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70% Against the spread Hollywood Actress Sarah Lynn Robinson who has had enormous success at the Ringer (Bill Simmons ESPN) , Steve Harvey Show, Food Network, Fox Sports LA, NBC Chicago, 2nd City Star of “Find My 1st Love” joins the Podcast weekly


Sarah Lynn Robinson:Welcome to the ESB CC sports betting podcast, NBA edition. I’m Sarah Lynn Robinson. We have Briannawinner, our amazing sports journalist and Josh Abner Vizcayalso known as hosts way. This K also known asJosh Abner, man of many names and talents.0 (47s):

Yes. And there’s a story behind it. And those are listen to the last podcast with, with Kaplan, the number totalk to a host in San Diego. We talked about it cause he made me $300,000 with that name. So that’s ateaser for that story. How I became Josh story short, you know, with the black lives matter stuff, Josh Abner ends up making a lot more money than I was with this guy.0 (1m 17s):That’s that’s a podcast for another day.1 (1m 19s):Yeah. Yeah. It’s an interesting story.0 (1m 23s):Interesting story. We’ve forgotten the intro, but we’ll have like a little bit of it and that’s my favorite song.0 (1m 32s):<inaudible>1 (2m 2s):You’re on record as saying I did not forget. I was purposefully omitting that I am not, this is not a shame less self promotion. This is all. This is all Josh.0

(2m 14s):No, it’s all you guys, man. And you guys have been super awesome and we’re not going to just get rid ofeverybody, but that is what people have been clamoring having camp. So how are you guys doing tonight?1 (2m 31s):Great. How about you? Rihanna? I’m doing good. My Clippers are currently winning. I’m good. Right? Right.0 (2m 39s):And then we’re going to do some outlaw stuff. We got the game going. Cause like when I went to premaritalcounseling, dr. Bender said, you know, Josh, you know, you’re going to be talking to your wife and you’regoing to be telling you this story is going to be really intense. And she’s going to say, straighten up your belt.Just not that she’s ignoring you is that women are smarter men. They can multitask, but you can’t. So I’velearned that. So we’re going to have the game on cause women can multitask us guys can’t but I’m going toconcentrate on what I always do.0 (3m 13s):Just making sure that you make the money. But before we get into that, Sarah was telling me some, youknow, players have been wearing social conscious stuff on the back back of their shirts. And you know,Laura Ingram was very insulting. He made me mad when she told Brian just shut up and dribble. And I thinkthat’s ridiculous racist statement by Laura Ingram.0 (3m 43s):<inaudible> Tucker Cox.1 (3m 47s):Yeah. Right, right. I think a lot of people tend to tell people in the public eye, you know, goodie celebrities orfamous athletes, et cetera, they need to stay in their lane. But I also think that they have a moral obligationto use their platform for good. And right now, you know, this is what needs to be amplified. So I’ve reallybeen loving. Every teammate that I see have black lives matter on their Jersey. We were talking about itbefore this, but Porzingis and Don church have words in I’m guessing Latvian and Serbian, respectively.1 (4m 22s):I cannot decode what they’re saying, but I’m guessing it’s some sort of message of support and loving thatwe have black lives matter painted on the court. I did see something that I found interesting. It was a pictureof two African American players kneeling next to they had in between them a white player and they wereholding hands. But the two black players were kneeling and the white player was standing up. And as muchas it was a message of solidarity, I guess I was a little irked by it.1 (4m 57s):Nothing wrong with loving your country. I love my country. I have pride in my country, but I, my take on thatright now would be to, to stand with the social cause. And I personally would rather kneel then than stand,especially next to my, you know, my coworkers, my brothers, that I’m playing on the court with0 (5m 23s):No, I hundred percent agree because I think, and I’ve been as guilty as anybody else. Things are very, verydifferent and the very, very, more intense than what they were in the past is because we went through MartinLuther King and you know, you go from Eric Garner, you go through a set and everybody wants to read theworst story of all time to kind of know what we’re talking about.

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