m just throwing down the facts for everyone. Right?

4 (1h 2m 28s):
Thank you very much. Nothing said under to me then

7 (1h 2m 32s):
Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio

4 (1h 2m 34s):
Over there with Washington. So I liked, I liked the under a lot and just get the Dwayne Haskins. I’m gonna pick the Eagles minus five, definitely buying a that point. And we’re going to go equals minus five under 42, a Raider. Jim, what are your thoughts?

Raider Jim):
Yeah, I would go with that. I have minus six originally for the Eagles, but I think I liked that by the point go down to minus five and I’m looking up right now because once I found out what the weather was, other places, I don’t know what the weather is in DC, but on Sunday I just had the Washington days, but that I just had the Washington post. I want to see Washington on Sunday at midday.

Raider Jim:
It’s going to be 83 degrees raining. Wow. So actually it calls for 78, but that’s at high noon. I don’t know if they have a stop. They may have a front moving up that way. I haven’t seen the, the big reports lately, but with that said I would change my original thought of taking over 43 and I would take the Eagles minus five buying the point and I would go under 43.

4 (1h 4m 0s):
Nice two, two Eagles minus 543.

7 (1h 4m 4s):
Yeah, Washington. Walkington’s like 31 out of 32 teams in the power rankings. And I think that’s pretty fair. I think they’ve just got a lot of things they’re dealing with right now.

4 (1h 4m 13s):
Yeah, no regrets, gags cancer. I mean, that’s a shot Dwayne Haskins. Now what a doctor said about cam Nunes. What I feel about Dwayne Haskins, he’s not the sharpest tool in the tool shed 2.0 guy at Ohio state, the Ohio state, urban buyer, a recruit who recruited a bunch of serial killers at university of Florida. So Scott Turner, man, Ron Rivera is loyal, has got Scott Turner as the office coordinator.

4 (1h 4m 46s):
So that’s screamed under all the way and Eagles minus five coach of the year. What are your thoughts?

Raider Jim:
You guys are going to go minus five by that point. Cause I originally had a minus six and I’m going to stick with that under 43. Okay.

4 (1h 5m 3s):
Under 43. So your consensus pick is your Eagles fly Eagle fly minus five under 43. You buy those points, right? So you salesmen thing for term businessmen thing

1 (1h 5m 18s):
Longterm, right? So you get that high winning percentage and they’re high compound interest between 52.5 and 70%. It’s going to be, this is going to be automatic for me all year. I’m going against the analytics team and I’m actually getting points. So I’m going to go, not the brightest star on the planet, Mitch Stravinsky and Camille Mac plus for under 45.

1 (1h 5m 50s):
What are your thoughts? Raider. Jim?

5 (1h 5m 54s):
You have the bears plus three right now.

1 (1h 5m 57s):
Yeah. And Donny.

5 (1h 5m 59s):
Yeah. Yeah. Cause my, my afternoon takes when I was going through these things. I have the bears and I also have the total on this under 44. I think it’s just going to be not too exciting of a game.

1 (1h 6m 14s):
No, no. And I’m buying that point to get off that three off that key number three. Right? So the field goal doesn’t kill me. So I’m going to go Camille Mac minster risky plus for under 43 Raider Jim agrees. What do you think doctor first?

5 (1h 6m 33s):
Yeah, I agree as well. It’s me and Matt. Patricia. It’s a, it’s a match made in heaven. I think I thank him for everything he does to my bank role partnership for another year. So I’m really excited as Chicago plus three, give me the, or all day,

1 (1h 6m 52s):
All day, every day, double down my friends, when we’re in a hundred percent agreement, then we’re going to go to the dirty South coach still. I think

5 (1h 7m 2s):
Coach, then I am actually going Detroit minus Whoa. Wow. Over 44. I’m just not a true believer. I I, from the beginning and he’s not the starter, but you might get play at some point. Yeah. You know, if Matt, Matthew Stafford’s back for that lion’s team, that’s the ultimate gunslinger.

5 (1h 7m 37s):
And I could see that minus three being covered and the bears winning for that matter. But I can also see, you know, the lions win, but I’m not the coach adding to the consensus pit and I’m just going against the grain. But I had picked that earlier this afternoon, so I’m going to stick with it since a majority is spoken and

1 (1h 7m 59s):
You’re descending. So you’re being at Ruth Bader Ginsburg and DC.

5 (1h 8m 4s):
I am, but I didn’t know the entire entirety of that. If she gets sick every once in awhile, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I’m gonna have to remember that. Yes. He’s always, it’s always out Supreme court decision eight to one. And then we got Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars. Ooh, Indianapolis, that’s too many points, man.

5 (1h 8m 34s):
Even though Jasmine nothing, you know what, let me get this out of the way real quick, because I’m actually excited to see Phillip rivers play behind a 110 degree percent better offensive line than what he’s dealt with in his entire tenure. As a charger. That’s not to say that I’m a Colt fan, but I have a whole lot of respect for Phillip.

5 (1h 9m 6s):
And I’m excited to see him sling the ball in regards to their opponents, the Jaguars we thought early. And I tweeted it out weeks ago. That tank for Trevor is real right there. Absolutely tanking. If you see their 53 man roster and what they’ve just literally gave up. So the number I had earlier was a cold seven and a half.

5 (1h 9m 36s):
I see it cold eight. I don’t have an issue with it because it it’s, it’s going to be a neutral, neutral home or neutral game anyway at Jacksonville. But I’m excited to see like a comeback player that your candidate and Philip Rivers sling the rock and that’s weapons. TJ Hilton is, is phenomenal. And they have an offensive line that was built to protect the Andrew luck that retired unexpectedly.

5 (1h 10m 9s):
So I’m going with the Colts minus eight and I’m sticking with the under 44 I saw earlier, which is now under 40 is a 45 number. So under 45 minus eight, going with the Colts, that hundred percent agreed doctor first, what are your thoughts?

6 (1h 10m 30s):
You know, I, it’s tough. I eight and a half is a lot for me. A big part of this season early on is going to be continuity. And I keep harping on it. No preseason games. I know they’ve been in training camp and all that, but I mean, you want to hit somebody else. You want someone else to hit you besides the same guys, throw a little more intensity in there. So for teams like India, the Colts that are just kind of trying to, you know, especially with Phillip rivers, figure that out. Now there is already built in chemistry with Frank Reich eight and a half is a lot for me.

6 (1h 11m 4s):
But Jacksonville is a really, really bad football team that like you said, I mean, it’s giving players away. I find it hard to believe that nobody would give them a Tropic for Leonard

2 (1h 11m 14s):
Fournette, but whatever. Yeah. I had Jacksonville plus eight and a half written down, but I’m, I, I got, I’ve been turned to the other side. I like Indy to cover, especially considering the focal point of that offense is going to be the run game. It’s nice to have Phillip. It’s great. But that run game is probably the best part of it. So that is, I’ve been talked out of it. So I’m going to go Indy minus eight and a half. Give me the under as well.

2 (1h 11m 45s):
Like I said, Jacksonville is, they’re just looking to draft night. Like can we, can we draft now? So that’s what I got. I held the running game back in my pocket because if that was going to be like a decider that’s Josh’s boy from South Marlon Mack bottleneck, Marlon Mack. And I talked about him last week on the NFL preview show.

4 (1h 12m 10s):
It was phenomenal. Yeah.

2 (1h 12m 12s):
And to pair that with a Phillip rivers and a pressure list for Phillip rivers with a online like that. Yeah. I’m going to go with them probably a lot this year, but I’m still gonna stick with the under

4 (1h 12m 26s):
Yeah. Marlon Mack, man. He can run and it’s going to be in the heat. I think vaccine was going to quit after a while. I don’t think they have the depths. So we’re at a hundred percent agreement by that point though, a sucky number, get a Southern and then go with Phillip railroads and Frank Rice, a great coach. You have a talent advantage. He covers. So it’s minus eight, under 45 green Bay Packers.

2 (1h 12m 58s):
We didn’t hear from Raider Jim on that last one.

4 (1h 12m 60s):
Yeah. Ritter. Jen had to go,

2 (1h 13m 3s):
Oh, I apologize. I only have a small picture of my fault. I apologize. Sorry.

4 (1h 13m 6s):
Yeah, no problem at all.

2 (1h 13m 8s):
I have his picks just a heads up. So if we need anything broken, that is a consensus there.

4 (1h 13m 16s):
Yeah. Heartbreak. Yeah. Yeah. He had a call with family. Cool. Perfect. Yeah. We’re going to keep the podcast under hour and a half and we’re doing good here as we bring the, as we ring the bell. Okay. So you have our guy from Del Mar against Zimmer and George Floyd, Minnesota. You’re going to get the pigs. It gives Kenosha, Kenosha, Wisconsin. So there’s a lot of riots between the two cities, 45 points, definitely going under.

4 (1h 13m 51s):
And I am going to go with green Bay. If I get that three, I’m going to get that point. So I’m going to go green Bay under 45 plus four. What are your thoughts doctor?

2 (1h 14m 8s):
I like Minnesota here bringing in,

6 (1h 14m 13s):
In Gokongwei for that situation. I think when you go defensively, I talked about continuity. Well look and Gacaca is gonna, you know, go get the quarterback. I don’t need to be on it. I don’t need to know the playbook to, to in depth to know that, you know, stand here and then D is going to say heightened, go get him. That’s that’s what it is. They’re little different than what Phillip rivers and Joe burrow have to deal with with no preseason. I like to Minnesota minus two and a half personally, I like the over full disclosure.

6 (1h 14m 43s):
I went through all my picks and I realized that like 95% of them were under. So I looked for, and that’s just not going to happen. Not 95% of these maybe 80, 75 will, but not that high amount. So I kind of went through, found where I could maybe find an over this was it. So that’s definitely not the most conviction that I could ever muster, but I, I do like Minnesota minus two and a half. I think Aaron Rogers is if we thought Brett Farve took the whole passing of the torch, rough, I think Aaron Rogers is going to do the whole, the whole, my beer thing.

6 (1h 15m 20s):
He’s going to be very, very tough to deal with. And if you believe some of the reports he already is with the Jordan Love draft pick, I like Minnesota early in the year. Now this was week 17. It would probably be winter gets into the playoffs and I’d say pound green Bay. Cause they always win those games. But for this situation I like Minnesota minus two and a half. And like I said, I have over, but that is, I am not set in my ways on that one. I was just kind of one of those. I need to find a team, a game to go over.

5 (1h 15m 54s):
Yes, yes. That’s good. Good call because this is people’s money, man. And they’re using us as a guy for their harder and cash. That’s a good caveat there by the doctor. What is your thoughts? 2016 coach of the year Lucas, you know, I, I can’t repeat the sentiments of a doctor first about green Bay. I think there’s a lot of toxicity going along in that locker room right now.

5 (1h 16m 26s):
And it starts with the head and that’s that’s Aaron Rogers, right? I did pick Minnesota minus two and a half earlier this afternoon. I saw that it was a 50 and I’ve went under one 45 and a half is a whole lot more reasonable, right? So I like the actual over 45 and a half minus two and a half Minnesota,

6 (1h 16m 56s):
Just a heads up. We are actually at this moment because Raider Jim did have green Bay plus three. He did like the over, but so at this point it is a tie. We will rely on his holiness, the Pope of the podcast to break that tie. But it is a consensus over on that. And you know, I think that’s, it kind of ties into what I talked about, Aaron Rogers, Michael out there and, you know, get the call and it’s, you know, running backs, you know, dive to the right.

6 (1h 17m 27s):
And he goes, no, we’re going to, you know, streaks spread everybody out. I’m throwing for 500 yards a game screw, everybody that you know is around here, mentality situation. And I, that that’ll be very interesting to, I think it’s going to be a big soap opera. I mean, we already know that Aaron Rogers brings drama wherever he goes. He’s kind of a reality show by himself. So be very interesting to see how that sticks around. I like that word toxicity.

4 (1h 17m 59s):
Yes, very impressed with that word toxicity. So the verdict we’ll have it on our Twitter pages again, in the episode notes, we’ll make sure they’re in there. What the Supreme court or bedding decided. So it was going to go back into the judges chambers. And we’re going to ask his holiness, the Pope with the money line, what his thoughts, Arizona Cornell’s and Deandre Hopkins at the 40 Niners in Arizona covered them all day every day.

4 (1h 18m 30s):
But it was a different one than last year, like plus 11 or whatever, but I’m still going to pick them. I’m going to pick plus eight Arizona and may of 48. It’s just too many points. The air raid can run time off the clock. So I’m going to go under 48 and I’m going to go plus eight Arizona Cardinals. What are your thoughts doctor? First

6 (1h 18m 54s):
Look, I saw it seven, seven and a half eight. If it goes any higher than eight Arizona, for sure. Once again, this is another situation of Deandre Hopkins, Kyler Murray. I would have liked to seen them maybe in a preseason game or two just to, you know, kind of figure each other out. So I’m going to actually go San Francisco minus seven and under, and just throwing this out there. I haven’t heard any differently, but if you’ve seen pictures outside of PAC bell, or I’m sorry, whatever the hell the baseball stadium is called now, if you’ve seen pictures, the air quality is going to be bad and you know, obviously the fires and everything that’s going on.

6 (1h 19m 41s):
I obviously I had under any way, just the way both these teams kind of play, but just keep that in mind. Like I said, I haven’t heard anything of the game being moved, but you know, look as I live in San Diego, we all have in Southern California. It seems like once a year, one of these games gets moved for reasons like this. But like I said, once again, haven’t heard anything. If this game does go off in San Francisco, the air quality will be incredibly. So

5 (1h 20m 8s):
Just something to think about when it comes to the over under I like San Francisco minus seven and the under

4 (1h 20m 15s):
Yeah, no, I’m not scientific, but I bet the USC game

5 (1h 20m 20s):
And there were fires. I don’t even like jogging outside.

4 (1h 20m 24s):
You jog outside. Cause it’s pretty bad when you’re adding Bonita to a coach,

5 (1h 20m 28s):
No one I don’t jog, but I do get my grade.

4 (1h 20m 34s):
sort of the cardio,

5 (1h 20m 37s):
It’s bad for the knees. So what I do is I, I strap up my 25 pound backpack, you know, and I go for an inclined hike. Oh yeah, you go up Hills. And I really dog it out like that. But you know, I’m, I’m Kyler Murray S second year is, is exciting to me. Dishon Hopkins threat is exciting to me. And then you have the crafty event in Fitzgerald.

5 (1h 21m 9s):
It’s very exciting to me. So I know they’re going to put up points and I know San Francisco could put up points and I, I don’t think San Francisco’s going to have the kind of year that they had last year, but they’re going to have a, they’re going to be in that race. We Y we dominated the sports betting world last year, picking the Cardinals to cover on a, like, I refer back to bull Durham and you don’t miss with a streak kind of mentality in nuclear solution, not wanting to sleep with Susan Surandon, you know, so, you know, with all that kind of mojo and magic, I’m going to go with the Cardinals to cover the plus seven.

5 (1h 22m 2s):
And I’m buying that point to get off that Keaton number. You know what that’s, that’s kinda like the trick right there. And then when I was on earlier, I, I, I think both teams could score enough to go plus our over the 47 and a half. So I would like to see a shootout. I’m glad you brought up the weather and the fires because goodness, heavens like California just needs some help. We really do putting these things out, air quality we don’t know about, but then, you know what?

5 (1h 22m 34s):
We’ve talked about this during, we talked about this on one of the other shows, do your research and, and know what you could get from the, from your, your bet. You get, you can pull your money, I’ll pull your money out. If there’s a last minute game switch or something like that, like listen to the old shows and it’s there, right? Where your research with whomever, you bet with whether it’s Kelly auntie down in Mexico, or my book, you, we have our deal with our promo ESB.

5 (1h 23m 5s):
See out there for you guys where they’re going to match 100% up to a thousand dollars. Like do your research, make sure that, Hey, your money is safe and secure, or whether it’s at casino in Vegas, whether your money is safe and secure, and you can pull out of that because of unforeseen circumstances. So I’m going to go with the plus seven, just because I’m not going to mess with the streak. And then I’m going to go with that over 47. But beyond that lookout be aware of, of what’s going on in the sporting world, in our world for, as it is. So take that for what it is.

5 (1h 23m 36s):
I would love to hear what Raider Jim had to say, but he didn’t.

6 (1h 23m 39s):
We had a, I don’t know what he had to say, but he did have San Francisco minus seven and the under, I would have to imagine also he probably the under was the air quality as well, or parts of that. He was already referencing the weather and elsewhere. So, but that will be another,

5 (1h 23m 57s):
Yeah, because you have to check the

6 (1h 23m 59s):
Look in our episode notes because we are two, two right now, but the under we are consensus on the under, he had the under, it was three, one under,

5 (1h 24m 7s):
Yeah, you got to predict those defenses were there to quality. Like that hundred percent. Now we’re going to go to COVID 16, go through the year in the new Orleans saints, you know, me and a half against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You know what I, and I mentioned it last week in last week’s NFL preview, no teams outside the NFL, other than these two teams made the biggest headway first off with Tampa Bay, with their signing of Tom Brady and bringing Gronk out of retirement.

5 (1h 24m 46s):
And then the saints in regards to Malcolm Jenkins and his voice was social injustice and then brew drew breeze and the lessons he learned. But now the most recent talk is Alvin Camaro and his contract extension. So along with the J Davey and Clowney talk and all that stuff, but it’s from what I read Kamara is set to play on Sunday without a signed extension. Crazy. It’s crazy. It really is.

5 (1h 25m 17s):
And we’ve seen in the past where players have sat out that first game, but he’s been in practice. He missed three unexcused practices for whatever they are being sick or whatever, whatever reason they weren’t unexcused, they were unexcused, but he’s been practicing. He’s been there all week. He’s been in full participation, but he still doesn’t have that contract extension and give it to him as a man, if he’s just going to play and, and leave that up to his, his agent to handle and the saints for an office to handle.

5 (1h 25m 49s):
But you, you just don’t know at game time, right? It may be a family member that says, wait the night before. So know what you’re getting into in regards to this game, because this is my team. I’m not going to place a bet following our rule book, but let’s look at what it is. You got two aging veteran quarterbacks, the first time in NFL history that you got two 40 plus age quarterbacks competing against each other first week of, of a NFL season.

5 (1h 26m 23s):
It’s in new Orleans where there’s going to be no saints fans. And if you know the dome and although who that’s that right there is a plus three in itself. The number is minus three and a half in favor of the saints. There. They have a stout defense. And as, as underrated as Tampa Bay’s defenses, I don’t think they have enough to, to keep up with a saints offense that picked up in Emmanuel Sanders.

5 (1h 26m 59s):
And you know, there’s a lot of people that said, Tom Brady really had a down year, last year. And you got to grow up that hasn’t played in a season. The most ERPs recent reports is that Mike Evans isn’t playing because of a hamstring injury. It might be a game time thing. But as of today, it says he’s not playing. And that still doesn’t change my pick cause I’m gonna pick the saints to win it. But I could see Tampa Bay covering that cause that half point. So I’ll definitely go over the 48 because last seasons average was 54.

5 (1h 27m 33s):
These guys shoot it out every season, whether it’s in Tampa Bay or whether it’s in new Orleans. And now Tampa Bay has a quarter quarterback that kid one managed game, a clock and not turn the ball over. So I, I will pick the saints to win it. I can’t bet on it. I will, but I will take the bucks to cover that three and a half. And I’m going to go. And I said over 48.

4 (1h 28m 2s):
Yeah, it’s going to be interesting. You got two offsets of coaches. So one’s two offsets of coaches. I like going with the older. So I’m going to go 48. And for this reason I’m going to pick Tampa Bay. And the reason is that nobody knows the Tom Brady offense. And I’m excited to see because Tom Brady, what are the main reasons he picked Tampa Bay cause area and said, Hey, I’m going to give you half the offense.

4 (1h 28m 34s):
I wanted to learn the Tom Brady offense. What has been going around your head 20 years? That bill bell check did not let you do the big Daniels did not let you do so. He has this whole offense contract. So half of it, it’s going to be on display. Hopefully it’ll becomes the coach. We can see that full Tom Brady often because of that, I don’t think Tarver right. The defense coordinator for Norman’s. You have no idea what’s coming. There’s going to be interesting to see what he has in mind. He has Gronk with them to explain the Tom Brady offensive, but I’m going to go Tampa Bay in a squeaker because of that edge of the Tom Brady office.

4 (1h 29m 11s):
It’s going to be very interesting. And they’re going to squeak. Squeak, went out, I guess, the new Orleans saints in new Orleans, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What are your thoughts, dr. First?

2 (1h 29m 26s):
What are your, what do you have over under 49? Just so for this spreadsheet over, over, got it. You know, it’s, I’ve been pretty vocal. I’m definitely not drinking the Tampa Bay Koolaid, the, the Tom Brady offense. That’s great. And all, but this is the new Orleans saints minus three and a half, I think is actually a low number. I go even higher and yeah, you do have Gronk there to kind of explain the offense, but how many of those guys like speak Gronk?

2 (1h 29m 57s):
So it’s going to be hard, a little bit lost in translation there. I think it’s going to take a little bit of time. Once again, I keep harping on it. Pretty much every there, this is the first game, just period for these guys to be on the same page. At least in Tampa Bay areas. I think Tampa Bay with areas is going to be an eight and eight, nine and 17. A lot of people would look at that as an underachievement, the new Orleans saints for me at minus three and a half, I think they’re three and a half points better than pretty much every team, especially in that dome, even without the fans.

2 (1h 30m 29s):
There’s just that energy. It’s the fricking Superdome. It’s the, it’s the French quarter. You know it walking in there that you were in new Orleans. So, or should I say Nolens? So give me the saints minus three and a half. I like the over, I think it’s going to be a bit of a shootout and this is similar to what I talked about. One of the games earlier. I forget who it was, but this is a team that’s going to kind of push and force the saints to have to kind of keep scoring. But this is the Tampa Bay.

2 (1h 31m 0s):
Defense was not great that last year they were, I think really good against the one terrible against the past. That sounds perfect. And Alvin Kamara, big question Mark. We know that, but drew Brees in the dome minus three and a half all day, you know, one of the things that we didn’t bring up right now, but when I brought up last week and Josh actually questioned me about Peyton’s coaching, you know, you bring up, it’s gonna take a lot of time for these offenses to get going. One of the main things with this new Orleans office is continuity, continuity under center, right?

2 (1h 31m 37s):
Continuity with the weapons. Cause if Emmanuel centers doesn’t work out well, you all know he will. There’s always that go to, that was a beast last year. And Mike Thomas, you know, so I think if anyone has to work on their offense, more than anyone, it would be a Tampa Bay team in regards to this game. But because there is a Tom Brady, right? It could be one of those games

5 (1h 32m 0s):
Where there’s an early same sleet. And it’s like, all let’s just draw s**t up on the turf and start slinging it and make this a closer.

4 (1h 32m 9s):
That’s why I picked him up

5 (1h 32m 11s):
The beta cover the spread, but new Orleans.

4 (1h 32m 15s):
Yeah. In something very interesting, they kind of down by pick, I’m going to pick Tampa Bay still, but I’m going to go under, because Tom Brady started these illegal practices in March and he did get arrested for breaking COVID-19. He ended up paying off the cops and that used to have all these illegal practices in his backyard, which is actually the house of Derek, Peter, right. $30 million house.

4 (1h 32m 46s):
But it’s the backyard. He has the whole football field in his backyard. He had all these guys all the time, but what 95% of people don’t have the capacity to change. You got to remember, the Tom Brady played at the university of Michigan is a offense was run heavy offense and look at the starting lineup for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their speed position. Ronald Jones made it, he had a great camp, right?

4 (1h 33m 17s):
He learned how to pass block. K Chris Godwin I think is probably top five receiver in the NFL. OJ Howard made up with coach and now they amended it. For instance, they hugged it out, right? Just like the white shoots and Michael Scott then in the office, they ha they hugged it out.

5 (1h 33m 39s):

4 (1h 33m 41s):
Is in the starting lineup. So this is a two type in offense is the Tom Brady offense. I’ll run heavy offense and fool this off because what are you going to do? Are you got two guys that can go slot on you? Or they can get into a three point stance and block. You don’t know what plays coming, depending on your defense. So whatever defense you’re in, it’s wrong because Tom Brady is going to go like this and switch it up. I’m going to go jump on, running on you. Or you have a mismatch in the slot with either Gronk or OJ Howard.

4 (1h 34m 17s):
Right? So you don’t know what this man’s going to do. And you got a top 10 paid off offensive line. So it’s going to be very interesting. I think the man is going to go back to his roots cause he can’t change. And he’s going to go to the offense of his dad ran in high school, up there in Northern California and that offense won the national championship, but it was greasy the quarterback and he’s going to run it like he did in the big 10 big tins about running that football. And that’s how COVID Brady grew up. So I’m going to go under,

5 (1h 34m 45s):
So here’s the other thing. And that you brought up the running game because I think that the headline last year, last week on the NFL preview was the signing of Leonard Fournette. I didn’t bring them up. Right, right. But she’s like,

2 (1h 34m 58s):
Tell me when this dude tells me he’s a top running back in the league.

4 (1h 35m 3s):
Yeah. How about that for toughness? How about

2 (1h 35m 6s):
The two tight ends? Yeah.

4 (1h 35m 10s):
You’re going to have to Thailand and we’re going to pound you with Lennar for that. Maybe that’s what Tom Brady is saying. Reminding him when he was at Michigan. I don’t know. Not now. I’m excited about this as far as going to see some pounding.

2 (1h 35m 27s):
If we all watched the Minnesota saints playoff game last. Oh my goodness. When they win Minnesota brought back that running back. Right. That whole entire game. It was a whole different game. Whole different scenario leading up to that. Well, I’m glad we’re back guys. I’m glad we’re back. Thanks a lot.

4 (1h 35m 54s):
Okay. Last gang. I’m going to go. I’m going to go the Rams Rams and under ramps plus four, going to, by that point again, I’m buying points early in the season. You don’t know what’s going to happen. So I’m going to go plus four ramps under 52, such as too many points for again, people who like to run that, you know the guy McCarthy’s a running guy in green Bay and a McVeigh like his dad. That was a great scouting staff in Tampa Bay. You had to make like phase dad.

4 (1h 36m 25s):
You had groomed as a scout for that Tampa Bay, John McKay team that run it, ran it all day. UFC style student body, right? Yes. Student body. Right. Heritage under give me under 52. Give me plus for the Rams. I think Monday night doubts in right with dr. First making that observation and smoky conditions.

4 (1h 36m 57s):
What do you think doctor first,

2 (1h 36m 59s):
I actually liked Dallas here. Minus three. The Rams for me, you know, if you have faith in Jared golf, good for you. I don’t. I look at the Cowboys going on the road in a situation where it’s not really, you know, a road game. It’s a, it’s a travel, technically we’ll be opening this new stadium. So it’s really a road game for both teams, right? I mean, it’s the first time the Rams have ever played in this stadium. Two’s for, it’s not like there’s that crazy home field advantage literally at all. I like the Cowboys minus three, early on.

2 (1h 37m 33s):
They just have more talent in my mind. And then also I worry, Jalen Ramsey got paid as that mean Jalen Ramsey is no longer going to be there. Try and be Jalen Ramsey. I am not ready to bet against that. So I’m going Dallas minus three. Give me the under though as well, to be fair. I haven’t seen the pictures like I saw with San in LA. Not sure. I’m not saying it won’t happen. I’m just saying it’s not a certainty like San Francisco was in terms of how close it was to the stadium.

2 (1h 38m 4s):
Although now that I think about it, the stadiums in Santa Clara for football, with baseball teams on the base. So it might not be the same conditions. I’m not clear about that thing. Something to think about on Sunday to check out, just kind of popped in my head. They’re not in San Francisco anymore, technically,

1 (1h 38m 22s):
But for the Rams, they’re like 30 minutes up the road from me. Okay. There’s a lot of smoke around here when I go outside. And, but I’m the wrong guy. I’m not as good as ships. It’s anybody much less a football player, but I’m huffing and puffing. When I try to truck along around here,

2 (1h 38m 43s):
Follow up with dr. First in regards to going with the Cowboys. I just don’t think the Rams are what they were Meg Bay’s first year. And you know, he convinced me in regards to this being really a road game for both teams, because when you’re used to walking down that hallway and you’re used to sitting in your locker and you’re used to all those little nuances, there’s some comfortability and some security going on in your head with, in regards to that, it’s like secret sleeping at home versus sleeping in a hotel rooms versus on a road game.

2 (1h 39m 24s):
And then you walk into a new stadium where one, you don’t have fans and you have a guy like Zeke that could control the game with his legs. And I believe Dak Prescott is in a contract here and he’s got to do what he’s got to do, whatever he can to get that max pay. And why not? So Dallas, his defense is pretty stout. Ram’s defense is pretty stout. I’d like that minus three Cowboys, but, and they under 51 and a half.

2 (1h 39m 57s):
So interesting to see what everyone else goes with. Yeah, yeah. That was the, the consensus cause Raider, Jim also liked the under, along with Dallas minus three. So that will be the consensus on the Rams and Dallas. Now we’ll just do real quick. No, it’s no explanations. Cause there are still three games, but I’ll just go, Oh whatever, we got Cleveland, Baltimore, Pittsburgh giants, Tennessee Denver.

2 (1h 40m 27s):
The last two I brought up our Monday night games. Cleveland, Baltimore got a little bit lost in the shuffle after Miami, but we’ll go real quick. I’ll start it. I like Baltimore minus seven and the over Josh. How about you

1 (1h 40m 42s):
Baltimore under

2 (1h 40m 45s):
Brown’s minus eight and a half under. Okay.

1 (1h 40m 50s):
I’m growing against all the analytic teams. So that’s Cleveland and I’m sorry. Joshua was over

2 (1h 40m 55s):
A hundred under. Thank you. And Brandon, you were plus Cleveland plus eight, seven plus eight. I saw even a half this earlier, but I’m going with them and then there was the younger. Gotcha. Thank you. And coach. What about Pittsburgh? Minus six. I’m 47 and a half. I was going Steelers. I saw minus five and it was a it’s 46 and a half.

2 (1h 41m 25s):
I felt 47, but what? Yeah, it’s around that time, around that area, 46, I saw I saw 40, so I went over 40, under 46. Gotcha. Nice. Josh, what are your thoughts? Pittsburgh? They’re a hundred percent perfect Pittsburgh under I am the same way. We agree actually all the way across the board. Raider, Jim has an agreement as well, Pittsburgh minus six, under a push your bank, roll up to 25% on that one. The last one I will start with, it will be the last game on many night, Tennessee at Denver.

2 (1h 41m 58s):
I like Tennessee to, you know, it’s my Grable. You know, I got to stick with it minus three under same number. I’m sorry. That is the number is 41 that I saw just a heads up. Sorry, Tennessee, minus two and a half. I got Tennessee and under 41,

1 (1h 42m 18s):
I’m going to go Moneyline safely go money lines.

2 (1h 42m 23s):
Perfect. And just to make it a known Raider, Jim would have been a Ruth Bader Ginsburg on that when he was a plus three with the over, but the consensus is Tennessee minus 2.5 and under 41. That’s all of them. Gentlemen,

1 (1h 42m 44s):
Love it. Love it. Love it to take my, my, my mind off things that are extremely important and wrap my head around the meaningless NFL. Other than the fact that a middle of a pandemic social unrest in a bigger session, my Jewish mentor independently wealthy calling for a double dip kind of recession at the first of the year. So you can’t be taken lightly that we have a system, a process to make money.

1 (1h 43m 19s):
All right, so quickly guys, final thoughts before we close with Winston Churchill and we’ll let coach of the year 2016 closest out with Winston Churchill after final thoughts. Those were my final thoughts. Do we have a system to make money?

2 (1h 43m 38s):
No, I don’t. I don’t have mr. Churchill’s quote off hand. I can do quote, I can do a Winston. If you want to do your last thoughts right now,

1 (1h 43m 49s):
Tell ’em, you know what better homework for next week.

5 (1h 43m 52s):
I’ll tattoo it on my forehead, but you know what? Like thank you because this is season two of what we do. And, and it’s just been a total buildup since the end of last year. End of the super bowl to get this rolling. And I’m glad this is where we’re at. It was fun. It was a lot of, you know, what to, to, to name it. Like this is my chemical romance, romance, romance brothers here, and it was fun.

5 (1h 44m 24s):
And season two’s about to start and I’m looking forward to another profitable season. I love it. Let’s do it and have fun at the same time. A lot of laughs.

6 (1h 44m 38s):
Yeah, exactly. And you know, I kind of talked to Brandon about it a little while ago about when all this start data, obviously with the, when we started doing this podcast, it was just this. And now we’ve obviously branched off to other things, but this is still the mothership. This is still, this is the show. This is the Soprano’s or for HBO, they have other stuff, but this is the main thing, at least in my mind, this is what made us where we are got really your attention. Why we, why you keep listening to us is because we gave you great picks in the NFL and we’ll put it on there.

6 (1h 45m 15s):
I think this is for me this week was by far the toughest week I’ve ever had to pick because I took for granted preseason games. I thought preseason games were a gigantic waste of time. Now I’d like to now I feel a little cheated. I feel like I want to see too. I want to see some of those other players that you won’t normally see. So it’s a little interesting, but Hey, guess what? It’s 2020. We are, you know, kind of a, what did they say? Adjusting on the fly and that’s what we’re going to have to do.

6 (1h 45m 47s):
And believe me, I, I wouldn’t, I put my money on this podcast to adjust better than anybody else. 100%. So thank you all so much for listening. We leave you with, of course, Winston Churchill is famous. Quote, you make a living by what you earn, but you make a life by what you give once again. Thank you so much. Y’all have a great night and go wash your hands and enjoy football. This Sunday. Make money watching sports.

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