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Speaker 0 (0s):

Josh Abner MBA : Thank you for joining the ESBC football college football previews from a betting perspective. Now every single business meeting has to have a Purpose and an Outcome , let me, let me get this other stream up. But every single business meeting has to have a purpose in an outcome.

And the purpose of the podcast is to make me money, right? I am not a hypocrite like these ballplayers that say that they do it for their families. They do it to be in alignment to, for the universe they’re doing for, for you, the people, instead of saying the truth that they’re doing it for the money. Second purpose of the podcast is to make you money in the middle of a pandemic in the middle of riots in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, in the middle of a recession, you have to find a way to make an extra income.

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And it’s very important for us to understand fundamentals of mental health and to be able to help ourselves and people around us. Okay. We have a very special guest here today. It’s going to open us the podcast with a lot of fire and privates with a lot of insight, and I’m going to introduce them both.

We have here a man who’s given me the outcome cause we have the purpose of the Optum. Now the outcome of dr first is that he has made me money over a four year period with the number two rule of research. The number two rule of bedding was, is always do your research. He’s a PhD of the Philadelphia Eagles.

We were 80% college football bowl season. And then we got all games, right? New year’s day. It was a great New York day getting every single game, right? And it’s one of the few days during the year. So it was just slamming beers winning all day. And then we finished with the 41 in six ridiculous pre pandemic college basketball role, 87%.

This man has made me a lot of money. He’s given me good outcomes. We’re a hundred percent transparent to the point that we have a live spreadsheet where we’ve got 80% MBA. There was one guy I can’t believe you say that 80% MBA. Well scoreboard. Right? And our scoreboard, this spreadsheet, we did really good with major league baseball. Dr. First, thanks for joining us on the sec financial and preview.

Speaker 2 (3m 58s): Thank you. It’s good to be talking. I think about actual football that we, I would bet good money on that one way or another will be played. Even if they have to fly to Bermuda or something to figure it out. The sec somehow is going to play football. So it’s always been the best conference. I, I believe it’s incredibly overrated. It’s good, but you know what I mean? You go down to the South and you know, it’s those 12 teams and everybody else. And it’s a bit much, obviously it’s been the talk for the last, you know, 10, 12 years, but it’s really interesting to dive into it because I, I see some, some, some interesting opportunities to make some money.

Speaker 1 (4m 41s): Absolutely, absolutely. And then when you’re talking about opportunities to make the money, we’ve been very fortunate, lucky, good that we have a woman who’s already making us money. We anticipate that she’s going to make us a lot of money in the future. And we’re doing all we can to make her money before her rocket ship of success, blazes through the, the, the, the atmosphere.

She she’s an athlete. She’s a competitor. She’s a graduate of Northwestern university, current home. One of my favorite guys, Jim Herrick is the assistant basketball coach won the national championship. And coach subtle was the, that we have on the MBA podcast, gave us a lot of insight. Everybody should listen to that podcast. He was a strength coach at Northridge and my brother, Darryl Mitchell.

He’s in North. He lives in North Korea with graduate endorsers. So me and I’ve had a lot of good luck with the university of Northwest where the greatest luck. Yes. The winter circle. She is and will be the greatest betting reporter. A lot of times on our podcast. None other than, and this is her name, the university of door’s fridge is her name Cal state Northridge, right?

Correct. State North Ridge and a university of Colorado as well. Brianna winter. That is her name. Briana. Thank you for joining us. No problem. Glad to be here. All right. So you never get advice from somebody who’s not busy and obviously somebody that’s intelligent and successful as ms. Winter. She doesn’t have all night to stay with us. So she’s going to break down. She’s broken down the Florida Gators as we’ll get right into it.

The sec, the Florida Gators three national titles. So what’s going on with us from a branding perspective with the Florida Gators this year,

Speaker 3 (7m 0s): Obviously the schedule has to be revised, which hopefully will come out in the next two weeks.

Speaker 1 (7m 5s): Okay.

Speaker 3 (7m 7s): Right now the sec is set to start on September 26th. There’s only few conferences that are still being played. Obviously chip Kelly had a decision to make in 2018, whether he was going to face Nick Saban. And they’re all tied in the sec with the Gators or challenge clay Helton and the Trojans with the Bruins. And obviously, Well, I’m wrapped up in a CLA blanket right now.

Speaker 1 (7m 32s): I would choose go more home health at all, all day versus going against the same area. That’s why he beat him. Right? He’d beat it with an inferior team. You ran Kelly, right? The transfer from, from UC Davis, right down clay Hilton’s trope. That was embarrassing for USC people. I was embarrassed for USC.

Speaker 3 (7m 53s): Well, as I’m saying wrapped in my UCLA blanket,

Speaker 1 (7m 58s): That was a good day for you right now. We’ll see.

Speaker 3 (8m 3s): So when you think about the Florida Gators, it obviously starts at the top. So like Dan Mullen is the head coach. He is an urban Meyer disciple who coach Tim Tebow to a Heisman trophy and two national titles as the offensive coordinator and the quarterback coach. Then at Mississippi state, he was the head where he was the head coach. He led Dak Prescott to an impressive NFL career, including four wins over your Philadelphia Eagles. Brandon

Speaker 1 (8m 33s): start counting wins for that. You give me two minutes and we can say Dak Prescott is four and two against the Eagles. Fantastic. And how many Superbowls does that Prescott have in those in those times? Cause I believe that Eagles have won a super bowl while yeah. They have a head to head, head to head damn mother, we’re talking about Dan moment here.

I’ll, I’ll take my February memories, but yeah, I enjoy being a Dan bowling disciple. Good for you, doc,

Speaker 3 (9m 19s): If you say the Gators have a combined 89 career starts on their offensive line and obviously analytics don’t work in football, but he’s to say six do. And obviously it’s controlled at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. So Kyle Trask, who is right now at the projected starting QB, played in 12 games last season and completed 237 out of 354 pass attempts through for 2,941 yards. And for 25 touchdowns and behind him, his red shirt, freshman Emory Jones who completed 25 of his 38 passes in 11 games and threw for 267 yards with only three touchdowns.

And obviously Gators will be fine with them leading the offense on the other side of the ball, Florida returns 21 defensive lineman and linebackers who can all run a 4.5 second or less 40 yard dash.

Speaker 1 (10m 10s): Oh yeah.

Speaker 3 (10m 12s): I see. As their events of coach, you’ve got former NFL defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham, who is currently making 1.3, $9 million a year just to coach college.

Speaker 1 (10m 25s): Yeah, I know. And there’s no state tax in Florida. It would be tax 14%, which would be like $140,000. So he sees $140,000 being the Florida defense coordinator versus being the UCLA or USC or Stanford defensive coordinator,

Speaker 3 (10m 46s): To be fair. The sec have like some of the top like money earning coaches. So

Speaker 1 (10m 53s): That is crazy. That is nuts. So when you look at a Florida, they’re coming off of 11, two year of Florida’s top five States for recruits. So what that means is that they’re 20 deep in every position, right. And being a us USF alumni, sometimes we have competed for the top five. Well, we usually don’t because those guys usually go to Alabama LSU in those top schools in Florida, Florida state.

But we do compete for the guys. There are between five and 15. And so what that means is that Florida is always not to never going to be a town on the issue of Florida. It’s going to be a developmental issue. And the question is with Dan, Molly does a great job developing guys, right? Tim people, Heisman trophy winner, two national titles, Dak Prescott at Mississippi state gets into the, he has a winning record against the Philadelphia Eagles.

He does have developed guys, but can he develop on the level of a Nick Satan or Curry spark? And now lane kipping lane Kiffin is in Mississippi. And then you got Jimbo Fisher who has won a national title. So it’s going to be very, very interesting. You also have got some ozone Auburn’s won a national title. It’s going to be within the margins with, with coach. And this is going to be, it looks like it’s going to be one of his better years.

He gets to play a soft guy from the West coast and treaty Daniels. And they play Georgia, which is the rival. And then LSU is depleted. So if LSU can have a developmental year, which is probably going to be, and three, that should be a width. I like Trask. Trask is the statue in the pocket, but he has a strong arm. Drones will come in for those specialty Wildcat plays and look for, for the Florida Gators, we’re going to have more plays if they don’t play Florida state.

And I really doubt they will. Cause the sec is not going to add a conference game looked for, I must say, I’m a Gator heater. I hate the Gators, but I have a lot of good friends who are Gators. I know Gabe, you’re going to take offense to that. But you know, you know, I love you personally, but not the greatest of Gator fans, even though we get along and yourself and, and Florida does get along, look for your guys to go and let them know. And one of the reasons I love you, Gabe is cause you’re very pragmatic.

When we go pick out the capes, you tell me exactly what’s going on with the Gators without emotion, because number one rule of bedding is, do not bet your team. What do you think Brandon first doctor first?

Speaker 4 (13m 54s): Well, first thing that I always want to just try and figure out is how Vegas is going to view Florida from a betting line. Obviously Dan Mullin. I think one of the biggest things after, you know, obviously after urban Meyer left Florida, trying to find a guy who could kind of write the ship, obviously Mullin is that guy. I think a big part of it is his, I guess, tenure in the sec with Mississippi state kind of understanding how to coach in the sec, but at a smaller, you know, not on the same level as an LSU, a Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

So he learned how to succeed at a smaller sec school. And yeah, maybe a quarterback of his has gone on and had a couple of good games, good for that guy. But you know, big deal, big thing for me on the last 10 years, Florida straight up they’ve had 81 wins, but only 62 against the spread. That’s almost 20 games that they would have lost against the spread. So that’s your show me, it’s a lot of inflated lines in those games.

42 returning Letterman is in, is encouraging and also got six starters on each side coming back or six returners on both offense and defense. I think it’s going to be Florida, Georgia, whoever wins that is going to represent what is this? East.

Speaker 1 (15m 26s): Yeah, no, we may talk about the Gators. It’s a lot of inflated lines and there’s a lot of Gator alumni who go to Vegas and bet blindly on their own. The Gators we take advantage of it. And you go the other way. Another part of the employment lines, those overs, it used to be the, the funny guns is for was there not anymore. Now it’s a Mullen likes to keep things close to the vest, unless it’s a big game.

So with that being said, look for an affiliated line against one more fit in South Carolina, South Carolina, look for Tara house Carolina with another. It’s funny that there’s going to be a three Trinity league orange County guys starting for SCC schools. So the starting quarterback at South Carolina play at orange And let me get his name.

I worked with a guy that all he did was talk about this guy, Ryan Holynski, Ryan Holynski, Ryan Holisky from orange Lutheran. Then you’re going to have price young Alabama from modern day and then JT Daniel’s at Georgia familiar day. So three Trinity Lee guys, instead of starting in the pack, 12 they’re there in the sec.

Speaker 4 (16m 57s): Okay.

Speaker 1 (16m 58s): Oh, random. First we got to go in alphabetical order. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (17m 4s): So next up is going to be Georgia,

Speaker 1 (17m 8s): Right? Your Georgia Bulldogs and Kirby smart, smart won a national title with Alabama and he’s a decent guy through and through, but he’s one of those guys from Mensa And he’s incredibly intelligent guy OU brings that intelligence to his management style

Speaker 4 (17m 49s): And

Speaker 1 (17m 52s): That’s resulted in him getting into the playoffs and have that great game or the Rose bowl against Oklahoma. We have those two monsters at the running back position that were recruited by the previous coach. And then he’s had bad luck at the end of the seasons, not having enough on offense. So the 16 out with JT Daniel’s in the passing game, Jake Fromm was very, very, very celebrated, but he didn’t get the job done.

You know? So for the office, very limited when he was there. Now with JT, Daniel’s are gonna open up the playbook. They’re going to be able to throw it more. And again, there’s so much talent in the South and they do such a great job recruiting that it’s never going to be a talent issue with Curry smart. It’s always going to be a skier and maybe being a defensive coach, maybe trusting his offensive coordinator a little bit more and letting things fly, let things fly and allow the offense to win a game or to a coach.

Satan does that. And now JT Daniels. I imagine the reason Jay Daniels is there is so if they get in a situation where they have to win a shoot out, they’ll be able to do it. Don’t be able to win a food up. Now I know they have a new offensive coordinator and it’s going to be, and sometimes it’s not just the offensive coordinator is going to be the, the analysts that come in, right?

So you’re looking at maybe a Danny knows coming in as an analyst in the new offensive coordinator is going to be Todd Monkin and he had great teams, man. He had great teams and great offices when he was at Southern Mississippi university. And then he did a great job as the offensive coordinator of your Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And now he takes his talents for $2 million a year as the offensive coordinator of Georgia Bulldogs.

And he has stuck core QV JT Daniels with him, a decent course coordinator doesn’t matter because Curry smarts pretty much his own decency coordinator is going to call the shots. They’re going to make the major decisions on defense. And how can you argue with them? Right? The mans when several playoff games, national titles, the return eight on defense man. So that means a lot of these games are going under and they get avoid Georgia tech, which even though they have a lot of talent, that was always a very, very physical game.

So look for the title of the sec West to be played out against Florida on October 34th, first, they’re usually totally different teams than what you’ve seen during the regular season because they hide plays in high defensive schemes just for that game. So look for that particular game to go over and arrest to go under. What do you think doctor first?

Speaker 2 (21m 20s): Yeah, I definitely, you know, you look at only three returning offensive starters. That’s tough. I think replacing Jake Fromm is actually going to be bigger, a bigger deal than most does guy four year starter took them to a national title game. And you know, if it wasn’t for a couple plays here and there against Alabama, might’ve won a national title. I do look at red shirt, freshmen, Zamir white. I it’s kind of like the next guy up seems like every year they’re sending someone into the league and then the next year it’s kind of like rinse and repeat, but I do definitely key in heavily on the eight returning starters.

You almost don’t even need to research these guys. You just know, look, if these guys are a being underclassmen and they’re starting and B they’re doing it at Georgia or an sec school, tons of talent. So yeah, eight returning starters, I think there is going to be a ton of unders. And I think the defense is going to have to win some games, maybe not plural, but maybe they have to win that game against Florida maybe later on in the year. They, they, they have something in who knows. I mean, if they’re talking about non-conference on situation, then the ACC is going to play.

You’d have to imagine Georgia, Georgia tech would have to be on there, but I will get there when we get there. But for the most part right now, I look at the Georgia defense needing to be probably the, definitely the best in the division, maybe the best in the conference. And I’m, I think JT Daniel’s been overrated obviously had a couple a years, but I are a couple good games with USC, but I think a lot of that was cause he, he was with Amman saying Brown or Amman or Ron Saint Amman st.

Brown, who he played with at mater DEI pretty much his entire career. I think there was a heavy reliance on him and towards the end defense, we’re starting to kind of hone in on that. So we’ll see if he can maybe find a, you know, a st Brown at Georgia. But I agree, like I said, Florida, Georgia, whoever wins that game, unless someone really stubs their toe later on, that’s going to be your decider of who goes in the SCCs.

Speaker 1 (23m 28s): Yeah. And a big difference maker is going to be Matt Luke. Who’s the former head coach at Ole miss. He’s not the offensive line coach coaching of those guys on the Georgia office of line. And then when you look at the SOC office of Y, right, even though they’re

Speaker 5 (23m 46s): Young, the right guard is six, six, 340 pounds. Justin Saffer there. He has a senior left guard, six, four, three 40. And the left tackle is six, four, three 85. So even though the guy is a sophomore, he’s 385 pounds, welcome to the sec in coach Matt, Luke knows how to kill it, right.

That’s why he was getting $3 million to be the head coach at Mississippi. And he gets to get rewarded. He want to talk about failing forward. He gets fired as the head coach of Mississippi and he gets rewarded with a $1 million a year salary, a 10, $10 million severance or buyout, and then a million dollars to coach that Georgia office.

Speaker 4 (24m 54s): And one last thing on that Georgia team is especially looking through no matter what I can give you one game that I guarantee you, they are going to cover and that’s going to be against South Carolina. After South Carolina ended, I guess, you know, they weren’t going to go to the national title game. We know that, but at the time it ended their chances last year, 2017 in South Carolina was terrible last year. So that’s gonna be a game. I think Georgia wants that game to be a game that they w that’s a Laffer. And then I think the Florida game is obviously the biggest game of the year, but it’s also going to be a huge recruiting game because you know, they still play that in Jacksonville.

I would assume that’s what’s going to happen. Who knows? I don’t know, quite in terms of, you know, COVID and all that stuff, what actually goes on. But I mean that, that South Carolina, Georgia game, I expect Georgia to come out, probably keep their starters in probably to the fourth quarter, no matter what,

Speaker 5 (25m 52s): That’s a good point. That’s a good point. And that’s the point. These guys have a lot of pride minus the fact they’re making go into dollars with that. They have a lot of pride and because of, I mean the talent disparity and the outcome disparity between South Carolina and Georgia last year, the Georgia coaches were completely out coach. Now you say, okay, maybe that’s why Kirby smart gets a new offensive coordinator and Tom Monkin.

And that’s why Matt Luke is now the new office of offensive line coach, because it was a clear job where the talent was there, but the coaching was not. That’s why I will Muschamp very good coach, very, very intelligent, nice man was able to win that game. And it was a great one for the Trinity league and Ryan Lynskey from orange Lutheran high school, but playing in a completely different town in Columbia, South Carolina.

But you do have your waffle house, you get breakfast and you go on the side of the road to a farm and you get breakfast there and you get that fresh bacon, those fresh eggs. It just really What’s the next thing we’re looking at next team that we have coming up is going to be the Kentucky university of Kentucky Wildcats. We’re going in alphabetical order in the West East.

This is the East, right? Yeah. All these Kentucky, Kentucky Wildcats. They have a great coach. The stoops family, all of them are great coaches. This guy has done a great job at Kentucky. Now for SCC standards. Kentucky is a developmental team. We talk about the difference between a teams that are like LSU, that are like Florida, Alabama, Georgia, those teams in regardless, whether they’re developmental and got a bunch of freshmen and sophomores, we’re still gonna win 10 names,

Speaker 0 (28m 24s): Right?

Speaker 5 (28m 26s): And then the next level will be the second year where they went at all right. They’re supposed to win every single game. Kentucky’s different. Kentucky can definitely go over 12. So they have to develop talent and she’s done a great job developing talent. He goes, you know, five and seven, seven it’s, six, seven and six, 10 and three, eight and five. So the man knows how to develop talent. He comes from a football family, right?

His dad died of a heart attack, triple overtime, a little high school game where the kicker they were going in for the win. And I’m laughing because they locked, still saving lots about this, but the kicker misses the kicking over time, point shot to win it. And daddy stoops dies of a heart attack, right? His three sons become coaches and he learned from his dad and his brother, how to develop talent.

He had a rough time in Arizona, but he comes here and he learns from his mistakes. Now, when you look at the Kentucky offensive line, they have take a look here. They have, well, they have eight guys on offense, seven guys on defense attorney. So that means there’s going to be a very, very, very good Kentucky team. Are they going to beat Florida?

No, Florida. That was the biggest thing for 33 years in a row. I believe Florida had beaten Kentucky and then Kentucky finally beat Florida. But coach Mullins, not going to let that happen again. A Florida alumni are not going to let him do that again. But after that game, they’re going to be in every game in the sec. It’s going to be interesting now that they’re only playing conference games because football at the end of the day, it’s about attrition.

When you look at teams like Kentucky, it cookies always have to devote depth to quality depth. It’s going to be interesting for them not playing non-conscious schedule and being able to have more players. They return 57 career starts versus Florida that has 89 career starts. That pretty much tells you that I could totally have no chance in that game.

So, especially if it’s early in the season, looking for Kentucky to get blown out by Florida and then being every game throughout the season, our Kentucky football doesn’t have a good reputation. So you’re going to get some inflated lines with seven guys coming back on defensive developmental team look especially early for those Kentucky teams, those Kentucky games to go under. Alright.

Especially when they play another defensive coach in Vanderbilt. Another defensive coach in Tennessee and the Tennessee game is going to be very, very, very interesting. If lost to see two years in a row in Tennessee is not the greatest team in the world. So you’ve got to look at that game being very interesting, November the seventh. What do you think about the Kentucky Wildcats football?

Well, this is

Speaker 2 (32m 10s): Kind of, I guess you want to call it the Duke of the sec in terms of all the money that comes into this university is probably going to basketball, but they’ve made it work at Kentucky. Obviously stoops family is very synonymous, not so much in the sec, but he’s made it work. Obviously I will say 15 starters overall loss. That’s tough. And you did talk about the offensive line three offensive line that they were all drafted. They were all drafted.

So that was, that kind of shows you what their, what they lost and what they have to replace going through. There was something last year in terms of the bedding look too, and I was home dog. So this is a team that understands, you know, the home and we’re probably not going to get fans this year, or if we do, it’s definitely not going to be the normal sec fans that you’d normally see, but you can tell this team. It knows, you know, when to get up, what, what games to get up for now, you’d obviously like your team or that team to get up for every single game.

But if we know what time they are going to get up, we can take advantage of that. And then I believe, look, you talked about Florida and all that stuff. You’re right. They’re probably gonna beat, they’re probably gonna lose to Florida, but I think nine times out of 10, they’re going to cover, we’re going to talk about, you know, we talk about Florida having inflated lines and you just brought up kind of the, the, the vice versa of Kentucky, Kentucky has that stigma playing football of, you know, I mean, for me, I always think of, you know, God rest his soul, but Jared Lorenzen, I kind of as a, as a, as a joke, you know, a sideshow, but that’s not quite where we are.

I think stoops is, has made it respectable. I know our friend, Phil steel believes that, you know, maybe Kentucky might be able to do something. I don’t, I think it’s a two horse race in this division. Like I said, I think they cover against Florida when we do talk. I always like to try and find those revenge games. I expect for Kentucky, a game that they are going to cover. And really, I think dominate is a against Tennessee, a team that they should have lost, or I’m sorry that Kentucky should have beat last year.

We all kind of joked about Tennessee’s start to the year and they actually ended up getting a win over Kentucky, which normally, look, don’t get me wrong. I understand Tennessee over Kentucky that’s normal. But last year, in terms of the way those teams went, I think Kentucky has gotta be looking at that as a situation that they want to get some revenge.

Speaker 1 (34m 42s): Absolutely. And a big part of it is that the stoops family is from Ohio, very legendary family in Ohio and with Kentucky beam right there. I think it’s given him a recruiting edge to be able to be, get to the level he’s at, where he can get lucky and maybe get in in the sec championship game. Even though it’s very hard with Georgia, Georgia, and Florida. And then the other thing is we talked about it yesterday on the horse racing podcast, all the money that’s in Kentucky, in Churchill downs, they contribute to the university.

So you gotta look at that. You gotta look at the alumni that contributed to ability to millions of dollars. And they’re a home dog. Believe me, stoops has been in football his whole life. He has extra place dial up 40 years coaching for that big money alumni in those home games, ethic, home dog, and doctor first tonight have monetized that situation. Cause you get, think whatever you want, right? And then anybody can have their own opinions, but not everybody can have their own facts and then monetize the facts.

And we’re living in the greatest country in the world. We can monetize facts. We can go and we can act upon each fact, very high probability and then use it, have it on a card, a debit card and go to the gasoline station, fill up the, fill up the gas tank with that high probability that we monetize this specific case, being specific it’s inflated lines.

When you got coach stoops, born in football, you’re getting him numbers, right? Getting him high plus numbers in front of the billionaire, Kentucky alumni, big blue with it. And they paid for a lot of people to go to those NCA games and they pay John Calipari, 10 millions of dollars, $10 million a year to go to basketball. There’s people have a lot of money and a doctor first. And I were coaching a team at Kentucky. We would be covering on dates as well.

We figured out while we were at other companies at home games to keep that money and those bonuses going to what’s the next thing we’re going to be covering

Speaker 2 (37m 4s): Next up is Missouri off. Yeah, we gotta eat like dinner, drink wits, obviously coming over from Appalachian state after he went 12 and one last year with the mountaineers look the best part about that. Maybe not the best part, but one of the interesting things about this is drink with already has, or I think it’s stinky. It’s, I’m sorry. A dink wits already has a win over an sec school and he got it last year as Appalachian state beat South Carolina, you do have 11 starters on both sides of the ball.

Returning Missouri is looking to try to become relevant. Obviously, Texas a and M has had marginal success since the move to the sec. A lot of that was mainly Johnny football, but Missouri never has. I think they might’ve snuck into a sec title game once, twice. Okay. But neither time was it fun? And it was my base years and that it just, we haven’t seen them be really competitive.

And they’ve never, even in those years that they did go to those conference title games, we’re talking about 20 point favorites are underdogs. I should say,

Speaker 1 (38m 20s): Go in the other way.

Speaker 2 (38m 21s): Yeah. And so, but for Missouri, I do look at a, in a situation, obviously this is a team that’s going to be on the rise, especially considering the one thing I talked about will be very interesting to see how this deals with the travel they’re going to have to deal with. They’re going to be doing a lot of traveling and they’re going to be certain teams that do do that. Especially in the AAC. The AAC is kind of spread out, but Missouri is kind of one that jumps out to me. That’s going to have any going to have to do a bit of traveling. So how obviously they deal with everything.

I don’t think I need to. And obviously when I talk about traveling now, it’s funny, you know, we’ve talked about this. It’s not, Oh, you know, the, the hotel and then the fans now it’s Oh, gee, how do you stay healthy and how you stay in these bubbles until game time so that you can have a positive test and you can play, or I’m sorry. So you can have a negative test and you actually play in the game. So that’ll be interesting to see how Missouri deals with that. I could see some coverages here. Like I said, I think Kentucky beating them 29 to seven last year.

I think Missouri is going to circle that one and say, Hey, I don’t care where we are. As a program, Kentucky cannot beat us by 21 points or more. I think that’s a pretty good place to start for Eli think it’s and I think this is a team that’s on the rise, but we’re not going to hear too much from them this year. Maybe, maybe we talk about them. Come bowl season. We’ll see. Well, actually, no, nevermind if I don’t know about bowl season, but my point is, I don’t know if they would have gotten to six and six, but they’re definitely going to be, they’re going to be a team that I expect to compete in the near future in the sec, if dink wits does what we expect him to do, because he was very, very impressive at Appalachian state.

Speaker 5 (40m 11s): Absolutely. And I don’t know, it’s one of the great shows, right? It’s won a lot of awards. The Ozarks I’ve seen that show on Netflix.

Speaker 2 (40m 22s): No I haven’t. And I don’t know why I’ve pretty much seen every single thing Netflix pretty much has to offer except for certain things. And Ozark is usually right up my alley, but I, I I’ve never gotten into it. I eventually

Speaker 5 (40m 35s): The beginning or anything. What was that? Do you watch the beginning of it or anything?

Speaker 2 (40m 42s): No. I mean, I know that I know a bit of the back backstory to it, but

Speaker 5 (40m 47s): Yeah, that’s a great show. We watched, we, it doesn’t matter when it comes on, we end up in and I ended up watching it. And one day we binge watched the whole season and one day a very, very good show. So the state of Missouri is now messed up for me now. Cause that’s all I think, think about it. And I think people on the show are probably Missouri boosters. You know? So Missouri is going to have a great offense.

The previous regime did a great job coaching the office. They were just, when you looked at them, they were starstruck by being sec coaches and being in the sec, this guy has talent.

Speaker 1 (41m 34s): He’s gotta be a zone offensive coordinator. He knows how to do less with more. He’s going to be on a lot of games. They got eight guys, seven guys returning on defense. I think they’re going to be a very exciting team because they have the money to compete into recruit. They’re in a state. That’s not gonna be giving them a lot of hassle about COVID-19 the very, very, very conservative state. I’m interested to see what they can do.

They have, let’s see how many guys have coming back on that offensive line to help this guy out. They have one guy, the transfer they have has 33 starts just by himself. So

Speaker 2 (42m 26s): Only 58 career starts on the offensive line, the fewest than the sec.

Speaker 1 (42m 30s): Okay. So they have 58, but then the new guy comes in with 33. So 58 and 33 gets him up there until close to the nineties. So he’s going to have people to work with and he’s going to have a couple of jucos that come in and he’s going to probably get a guy from probably the best guy from,

Speaker 2 (42m 55s): Are you talking about what, what, what offensive lineman with 33? Are you talking about the kid out of Rutgers? Yeah. Okay. Just add that. That was actually factored into the starts 58 51 actually or no, I’m sorry. It is 58, but yes, that does CA that does include the Rutgers. My lady, the Rutgers transfer, my Yeti 33. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (43m 21s): 33 career stars drops the 58 and then they need to rebuild their office in line. That’s the other concern? So the Austin said, Ryan we’ll have more career starts with the Juco guys coming in from the transfer portal. And then I would imagine that they want right now they’re on the phone with the big 10 guys. And they’re on the phone with the Oregon state office, the whole Oregon state offensive line, those guys to get another guy in there to help coach out, to get up there.

He gives, if you take the 33 out, the rest of the guys only have like 20 starts between them, right? So they’re going to be bringing in jucos and on the transfer portal, trying to get people on, on the offensive line. So that’s going to be very interesting with coach is going to be able to do with that. They have only four other starters returning on, on the offense. It building. I have good skilled players

Speaker 5 (44m 33s): And the other Regina was very, very good at coaching coaching up in recruiting offensive guys. Like when you look at last year, they had 38, 50, 34 42, and then went into a slump when he got into the sec play. So they can recruit office of guys. It’s just a matter of putting it together, organizing them at South Carolina, they’re going to get killed.

You want me to kill that? Tennessee is that BYU game going to be played because BYU is the last team standing in the last, the last West coast team. Who’s determined to play here in COVID 19 is your BYU cougars. And they come from the very conservative state of Utah. You’re getting killed by Georgia. They might have a chance against Kentucky at Mississippi state.

They might have a chance. And then Arkansas. So you’re looking at maybe three wins from Missouri, unless they can do something with that office in line. So a defense returned seven guys and the defense last year was pretty decent. They did not give up the only team that scored over 30 points against them was the Wyoming cow Cowboys.

And that coach that’s a decent big time coach at Wyoming. He won several national titles on lower levels. So you figure it out all summer, studying them, Missouri tiger defense and score more points than any other team scored during the rest of the season. So what do you think dr. First after reading all that, it seems like all of Missouri’s games would probably going under.

Yeah. I would say something because he got to protect the offensive line. Even if they get really good transfers, they got to keep the offense very simple. Cause if you were third tires, but the under the only three games they’re going to cover is going to be depending, you know, just it’s a crazy line after they start losing. You got to look at, but from a talent perspective, you gotta look at Kentucky, Mississippi state in Arkansas, or like my wife likes to say an affiliate listening, I’m sorry, our Kansas, the, our Kansas Razorbacks.

So those are your Missouri taggers where the brand nearest banking, $5 billion a year coach Eli Durkin with

Speaker 2 (47m 42s): Next up is South Carolina a will, must champ. And the Gamecocks last year four and eight, I talked about, you know, obviously the highlight of their season was knocking off Georgia. This is a team that was ravaged by injuries. Last year, really won, you know, will must champion. You say what you want about him. I had his struggles at Florida, but he’s a very, very talented recruiter. And he’s taken that here to South Carolina as well.

There’s tons of young talent, but the emphasis there on young to sec, isn’t exactly the easiest conference to learn on the fly. If you will. The other big thing about it, South Carolina is their ability. They’re bringing back 73 career starts on the offensive line so they can, you know, build around there in terms of having at least somewhat of a base to start with there. But even before this whole crazy stuff came out or while the shutdown and the schedules aren’t really going to be what we expected them to be.

They had the number one, the toughest schedule in the country. And it was really no surprise. Why obviously you play in the sec and then you also have your, your rivalry game against arguably the best team in the country in Clemson. So we’ll see how that goes. Obviously, everybody on their schedule that would have made it, the number one schedule is going to play football with all due respect to coastal Carolina. And Wofford, you know, I don’t think anybody’s giving a South Carolina pass because those two team formed beyond the schedule and who knows if they’ll play Eastern Carolina, but if I fully expect them to play Clemson, if they get some non-conference games with the ACC, but in this situation, we’ll must champ is fifth here at South Carolina, 26 and 25.

Is it the hot seat? I don’t think so. Because last year there, there were so many injuries and I don’t think I have to tell anybody how, how easy it can be for things to get out of control in the sec, once you start to lose. But I did look at their last five games or I’m sorry, their last, no, their last two games, they got absolutely demolished actually make, make that three games, excuse me, going back to that Appalachian state game, a team that kind of packed it in late.

And I think that’s where the young, the youth comes in and maybe where we’ll must chat, probably leave some, some coaching to be desired with trying to keep his kids, their head, keep their head on straight after they take a little bit of adversity because when you play the number one schedule in the country, I guarantee you very early and often you will have adversity, especially with this team that I think will be better than four and eight. Now, obviously I don’t know how many games are going to play, but on a regular season, I would see them as a seven, maybe eight wind team, but seven, for sure, especially considering 73 returns, 73 certs returning on the offensive line is a nice place to start overall.

Speaker 1 (50m 59s): Yeah, no, I’m a little biased when it comes to what Muschamp. Cause I met him personally a couple of times. And when you meet him personally, he is just like the nicest guy ever very, very, very nice guy and him like Kirby smart. It’s funny. Cause his name was Kirby sparks, but they’re Mensa. They’re members of Mensa. And what that means is that they’re really smart. What that means.

You just don’t become a member of Mensa. You can’t just like apply. So I w I want to be a mentor. No, you gotta show a certain level of verifiable different types of intelligences. So is a very, very smart man. And he has converted his intelligence cause like anything else, he can be smart where there’s a lot of homeless people walking the streets right now who are brilliant, smart people. You talk to them and you’ll have a great conversation. You’ll learn a lot because they’re brilliant. But this guy has converted his brilliance into a hundred million dollars.

He’s very, very good at investing. He won a national title as a defensive coordinator for the Texas Longhorns. He is a bill. Bellacheck Nick Saven, disciple. He runs that defense. We talk about. So that defense is up and down the, the sec, right? You gonna have Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina playing that same defense.

So we know that, you know, they’re going to cover Georgia, right? Because South Carolina is to offense. It’s going to feel comfortable against the Georgia defense. Cause it’s the same defense. They run in practice, same type of athletes, same whatever, everything. Right? Cause both gets there so much. So that game is always going to be, you know, there’s always going to be a close game. Probably the edge will go to Georgia this year because of what happened last year again, dr.

First was right. They were ravaged by injuries and that’s because he works with too hard. That’s been the knock on coach Muschamp is that he works his team way too hard. He’s way too intense. They told them about not having the crazy eyes he has on the side. The spooked, everybody else when you that, because he’s one of those guys. Yeah, he’s nice to me. We knew one of his players, but when he gets on the practice field, it turns into a completely different guy.

And that guy was scaring alumni. As they would go to practice, it was scary in the administration. And we always talk about the 95% of people do not have the capacity to change. Well, shrimp is so smart. He’s always looking to change, right? And he made a great change in bringing in Colorado state, former head coach, Mike Bobo to head that office. And man, is that gonna make a difference?

Right? And then you have Trinity league,

Speaker 6 (54m 13s): A quarterback,

Speaker 1 (54m 16s): Ryan Holynski, who did a great job. So a lot of courage and playing hurt and won that Georgia game and how to mentor mother games. They probably shouldn’t have been in. So I looked for a big bounce back year. Want to talk about a bubble and control, freak and perfect cap for the situation as well much. Yeah, because he, he probably knows the science better than dr. .

Speaker 6 (54m 39s): Who does it for dr. Brown

Speaker 1 (54m 42s): Or Gavin do some or anybody else. Cause he’s, he is, he’s just a flat out, very intelligent man. Look for him to blow out Missouri, beat Kentucky in a close game. And I feel they might be Florida, but Florida has bigger Fisher fry this year. You want to get Georgia and LSU.

Speaker 6 (55m 5s): But look

Speaker 1 (55m 6s): For South Carolina and Mike bubble, right? To go head, to head the head. There’s a big head to head coaching competition. And this is good. That’s going to be a must. What are we going to say? Must-watch but it’s going to be the only game on right? If every one of those only games are, And that’s going to be October the third at Florida in doctor first, I think you’re going to stagger these games.

You might have like sec, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, one day, every day, sec football, who knows where they’re going to do with the schedule. I’m definitely watching that Todd Grantham against Mike Bobo, you know, bubble. They can’t even go out to dinner with their wives or now they can talk them out of it. Easier with COVID-19. All these guys are going to do is watch film right in the more I think about it, I think a lot of these games are going to go under because if you’re watching a lot of films, they know how to stop the other team.

And guys like Mike, Bobo’s going to learn how to control the ball because they want to rest up that defense, that brilliant defense, the coach Muschamp is coming with now, when look at the defensive coordinator for South Carolina, right? It’s Travis Robinson. And I can guarantee you that mr. Robinson does those successes knows, but he’s there to recruit. These are recruiting guy and he’s done so well in recruiting.

They’re going to give him a defensive coordinator salary, but believe you, meat will. Muschamp is running that defense. He’s designing that defense has been designing it since March and your South Carolina Gamecocks are going to surprise some people and man, all right, now I’ll, I’ll say it right now. Once the light comes off for this game and it might be a line out there. I am going to bet that inflated line doctor talking about he’s all over it.

He’s already paying his wedding to already paid. And now he’s going to the next step pay, whatever else needs to be paid a house. And he’s gonna pay a portion of the house with Florida inflated lines. It’s going to be a Florida inflated line against South Carolina. And we’ll my sham will cover it. And I’m going to put a little bit on that. Moneyline South Carolina gives Florida that’s my game right there.

And then Vanderbilt with coach Mason that we’ll talk about it a little bit later that has funder written all over it. So when two defensive coaches play each other, I have made a lot of money bidding being under. Alright, so he’s playing defensive guy in Kentucky at Florida coach Mullen. He likes to control the ball and keep those, those scores down, Tennessee, the foot you got to Nicks, even disciples going against each other at Tennessee.

Look for that game and go under Vanderbilt. Coach Mason, Curry, smart LSU make that money playing South Carolina in the under, and then the points. And if you want for fun, put a little, put $5 on South Carolina to upset the Florida Gators, October the third. What are your thoughts doctor? First,

Speaker 2 (58m 53s): I already pretty much laid them out with South Carolina, but next is Tennessee. And this is actually a team for me that I think maybe could be a possibly a S if something breaks differently, maybe mainly mainly with Georgia, Georgia struggles, maybe Tennessee could be. I really liked Tennessee last year. Obviously look, I started two and five. I kind of alluded to it earlier, how they struggled mightily to start the year, you know, losing to Georgia state, losing to BYU, no disrespect to BYU, but Tennessee will not be okay with a loss to BYU.

They obviously are not going to feel good about a 34 to three drubbing that they took them from Florida. But once they lost to Alabama 35 13, obviously no, no, you know, sadness there, they got it together. They won six in a row, including the Gator bowl where they beat Indiana. By only a point. This is a team Jeremy Pruitt, I think proved last year, rather I think kind of conversantly to what will must champ did last year, where we saw with wilderness champ, maybe the wheels fall off latent late in the year.

When you know, you kind of realize, Hey, we’re not going to compete for a conference title or, you know, we might be looking at a Belk bowl or something like that. The kids start to kinda, you know, maybe don’t put in full effort. I think Jeremy Pruitt at least prove that his guys did put in a, the one main thing. Josh gonna absolutely love this. We look at career starts on the offensive line, 115, whenever you’re in triple digits, that’s exactly where you want to be. I think it’s probably the best unit on Tennessee and could possibly be argued that it is the best unit in the sec.

We’ll see how that goes. When the season begins. I really liked Tennessee. My question Mark is, is Jeremy Pruitt going to stick with Jarrett Gwarn Tano? Or is he going to kind of do what he did last year? Where go with the hot hand? He used corn Tano, I think in every single Avila or all of the last six games, he either started or came off the bench. So a lot of juggling, which is fine, but look, let’s be honest. If, if, if Tennessee wants to win 10 or 11 games, they’re going to need to have one quarterback that they can absolutely count on.

So that would be my question, Mark, but look, 51, returning Letterman, including nine on the offense and 11 on the defense. Those are starters, but 51 returning Letterman, only 16 lost. I think Tennessee could be a team. I think they’re the third best team by far in this division. And they’re definitely a team that I could keep an eye on. Now, you know, I’m not going to go out and say, they’re better than Florida or Georgia, but I, like I said, I could see Georgia may be stumbling with JT Daniels or with the true fresh or the red shirt, freshmen running back.

And I could see Tennessee being the second best team in this division.

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 59s): Well, Jerry referred right E kosher under and that’s. And that’s very interesting, right? He’s really in a way, he’s the map, Patricia, the sec, Matt Patricia is a disciple of, of bill Bella cheat and his dad knew Bella teat and he got on the same thing with Jerry poorer. Jeremy Pruitt is a disciple of Nick Satan and Nick Satan and Bella cheat are best friends. Great special on HBO, where they sit down on a conversation with Nick Satan and bill bill sheet, as they meet every year and they spend the whole day together talk before.

So Jerry Pruitt fits that mold. Jerry Porter has gone for an eight, five and seven, eight and five.

Speaker 6 (1h 2m 53s): Okay.

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 54s): Garrett Tano got blessed. A man, he has played with a horrible line. He’s gotten beat up a lot. He keeps coming back, but he’s one of those guys that takes the feed from the jaws of victory. He’s wanting a lot of money betting against him, including the bowl game, where they were big favorite and dr. First, tonight one that as Indiana had a big plus number in that bowl game. And then up covering in that, I mean, it was only minus two, according to Phil steel, Indiana cover, but it was only minus two, but any other cover.

Right. And I think what Bill’s still looking at. Yeah. I think Phillip’s looking at is the opening line that got bedded up, I believe, to over a field goal. So it was like, plus four, by the time we got our hands on it. So it was more than a field though. And I couldn’t imagine these people love to bit these SCC teams and they kept bending it and bending it.

But any other covered anyways, right? 23, 22, it was crazy. So whatever the line was, we knew any of it was going to cover it because Jeremy Pruitt gets out. Coach, he’s trying to be too much like Nick Saven, but one thing he has done extremely well is a salesman thinks short term businessmen think longterm.

Speaker 6 (1h 4m 24s): So,

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 25s): Ah, interesting because a lot of people felt pushed Jones was a great recruiter, but maybe those, those were inflated numbers on the recruits coming in. They weren’t as good as the hype or maybe they weren’t developed. We don’t know. But Jeremy Pruitt obviously felt that it wasn’t a developmental issue with both Johnson’s guys. He felt that those highly touted high ranking classes, Bush Jones had

Speaker 6 (1h 4m 54s): It was okay.

Speaker 1 (1h 4m 58s): So he completely overhauled the roster and he developed that line and he has Jim Chaney as the offensive coordinator in Cheney was the office coordinator at Georgia. That team that went to the playoffs and lost on a last second throw by two off, he is a great developer of office of line with 115 starts returning.

And then you got nine guys returning on orphans that tells me again, and I felt this a lot reviewing team previews that you really have to bet a lot. The under these games. I think I went three and Oh today under NBA. This is a thing to the younger, because I don’t think a lot of people are putting in a lot of sophisticated offensive schemes because it goes back to the podcast. I did a Tuesday about the library when you’re in the elective and mental up panic side of your brain, you can’t process complicated information.

So if everybody’s beneath a lot of these guys, like Jimmy Johnson have psychology degrees while these coaches have psychology degrees. So I am, you know, I’m gonna make some phone calls find out, but I would think that a lot of these coaches don’t want to put in sophisticated. Offences in a, because everybody’s in panic mode, COVID-19, you know, a lot of these games are gonna go under my nose. We’ve been able to monetize that on football.

It’ll be interesting if we can monetize that as well. We’ve done it, me monetizing on basketball. And now we want to translate that, extrapolate that, to monetize it with football and the lender, right. Especially when they play in defensive coaches, right. South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia. Vanderville those are five games and almost blindly, I would bet the under and I would win three out of five.

What do you think about those unders doctor first?

Speaker 2 (1h 7m 20s): Yeah, I think, you know, it’s definitely 100, but it’s hard, you know, not knowing quite the situation of everything, but yeah, I think

Speaker 1 (1h 7m 28s): Yeah, from a macro level, you know,

Speaker 2 (1h 7m 31s): That’s true talking about when you’re talking about the sec, I think the sec is really kind of the one conference maybe outside of the big 10, where they actively look for like go out of their way to get you something they, yeah. I mean, we don’t, we, you look at the, probably the best player, the best defensive player in the big 12 probably would struggle to start on certain teams in the sec. Right. And it’s just the way it is. I mean, it’s not a knock or anything, but , but obviously Vegas is ready for that.

So you’ll see the big 1265. And, and then you’ll see that the Georgia, Florida game will be, you know, 41,

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 18s): 38. Yeah. So it’s so tough game to go over. When some teams has looked for Tennessee to have a really good run game and some people do like college fantasy or whatever, an easy college fantasy thing is the Tennessee running backs. Cause that’s a Jim Chaney. He does. And with so many career starts returning Jim Chaney can put in some sophisticated stuff in their own game.

Right? It’s funny. I was in line at Starbucks and a guy saw the shirt that I had on. And we started having a conversation six feet apart from each other in Starbucks, waiting for our order. We had called in for the contactless con tack less experience at Starbucks. And that’s what happens. We get two football maniacs together talking about how most offensive linemen have 3.5 to 4.0 GPA is, most of these guys are engineer doctors, even if they play in the NFL.

So if the Tennessee lineman, right, which I’m sure a few do fit the stereotype, there’s some really sophisticated run game things the Cocina can put in, even in the middle of a pandemic for George, for Tennessee to get those run games, numbers up and keep a lot of these games under Tennessee when they get into a C, C two, which, and again, South Carolina, Alabama, right?

Those two games, regardless of what the number is, Jerry, Pruitt’s going to get out coach. He’s going to get out coach in those situations. He’s a control freak. He has Jimmy Bombora as a defense, according to recruit and he’s doing the strategy. He never got Mick Satan never let him do strategy at Georgia. So I had a Alabama. So now that he’s at Tennessee, he’s like, damn it. I run this place. I’m going to come up with a defensive strategy and get a recruiter who who’s high.

Who’s a great recruiter and give him a defensive coordinator salary. Well, I’m really the defense coordinator and we get numbers on the staff to be competitive, but it’s not going to be enough in big game. And then when you look at Jeremy for us history, because we bet on games, the same way we buy stock and the stock youth fundamental analysis and fundamental analysis, you look at corporate governance. That’s why we study these coaches. And Jeremy Pruitt was the national championship, defensive coordinator, none other Jimbo Fisher.

And Jamus one stint with the Florida state criminals. So you won a national championship. There’s a different coordinator. Then he goes to Georgia, does a great job there. And then he was a national title as defensive coordinator with Nick sate. So that defense man that defense, once national scaffold took the super bowl between bill bell cheat between Nick Satan and Jeremy Pruitt has two national title rings to go with it. But I still think he gets out coached in those high end situations, especially when you’re playing Georgia, whereas that same defense.

And it’s interesting, all the teams that have that defense, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, now Mississippi. So that’s five teams in the sec running the exact same defense, but you can’t argue because that’s like 15 Superbowls and national titles between that’s your Tennessee volunteers in it. It’s going to be sad, man, because my whole life I’ve seen, there’s 115,000 people here in kneeling stadium got this year, but maybe there’ll be 23,000, right?

Six feet apart because they’re in the number 23,000, I’m taking from two places, NASCAR. And they’re going to allow 23,000 people in what the Kentucky Derby, which we’ll be covering to mainly a doctor first and a Raider. Jim was going to be covered at the touch of Derby and separate that. And that’s your Tennessee volunteers.

Speaker 2 (1h 13m 8s): Next step is Vanderbilt, obviously three and nine last year, Derek Mason, seventh year at Vanderbilt and 27 and 47 situation. Obviously, look, they’re not never a whole lot of expectations for Vanderbilt. The one thing I will say about them is you’re going to see some inflated lines LA in the last 10 years, they’ve only won 53 games, but they’ve covered the spread an extra 10 times to go over that actually. So that’s something to keep an eye on.

And for a team that is bringing back 11 defensive starters now are those defensive starters that great. They do have a year or two of experience. At least being at this school,

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 53s): You can avoid for a whole year. At least at the very least they should have six to eight more pounds of muscle.

Speaker 2 (1h 13m 60s): Yeah. And so you have that, be at least know the system, understand what they need, what what’s expected of them. This is a team that, I mean, they would never do it, but would, would be better off maybe, you know, in the Sunbelt, the AAC, something like that, Vanderbilt ad to see what year was it? 2012 and 2014, 2012 and 2013, they won nine games.

And since then the most they’ve won is six so that they, they need to get back. Obviously I believe those were the no, no, definitely not. Nevermind. I thought for a minute, maybe it was the Cutler days, but those were the early two thousands. Kyle Schermer I believe Pat Shurmur was there. Pat Schermer son was there, but at the same time, this is a team that is going to get very big numbers and they’re going to cover most of the time. Not every, not all the time.

Speaker 1 (1h 14m 56s): It covered a lot for me last year, you know, they had three and nine years. They covered a lot because Derek Mason is a great defensive coordinator.

Speaker 2 (1h 15m 3s): Exactly.

Speaker 1 (1h 15m 5s): Yeah. So Derek Mason is a great defensive coordinator. He comes from the hardball Shaw pedigree. He does a lot less with more. And for him going from Stanford, Stanford to Vanderbelt makes sense. Gloria Vanderbilt from the Vanderbilt family from the 1880s made billions of dollars and who the younger Vanderbilt who’s her son, right?

Anderson Cooper from CNN is Gloria Vanderbilt son. They’re always thinking about the Vanderbilt dynasty, right? They created Vanderbilt university and they did a great job. Vanderbilt’s considered the Harvard or the South trainer though. They have one of the best hospitals in the country. So it was supposed to be Stanford was the point COVID for the PAC 12. It didn’t work out that way something happened, but I know that USF is the hospital system for the AAC.

And they’re coordinating the ASC. As they’re playing Vanderbilt hospital is coordinating with the SCC and handling all the testing and all the research for COVID-19 comes out of Vanderbilt university that said, Derek Mason is very strict Harbor. Our family is very strict. If you go to Vanderbilt, you are going to have a 3.0 average in high school and at least a 1260 S E T and you are going to graduate.

Now there, Mason was given a good hand with coaches and now at Penn state, James Franklin gave him a really good hand, great. At recruiting. He goes for an eight, six and seven, five and seven, six and seven, three and nine. Last year, they go to a bowl game in 16, 13, his first year, a 16 and 18.

So he’s done a phenomenal job there done less with more. He has a great scheme on defense to keep the guys in the game for a while there, he had the offensive coordinator that was at San Diego state and he’s now in Utah. And they did a great job with scheme wise, being able to do less with more. Now he has a gentleman that I know who’s very, very serious guy and Todd Finch.

He come from the Lou Holtz family. When I knew him skip Holtz was the coach at USF. He will see offense coordinator and where ever guy I tutored at the school that wasn’t on his offense. He was on the phone with me every week, wanting to know the progress of it, touch it very, very serious guy, a very good strategist. He will get the most out of, out of the talent there, right.

But again from the little, whole streets. So they’re going to be able to run that football again. This is a developmental team. Let’s say 48 career starts for them. That’s not going to be that good. Right? You need these guys to be at least in the 80, cause their development on team five and offense. But as dr first said 11 on defense, man, dr. First, are we talking under on these branded kids?

Not only are they going to cover it, but these games are going to go under.

Speaker 2 (1h 19m 12s): Yeah, I would assume so. But I mean, like I said, I still, there are definitely going to be times where Vegas will be ready for those under, so not just a blind under on everything, but definitely when it comes to Vanderbilt, if you’re going to feel comfortable. Yeah. It’s going to be the, the unders or the, you know, plus 35 that they’re going to get.

Speaker 1 (1h 19m 32s): Yeah. W knowing us, right. Let’s say the over or under 35 and it’s on a weekend in Vegas and it goes over, let’s say 40 to jump on it in a heartbeat because it’s going over a key number and it’s being bedded up by the public Vegas started with 35. The public comes in, makes it 42. Then you maybe dump it, apply me, watch these guys play, see how the defense has developed.

And if let’s say last year, they gave up 30, 40 to 66, Tufts, you a borough. They came back left and the next week and played hard 18 and Northern Illinois. They probably should’ve shut them out if they were good. Right? As you see team, you get 18 points on Mississippi 31. And all those coaches were fired. UNL V scored 34 points on it. Well, but it goes to doctor first point on talent.

You know, we can hate 34 on you. You’re not that good. And it’s only so good. You can get on in here. But then they come back and the coach, the Missouri staff, that’s why all those guys got flack. They got completely out coach to their defense, whatever they played the vanilla against us. He was not the same defensive painting conference against Missouri. A hurt South Carolina team put 24 points on them, Florida, 56, Kentucky, 38.

They do show some pride and they go ahead and they shut out East Tennessee and then Tennessee scores, 28 points on. So the Mike get some big lines because they were horrible last year. So it’d be interesting that they dial up something new. This is the type of situation where you come up with a gimmick defense. Heck you got nothing to lose. Come out there with two defense of why I’m in a tented, two defense environment and nine defensive backs.

They’re the team to run the ball and flood, you know, come up with a gimmick defense, man, what do you have to lose? You know, you know, these hanging 34 on you, what do you have to lose with a given defense and try to cost them some

Speaker 5 (1h 22m 0s): Turnovers as well. So that’s, that’s, that’s Missouri for you.

Speaker 1 (1h 22m 7s): Yeah. Yeah. Vanderville Missouri though. Those teams are in the same side of my brain. That’s very, very similar teams. The only difference I would say is that Missouri has an, a new young, offensive coach and Vanderbilt has an old defensive coach, but whose defense is a disaster at this point. But hopefully they learned a lot.

They have them all coming back. But hopefully you guys learned a lot, but COVID-19 is going to be interesting, right? Because you would say they gave up points. They were horrible. All these guys, man, they start spring practice early and let’s get all these guys in the weight room. Right. They haven’t been able to get to the root cause of COVID-19 did that. Rich Vanderville send waits to the house and stuff like that.

So this is going to be a crazy year because that’s going to be the difference, right? It’s going to be a, the teams in ESA, you only have four conferences playing. So it’s going to be, which teams did that for conferences had alumni shipping waste to the house. How many illegal practices? Because to be honest, was you never stopped practicing I’m it’s all the Twitter or whatever. It was an LSU practice. And I don’t think they ever stopped practicing.

And there was never any socialist distancing laws or anything like that. In Louisiana, in the sec territory, Alabama never had any shutdown or any six feet or mass law. You have the sheriff in Florida who will arrest people who wear a mask. And anybody who wears a mask in the Sheriff’s department is immediately fired. We’ll put a link to the story on that sheriff and the episode notes. So that let’s, you never stop breath.

So I dunno, did that Vanderbilt do that? Maybe not. And those guys needed to be in the weight room, but they didn’t have a weight room to go to cause a COVID-19. So that’s, that is your Vanderbilt Commodores. And for those who did not know that Anderson Cooper was Gloria in real sun. Now, you know, we switched to the sec West and Alabama, Alabama Crimson tie.

This is a team and coach that I’ve been following my whole life. And it’s, if you follow a guy like Nick Saban, I call him Nick Satan. The reason I call them Nick Satan is because he did seem like the guy from Sam knife who plays Satan. And he goes up one day, that’s coaching the Miami dolphins. And I’m watching the press conference on the TV and my restaurant.

And he goes under no circumstances are myself and Ms. Carey going to Alabama. If you believe those rumors, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m coming back next year and coaching the Miami dolphins. Then the next day, he’s like, I like to think the alumni here at the university of Alabama for walking me, ms. Terry and I as I’m the new coach.

Oh, he lied like saying the character and Saturday night live. But he is by all accounts, the most detailed coach in the history of college football, he has six national championships. And if you are a football fan and make money watching football in your business, you have no choice other than study Nick Saban, again, fundamental analysis.

You under you, you, you studied corporate governance in order to

Speaker 6 (1h 26m 36s): Two, two, two

Speaker 1 (1h 26m 40s): Invest in a stock and a lot of coaches, right? Like the founders of Hooters chain, they’re all football coaches. And they go back to John runes. Dad that John Green’s dad is one of the original founders of Hooter’s restaurant in the run, the restaurant the same way they run a football team. And that is become a multibillion dollar franchise,

Speaker 6 (1h 27m 9s): Huh?

Speaker 1 (1h 27m 9s): The most richest, top five richest Mercedes dealerships in the country is in Birmingham, Alabama, Nick Satan, or Nick Saban, Mercedes. So Nick say saving whatever he does. Very, very successful. Ms. Terry, they say, ms. Terry make big one of the best chocolate chip cookies of all time.

And if you’re a recruited Alabama and you get to the point where Nick Satan or Nick Saban invites you to his house, ms. Carrie is going to cook you chalk the best chocolate chip cookie. A lot of time, everything needs people do is very detailed oriented and they went right. He wins a national championship at LSU. His offensive coiner coordinator is Jimbo Fetcher. The head coach at Texas a and M who won a national championship with Jeremy Pruitt as a defensive coordinator.

So he gets the best guys in the country. You learn a lot about business from coach Saban. And one of the ways I’ve made money using coach savings process is never so,

Speaker 6 (1h 28m 40s): So sure I’ve told her

Speaker 1 (1h 28m 42s): Almost every single client I’ve had in business concierge, triple, whatever you’re charging triplet. Cause you’re selling yourself short. And Ms. Terry came up to coach Saban when he was at Michigan state and said, honey, you’re selling yourself short. If they don’t give us, that’s why I see you need a good LSU. And they didn’t. Right? So he went to LSU for more money. He wants the national championship. He gets more money with the Miami dolphins, right? And then he goes, it takes the big contract.

He’s been making $7 million a year

Speaker 6 (1h 29m 21s): For the last.

Speaker 1 (1h 29m 23s): I think he started there 2007. So for the last 13 years he’s been making $7 million a year and he’s taking the money. He invested it and he becomes the top five Mercedes dealership in the country. And the most richest Mercedes dealership in Birmingham, Alabama started quarterback for, I was going to be Bryce. You know, it’s important for them because he had the defense down Pat.

But the guy that played in the citrus bowl, I guess Michigan, he looked really good. Mark Jones

Speaker 6 (1h 30m 5s): With this guy.

Speaker 1 (1h 30m 6s): Yes. Almost between great and greater. So the office of lines, either going to be great or greeter, he’s both right. A play held. It’s actually really good recruiter. Clay Helton gets a lot of guys in the NFL. He’s a good judge of talent, but what clay Helton is not is a developer account. So Helton Hinks is not the military. It’s going to be interesting because Nick Saven has always been phenomenal at developing talent, but Cochran, the strength and conditioning coach

Speaker 6 (1h 30m 47s): At Alabama,

Speaker 1 (1h 30m 50s): He was making $800,000 a year curvy spark, who knows him for being 10 years out says, let’s, I’m going to give you $1.2 million to come with me to Georgia and develop these guys. And I’m going to make you a positions coach. So he’s coaching tight ends or something in additional special teams. In addition to the strength coach to justify $1.2 million. So Nick, Saban’s gonna re replace him.

I don’t think this year will be that hard. And you know, Nick say Seva has cameras everywhere. It makes things right up. So the new guy coming in, probably it’s just going to be just as good, but there’s something up Kirby Smart’s leave with. Mike bub was the offensive coordinator, not Cochran on there that they’re probably better. The Georgia staff is probably better than most NFL teams, staff. So on the office of line for your role tie, right?

Speaker 6 (1h 31m 56s): They have

Speaker 1 (1h 31m 57s): 15, very highly touted,

Speaker 5 (1h 32m 0s): Right? And they have, let’s see, what’s the difference between great and greater. So they’re 49, 49 career starts. So they’re going to be great offensive line. They’re not going to be greater. Look at the sizes of these guys. You’re right. Guard. Six, six, three Oh eight less guard. Six, four, three 38. And here left tackle.

Even Neal sophomore six, seven, 360 pounds. That’s what Keith Jackson used to call, but big Hawk. So you got take care of him. And this is what makes Alabama, Alabama, because you’re going to take your hip and you’re going to run behind them in. I guarantee you, let me ask you something, doctor first, if you ran behind him, how many yards per carry would you have five or six yards.

Thank you for that, but not even close, but this guy will add you, man. There will be nobody coming close to you. You’ll have a whole thing to run. So that again, that’s why I say between greater and greater. So when he developed a guy that guy’s going to be a monster defensive line, they just keep rolling. Rolling LSU. They’re going to cover again, sell to you. So never bet more than 25% of the bankrupt.

And that’s why this guy’s business, right? Nick’s saving his business. So I am going to bet. How many times have you said, heard me say this? I don’t think you’ve ever heard me say this. So for the first time, dr. First is going to hear something from me that I rarely say I am. When the line comes out, the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to bet 25% of the bank roll Alabama against Tennessee.

Moneyline maybe depending where the money line is, but I gotta do it earlier because Tennessee is a, I mean, LSU is gonna lose. So you gotta do it early, right? LSU is going to rope. I think the only if you might be, and it’s going to be early, it’s going to be, that’s a temper 19th game against Georgia against Cochran. Because if you look at that special with bill bell, cheat nixing, Nick Satan says that the number one thing he hates is what a coach that he’s mentored and who’s made in the business steals one of his assistants, right?

Jeremy Pruitt, all these guys and Kirby sports daily Cochran from him, man, he’s fuming. He is human gift. Cochran has been the highest paid strength and conditioning coach in the history of college football. Just getting 1.2 million, but Nick save it. And a lot of his ex assistants, including Kiffin have caught him saying, because he works his assistance hard.

He makes him work 20 hour days, but they do get paid well. And they end up going to other places and making a lot of money. So I think they’re going to roll through their schedule. Auburn, beat them last year, too. That’s another 25% of bankroll.

Speaker 6 (1h 35m 37s): Yeah.

Speaker 5 (1h 35m 38s): You see them rolling? I think the toughest game of the season is going to be, I guess, one of his proteges, but that never steals a guy from, he shows him a lot of respect, Jimbo Fisher. And we’ll talk about your book.

Speaker 6 (1h 35m 52s): Sure. But

Speaker 5 (1h 35m 54s): Texas a and M is going to be a lot better. And he has

Speaker 6 (1h 35m 58s): The quarterback. That’s an Achilles heel

Speaker 5 (1h 36m 2s): To deck defense. What type of quarterback beats that bill build cheat, Nick Satan, Pete Carroll, and all these guys is defense running quarterback and Monton run. And not only throw it. And he’s a fourth year starter, who’s seen everything. So 25% of the bank roll in the LSU game. Then I go the other way, Texas a and M, which might be an inflated line. If a roll tide rolls over my boy, cultural and then rolls into a, I don’t think maybe Jimbo Beto, but it’s going to be very close.

But the other thing too is that I think Nixon is either 12 or 11 and one against excess system.

Speaker 6 (1h 36m 50s): Okay.

Speaker 5 (1h 36m 50s): Look for them. There’s a big grudge against Mississippi. So look at that line. That’s the game we’re going to study. See what link Kiffin can bring to the table, but look for them to roll over LSU. And then, and at the beginning of this podcast and the music, we have that speech by coach. It’s going to be very relevant to us making money this year. And then you’re going to look at Jimbo Fisher covering cause the other thing is coach Satan doesn’t want to show too much.

He wants to keep something in his back pocket against Gus mounts on Auburn, the advertisers who did it

Speaker 6 (1h 37m 32s): Last year,

Speaker 5 (1h 37m 35s): That’s all buried in a nutshell, if you want to make money, but under, early, and then bent over late on your Alabama friends and Ty who, because of our study of Alabama, we make a lot of money on Alabama games, certainly when they have those inflated lines. Yeah. And

Speaker 2 (1h 37m 56s): For me, it’s the inflated lines and just said exact, you know, example of that is, you know, the last 10 years for Alabama straight up 124 and 15 against the spread, 76 and 61. So plenty of games, Hey, 124 and 15, that’s amazing over a 10 year run, but not covering the spread in, in a lot of those games, you have almost 50 games that they didn’t cover.

The spread to me, that’s five extra covers a year in those 10 games. And they haven’t won 10 games against the spread since 2016. So I do expect them to return, but I also don’t expect a season in which majority are covers. I think, yeah, the LSU is going to be one, but I will get to Texas a and T we’ll get to Texas a and M in a little bit, but that would be one for me right now,

Speaker 5 (1h 38m 60s): You know, in a nugget that statistic is still, still uses opening lines. So maybe a lot of those closing lines were inflated. That that number is even higher on games that Alabama didn’t cover. When you get inflated lines at some casino who likes to take advantage of people, right? Those lines might even been even more inflamed.

Speaker 2 (1h 39m 21s): But I mean, it’s going to be an Alabama team, 12, 12 returning starters. Obviously I personally, I think the way Nick Sabin has gone about things, it’s going to take a whole lot. I mean, we’re going to see Bryce young started Alabama. The way Nick Saban has gone usually about things is the freshmen will take over late. You know, I think we saw it with two in the, it was at the Georgia game as a true freshman, but ended up, you know, he was sticking with Jalen hurts the veteran until, or no, it wasn’t Jalen hurts.

But anyway, whoever it was, I’m stuck with them. So I think it’ll be Mack Jones. I think Nick for at least a start. And then if Nick Saban can pull the plug real quick, we know that, but I think we’ll see a healthy dose of the dose of both by the end of the year.

Speaker 5 (1h 40m 12s): No, you’re absolutely right. And I can guarantee you this, this is always a hundred percent because we know him so well. Bryce young has a package, even if he doesn’t fully start the whole year. So old school, right? We have a packet for like Wildcat quarterback to come in for yardage or whatever, right? You don’t have too much in the alley to keep off the field. There’s a package form, right? The plays packages, a set of 10, 15 plays the practice over and over and over again, there are designed for running quarterback to go, I guess, a specific defense.

So hundred percent Bryce young has a package set up for him by Steve Sarkeesian against the Sarkeesian who’s offensive coordinator in the NFL and won a one. What I think he won at least two national championships that USC has a coordinator for Pete Carroll.

Speaker 2 (1h 41m 8s): I’m sure he kept plenty of bartenders in the Los Angeles area. Very well in burst.

Speaker 5 (1h 41m 15s): Yes. Well, he’s in a good place. Birmingham, Birmingham. I believe it was a dry County. One of the few dry counties out there. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (1h 41m 21s): Because that stops them. Josh, all you gotta do is put an alcoholic in a dry County and it’s all good.

Speaker 5 (1h 41m 30s): Well, at least it did make it harder on.

Speaker 2 (1h 41m 34s): No, I understand. But

Speaker 5 (1h 41m 36s): It’s going to have to do a lot of maneuvering. A lot of talking to people, especially COVID-19 people they’re not supposed to be outside. What Steve Sarkeesian do it outside talking to the alcohol guy. Right. And that’s the thing too. Everybody knows each other. Right? Mo man, Nick Saban will come get you if you’re the alcohol guy and you’re anywhere near Steve. And that’s when this office coordinator, you might get killed doing that, man. True proceeds you. Oh, you’re the alcohol guy and you’re going to start keys. His house South is a different breed man.

But yeah, no drag count is usually are the ones that have the most alcohol and it’s easier to get alcohol.

Speaker 2 (1h 42m 14s): Well, and you also win generally dry counties have, you know, stills, homemade, illegal stills that aren’t exactly sitting there and going by the FDA or the aide, you know? So yeah, their, their corn liquor is a little heavier than my IPA. But moving on to Arkansas next up that we build polar opposites folks from a team like Alabama that has been stable and the top dog for the last 10 years, pretty much to Arkansas, a team that of bringing in Sam Pittman his first year, trying to hopefully rebound from

Speaker 5 (1h 43m 5s): Brett sec coach in the soft side, Sam left, let’s introduce our head coach. Sam Pittman is going to be the head coach of our Kansas Razorbacks.

Speaker 2 (1h 43m 20s): Yeah. And so they went two and 10 last year. I didn’t win an sec game. One thing that I know, okay. Jumped out to me last year though, going to in 10, they did win five games. They did cover five times. So that was three extra covers. So there are going to be some inflated lines that they’ll be able to take advantage of. But just to show you now, look, you got 14 returning starters. That’s great, but what is really returning? And this is a team that obviously isn’t going to happen, but would have been possibly looking at a Nevada team that if Nevada beats them, it would be the third straight year a mountain West team has come to Fayetteville.

And now the mountain West isn’t terrible, but it was Colorado state two years ago. And last year it was San Jose state who barely wins multiple games in the mountain West who went to Fayetteville on Nevada is not going to do it. But out of those three teams, Nevada was the most talent out of those three mountain West teams. So that would have been interesting to see. Does it matter? It’s not going to happen, but that’s just kind of shows you where Arkansas is as a program.

I do believe it was Bert Bielema who was there last year and

Speaker 1 (1h 44m 38s): No, no. Yeah. He was replaced by a guy by the name of Chad Morris. He was the offensive coordinator at Clemson. And then he was a head coach at SMU and he coached our Kansas for two years, a bill. And my, I forgot what bill Muntz, I think bill and was now the offensive line coach for the new England Patriots.

Speaker 2 (1h 45m 1s): Gotcha. But you know, and, and I try and find a revenge game. I try and find something. I think anything for these guys, they, they need improvement. Obviously the non-conference schedule not happening for the most part. At least the, the easy Charleston Southern was on the schedule, Louisiana Monroe, who probably might have beaten them. But still now, when you’re looking at nine games against the sec foes and then one against what, and either ACC or AAC, you’re not getting an FCS school.

You’re not getting a Louisiana Monroe. So I could very easily see Arkansas going Owen, whatever 11, 10, nine, whatever it comes out to be. But I could see a couple covers in those. They have a home game against Mississippi. They have assuming everything stays the same. The dates won’t stay the same, but I assume the venues will. They also have a home game against Tennessee, which is, is a possibility kind of what we talked about with Jeremy Pruitt.

Maybe not somebody you, you would just think, Oh, we are going to win every single game that they’re better than that could be one that Tennessee will win. Now, will they cover the probably 21 points? I don’t know about that. So they’re, they’re an interesting team in terms of inflated lines, because they’re so bad, but it is more entailed. And like I said, I go back to the Colorado state. Hey, you know, they, they have some teams and they have some really good situations, but there zero excuse for you to lose the San Jose state as an sec school, you lose the San Jose state period.

And I know it was last year and it doesn’t really matter, but that’s just shows you where this program is. And you don’t go in the sec from two and 10 losing to San Jose state to a bowl team overnight or in a year or even two.

Speaker 5 (1h 47m 9s): Yeah, no, it’s interesting to see what happened to Chad Morris because he really good guy, a really great career. You know, he wins a national championship at Clemson as office coordinator, parlays that to SMU and goes to Arkansas and things really go South. He goes two and 10 and two and 10, two and 20, and here comes Sanford Pittman. So this is happening again at, at USC for a lot of reasons where you and we’ve seen it now in a lot of the things we’ve been looking at in the sec, Tennessee is a perfect example where, and it’s funny because if he goes through an episode of the office, right, salesmen thing towards her, this has been think long term in the value of people who can sell easily.

People can sell different companies, make the most money, right? So one of the highest paid assistants at USC as the recruiter from Oregon Williams and Sam Pittman is now the first, well, the second there’s two of them. There’s a guy in Memphis. And now the guy at Arkansas who Sam P Pittman, it’s a sales guy. So he got X’s and O’s and sales guys, you pay the X’s and O’s guys more money than you are the, you pay the salesman more money.

And then you bring guys for X’s and O’s. So it’s going to be interesting how it goes. He is not a technician. So he has to have really good coordinators and pay them a lot of money coordinator. Number one is the controversial Kendall Briles whose daddy has been basically banned from football because of the horrible things that were going on in Baylor and Kendall somehow have been able to escape it.

And now he’s making $3 million a year as the coordinator for Arkansas. So he can do less with more. So those games let’s say, but this is the sec. So he would have done a really good in those non-conference games for that offense, that Baylor offense spread that spread, you know, offense running quarterback office, and Chad Morris was kind of that guy. So you would have had a lot of guests to work with the atom, Notre Dame transferred to that office of, they have Pittman who is a great office of line coach, but he’s even a better recruiter, right?

But he’s gonna have his hands on his office in line. They’re going to be good. And as dr first says, they, he inherited a great offensive line from Brett bill Emma, what ought to be the office of coordinator or the office of lion code for the Patriots. And it’s now defensive line coach for the New York giants, New York football giants has bred Vilma on their staff.

So they return eight on office and six on defense. Any that Pitman have on there, you would imagine Pittman. Yeah, they got 65, they got 65 guys. 65 starts in the office of wine. I look for them to bring in some Juco guys. That’s where Kendall Briles is good at Kendall brows comes off a successful stint as authentic coordinator for Willie Taggart guy that I know well from the university of South Florida, they didn’t win a lot of games, but they went up and down the field.

So look for them to go over. Now he did a great home run higher with Barry. Ono is not comes in as a defensive coordinator. He was a head coach at Missouri. He, the guy that’s married to the game of football and knows defense. So as long as coach Pitt making, keep selling and selling that program, they get $45 million just in TV money.

$45 million goes a long way in Arkansas. So I, I see this program is on the rise. As long as coach Pittman can be consistent. And he has really, really great coordinators. I don’t know about integrity, right? Because both Odom and Kendall Briles had ethical issues

Speaker 6 (1h 52m 9s): At

Speaker 5 (1h 52m 10s): Several different stops and pulling in Florida, state, Kendall processing problems, locating the process and problems everywhere. He goes. So as long as they can keep themselves clean, focus on football, look for them to cover a big spreading against the Alabama LSU, their developmental team. So that’s going to be tight, Texas a and M is going to keep things close to the vest. You might see them Trevor, and definitely look for that first game of the season in September.

Well, all games are going to be September 26th, but look at that Arkansas Mississippi state game with Mike leech, man, those were two officers of coaches going at each other, Kendall brows and each spread look for that game ago. They’ll tackle tackling. So people, people are tackling right now and you’re going to have Mike Leach, Kendall brows going against each other with browse family. Look for that game to go over over the total and look for Arkansas.

I think the way dr. First was saying to cover more often than not, and then study these games for the over Mississippi lame Kiffin, offensive guy against Kendall brows with games like that to go over, man, you’re giving some definitely some big time dollars here, man, with these games right here. Nice sounding notes

Speaker 2 (1h 53m 39s): Is Auburn. Obviously Gus miles on gets into his eighth year at Auburn and last year nine and four very kind of quietly seems like the only time Auburn beats Alabama in the iron bowl is the same year. They win a national title. So last year was a little, very quiet year for them to win the iron bowl. I do immediately look at the offensive line only 48 starts coming back.

That is a concern, especially considering, you know, you look at the top and we will get to Texas a and M but that’s a team that they’re going to have to compete with obviously as well against or as well as Alabama as always. I do look at the Georgia game last year. Now this year we’ll be in, in Georgia. It’s one of those games. Obviously it’s a big game, but I think in this year in this climate, I think it’s a little bit more of Fort Auburn.

At least they, they have a chance to get Georgia. Like I said, I don’t quite know if Georgia is going to be able to come out straight away. I think Florida is a better team in that, but generally Auburn has lost six of their last seven in Georgia. So this is a situation, a targeting game, a revenge, a game for them to say, Hey, this is a place where we’d struggled. Now. There’s still plenty of talent on that team.

But Jake from while not being an immensely talented quarterback was a reliable quarterback, Kirby smart, or the offensive coordinator, Celeste slips my mind, but it would be, would throw that play in and know that, you know, unless something crazy happens that I’m from hadn’t seen or something is very well disguised from is going to make the right decision. Now, is it the, the Joe burrow or the, you know, the crazy, Oh my gosh, what an incredible plate.

No, he’s going to be kind of the Alex Smith game manager and that’s obviously he’s gone now. And now we look at a JT Daniels possibly. And like I said, I just think Auburn picks that game and says, look, this is a team that isn’t necessarily enter division, but is, has team that has bragging rights over us. And they don’t really like that outside of Alabama and have chance to really kind of get them while they’re down. And that would be a huge, huge lift. What would, I would assume be early in the season?

Like I said, I believe these games would go off around the same time, unsure, but currently it would be their third game fourth, the third game of the season. So if they could go out and win that game, you would assume they would be three and Oh, that would be a nice little springboard onto things. That’s just what I saw in terms of what I would expect Gus Mozhan to do. But their biggest concern right now has to be getting the offensive line, some experience, you know, no offense to Toledo, but when you’re counting on a transfer on the offensive line from Toledo to come help you win the sec West, it’s not ideal.

Speaker 5 (1h 57m 0s): It’s going to be new officer coordinator is to get, yeah,

Speaker 2 (1h 57m 5s): It was accurate. Not Toledo. I don’t want to

Speaker 5 (1h 57m 6s): Accurate. Yeah. Well, I know what you’re saying. What was interesting that Akron, their coach was a Bobby Bouton son. So hopefully for them, it’s some guy who did something in high school, right. And he couldn’t go to pick, fight where the reporters are doing research. I would say

Speaker 2 (1h 57m 31s): A couple of games going from the Mac as much as we’d love for Mac. We love the Mac, the Mac action. It takes you a couple, couple of games to kind of be like, Whoa,

Speaker 5 (1h 57m 42s): Well, he’s going in that defensive line for a Abra. Cause he’s going to get a good defensive line of practice. But under normal circumstances, he hasn’t done that yet. He’s just been, I don’t know, illegal, illegal gem. They have down there, Apple Laka. I probably, well, I have a bias. So I probably shouldn’t be picking Auburn games. One of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met in my life was Arbor and graduate.

So I is the type of girl that two, three for the weekends that you would drive 10 months, 10 hours to go see her, that type of situation. And she was at Boca Laka, Alabama. So I was putting my life in my hands, driving 10 miles to see this runoff way. So one of the things I think of that, also another reason I shouldn’t be been in the Auburn tigers is that USF football, their biggest win ever was against Timmy tuber bill and up Laka, triple overtime.

I have the shirt, I should bring it up. Flippable over time, USF over Auburn and, and coach load or tuber bill. So those are pleasant memories, but I do bit them anyways, and very interesting here because I don’t remember this game vividly.

Speaker 6 (1h 59m 15s): Okay.

Speaker 5 (1h 59m 17s): This was the opening line, Georgia last year, plus three, it ballooned to plus eight. So at some someplace they jumped on it and I got a lucky cover. I should have covered all the way. Average would have won that game. They’re having territory have a young quarterback. Who’s not getting coached by Chad Morris. And we talked about Chad Morris, former he’s the failed,

Speaker 6 (1h 59m 45s): Huh?

Speaker 5 (1h 59m 45s): Kosher Arkansas. Right? So he fails. There, he goes two and 20 and gets rewarded with a $3 million contract to be an office coordinator and a $20 million buyout. So Chad Morris is a rich man, to be honest, he doesn’t need those $3 million from Robert to be the office coordinator. He already has a $20 million buyout, right? So you’re talking to a guy who’s married to the game of football and he would coach for free.

You know, he’s not though he’s like $3 million to coach, but he would coach for free. And you would imagine with all that talent that even though they only have Very few guys coming on the office in line and they had to go to Akron to get a, probably a guy who’s highly talented, but highly questionable for whatever a Misty he did in high school that he had to go freeze in ACRA for a couple of years for before you could go, you know, he went to the last chance you accurate in the Bouton family,

Speaker 6 (2h 0m 55s): Two

Speaker 5 (2h 0m 58s): Play and try to save that Auburn off. It’s a blast. But even if he does play well, you gotta wonder about the depth

Speaker 6 (2h 1m 6s): That absence, right?

Speaker 5 (2h 1m 9s): They probably don’t have a lot of depth on the office of life and $7 million a year, $8 million a year. So death thought he might be like clay Helton and be able to keep his job because of COVID-19. And maybe people don’t want to pay his buyout. Cause he’s been teetering on that. He won the national championship with cam Newton, went to the championship game and he loses to Jimbo Fisher in Pruitt.

That damn defense again to Alabama, right? You shouldn’t know how to play it. Can’t CIM a sham, sham, Morris. What comes to my mind and Chad Morris, he was a sham at Arkansas. He took $10 million. He got four months. That’s like $2 million a win.

Speaker 6 (2h 2m 1s): So

Speaker 5 (2h 2m 3s): Kevin Steele given seals a great recruiter bat X’s and O’s guy he’s still there.

Speaker 6 (2h 2m 13s): Huh?

Speaker 5 (2h 2m 14s): His defense coordinator. Travis Williams X’s and O’s guys, man, it’s going to be interesting too offensive guys going against each other lane, Kiffin Lynn camp. It might get a and big one for Lamkin for an off the Vatican solver. Kentucky’s going to be in there. Georgia has lost Texas a and M it’s a loss, Mississippi state and Mike Leach going to be very interesting, man.

Revenge game for Kamara, for getting fired at Arkansas he’s out. He knows those flares. He knows it to death. So look for Chad Morris to get revenge on Arkansas, the Arkansas Razorbacks. Then they probably get killed last two games of the season. Yeah, no for sure. I’m betting literally and figuratively on Chad Morris, throw the kitchen sink at Arkansas because it’s not going to matter. This will read really the same way for us, your Alabama.

All right. A lot to say for Alabama and not a lot to say for real it’s you, but really man, you gotta think that both the LSU defensive line might be young. And at this point in the season, Alabama defensive line are going to destroy the Auburn offensive line. And the Auburn offensive line is short staffed. They don’t have a lot of depth. They don’t have a Brianna winter coming off the beds superstar taking off the sweats and coming in and down.

So that is your Auburn tigers and they only return five on defense. So this is you can talk up Auburn and put them in the LSU category. Hey, maybe there, who knows? Who knows how bad they’ll be? Cause it doesn’t look good for them. Maybe you’re looking at gifting for them. They have a, they did not play North Carolina and not a conference.

Cause I only see if Mississippi beats them. I don’t see one, two, three, three wins in there.

Speaker 6 (2h 4m 37s): So I’m picking

Speaker 5 (2h 4m 39s): Auburn to either go, I guess it’s nine games to go either three and six or four or five. And the only reason Guzman itself takes his job would be COVID-19 not performance.

Speaker 2 (2h 4m 57s): Next step is the defending national champion. LSU tigers, no team is having to replace more than at orange. Ron and his staff at LSU, obviously 15 in last year, they would’ve gone 11 and four against the spread. So there were a couple inflated lines. Now those are early on. We look later on in the year. I do believe the last game of the season against Clemson. No, they covered that as well.

So pretty much everything they did struggle early on. Well I guess struggle. Or they were tested early against Texas. And then there was one more. Let me see where it was. Auburn kept and Auburn and Alabama both kept it close. But other than that, LSU blew pretty much everybody out. They top offense, one of the best defenses. Now that’s all great. But you only bring three returning starters back.

Obviously Joe burrow, who was a massive part of that is in Cincinnati. Getting ready to begin his pro career only 43 career starts on the offensive line are returning and or drawn. If anybody can get these guys to play, it will be him. This is not going to be a repeat. This is not going to be a massive return to glory this year. There’s plenty of talent here, but Erin, a very tough conference, very tough division in that conference.

As I think they, their third, maybe fourth best team in this conference, depending on how you view Auburn, but plenty of work to be done for LSU, but really, really excited to see your two with Edward Euro. And he’s he’s my guy. So or not year two. I’m sorry. No more than that. But the, the, the year after I should say with Edwards, Juran hopefully he has his boys ready to go. And like I said, I don’t expect a national title. I don’t expect an sec championship game, but I do expect, you know, a five and four, six and three record.

It’s going to be tough with Alabama and Texas a and M those teams I think are better than LSU. And then we’ll see what non-conference game or if they get him on conference game.

Speaker 5 (2h 7m 23s): Yeah, no, it’s going to be a tough year for them. Alabama is going to be a loss. It’s going to be ugly. Next next Tavan not have mercy on teams like this. And then you run your mouth publicly without video that came out, it’s not going to be pretty. I probably shouldn’t be betting LSU games. Cause I like coach Jimmy fan of coach. He’s a great guy.

Another guy who was married to the game of football, he got divorced this year and his wife said that she was ignoring him, That he was ignoring her, his wife.

Speaker 6 (2h 8m 13s): Oh

Speaker 5 (2h 8m 15s): Yes, he will be ready to go. They’re going to be better, better than most. LSU is going to be in the same boat as offer In Gotham assault three on offense, five on defense, great coordinators. Not really. There is a loyalty plate, right?

Coach is a very, very loyal man and is kept engender. They’re out of wilty, the real office. According to last year with a guy by the name of Joel Grady, who was a protege of champagne, Joe Brady takes off and stabs Coachella in the back. It will be interesting who they replace him with or if they replace him with anybody and just say, Hey, this is going to be a developmental year. And then we’ll scout the Koshi racks.

Somebody who can give a couple million dollars. They gave Joe Brady $1.5 million and he takes off. So Steve, Edward integer, he’s gone through several personal tragedies. So he’s almost like a show. A man they’re hoping he uses footballs and escape to fight his depression and do well. Now the defense coordinator is another guy like a lot, a man by the name of bulk who Nebraska football now realizing what grade of a coach he was.

It was doing it Nebraska cause who wants to go to Nebraska and play football whenever they were good it’s because they had 200 guys and they had a bunch of fifth year seniors, both police. We had them nine, 10 winds and steady going and knows enough for them. He gets fired and men Nebraska hasn’t won more than four or five games. Since bill Pollini left, he goes to youngest house and he teams up with another guy who was fired from a high, high level college football school state, Jim

Speaker 1 (2h 10m 34s): Tressel. So Jim Trussell becomes the de facto head coach of Youngstown state, president of the university hires bowl Pollini. And as we know, Jude Trussell is a offensive expert and both leanings, a defensive expert. They know how to develop talent and suddenly out of nowhere, you know, stone state is in the FCS playoffs, challenging for a national title level. So now Aranda the highest paid defensive coordinator, but you gotta give coach O credit, right?

It gives Joe Brady 1.5 million. He gives a random 2 million Aranda junk ship. He goes to replace Matt rule with the bill batters two incomes. Joel, vocally me a man in COVID-19. I think it’s accelerated things, right? That’s accelerated admin or people in high leadership positions in the corporate world or in the pack 12 and expose them for the lack of leadership and how lazy they are not doing any work.

But it’s, it’s also accelerated, I think, teams that want to shut down and be a developmental team, cultural haven’t read or play the way doctor first says, but they’re definitely losing a Florida. They’re definitely losing to Alabama and they’re definitely losing to texting. So that would be six games. So be interesting to see what lane Kiffin has a Mississippi, because they’re going to, he is going to be a difference maker. The government was all season and what kind of season all this you has.

If they’re going to have four losses in the sec, South Carolina, it’s not going to be a gimme,

Speaker 6 (2h 12m 26s): Huh?

Speaker 1 (2h 12m 26s): Arkansas. They should win, but they’re going to have a tough row. Auburn’s going to be a big game. They, they might be two and seven, right? It might be two it’s seven and their ceiling. It’s funny how the sec reminds me of the NFL, where a lot of games can go either way, have a lot of great coaches who can pull magic, right. Can make something out of nothing. So the low point for LSU would be to write in the high point a would be six or seven games.

Speaker 6 (2h 13m 2s): They can pull an upset it’s okay.

Speaker 1 (2h 13m 6s): People don’t don’t get this right. If LSU goes seven and two, that’s a whole thing. Coaching job, like coach Joe and vocally, let’s take all 72. All right. And so when the STC schedule finds out and it’d be interesting if things are out now to see what the season totals are for LSU, because if you see a season total for LSU, that’s eight or nine

Speaker 5 (2h 13m 32s): Because people are bending blindly. What happened last year? You would go LSU in the other. We’ll look that up right now. And that is your LSU Bengal tigers.

Speaker 2 (2h 13m 51s): Next step is Mississippi. Obviously you already talked about lane Kiffin. I’m just coming in. And I think we’re really going to see what he can bring to the table. Second time he’s been in the sec with the Tennessee volunteers. Can’t wait when fans get back into the stands. I don’t think they’re on the schedule this year, but the first time Mississippi goes to Tennessee, you’re going to need some extra security in that game for Mississippi.

It’s it’s going to be tough. Even with lane Kiffin, I’ll put my, my own feelings aside. He, he he’s, he knows how to get these guys to play, but for how long, I don’t know if he can keep these guys under control when they’re under 500 or you know, when something doesn’t go, right? Maybe he’s grown up at Florida Atlantic. Who knows? I guess we’re gonna find out here real soon, but I don’t think any state, literally state of college football in the history of college football has gone from where they work to bringing in two of the biggest spark Pope spark plug coaches ever in Mississippi.

When you bring in a lane Kiffin to old miss and then Mike Leach to Mississippi state,

Speaker 5 (2h 15m 19s): It’s going to be an interesting rivalry. Both guys are nice guys. So be interesting for them to go against each other. Cause that’s Willie, that’s really going to be the make or break Caesar. Well, so these guys go at Mississippi, Mississippi state, your 500. And what decides whether the season is successful or not is their ability to beat each other. And that’s what the guy Florida was able to do.

Mullen was able to beat Mississippi consistently. And that’s what made him a successful coach. There. You know, you get an upset every once in a while he returns eight on offense, six on defense. Again, he’s a guy that he’s coordinating the office himself. And then he gets Jeff Levy from you. Can’t finish university to come in as a recruiting guy. He doesn’t do Xs and hours.

Levy did a really good job with you. Can’t finish. So what lame is thinking is the guys that went to you, can’t finish university, have them go to Mississippi and say, Hey, we’re here in Mississippi. We can pay you more money in the hoods are paying you at UCF. If it’s going to be legal to pay guys in 2020. So Mississippi has been paying for players when it wasn’t illegal. So now it’s going to be legal and they’re going to try to pay for those. You can’t finish gap type guys and those UCF type guys. But I got, I just got to recruit against that.

Be interesting if hypo can recruit against that. And then for the defensive coordinator is Chris Patrick, same thing. Patrisse was a recruiting guy for Harbaugh. And we all know that Mike Brown, I believe his name. I know his last name is Brown. The great defense coordinator of Michigan. He’s your access to analytics guy, horrible personalities. He’s not, not the recruiting. So lane Kiffin is going to salesmen approach. He is getting guys who can sell it.

Who do you think is a real existential guy that defense, if you know, layman’s going to do the offense, you got to think that Molly Kiffin isn’t too far behind. What did the death was his son right at USC and coach that your CT, huh? Way until he was replaced by our guy, Clancy Clancy.

Pendegrass who we had an interview with John Broughton and Clayton Pendegrass will Sue us off decent coordinator at Arizona. So I wonder if I can’t depend on grasses on that side, you don’t want to. Kiffin is coaching that defense Joe Barry can be too far behind. And Mississippi is going to be very interesting because Vanderbilt was going to be a very interesting game for them. Arkansas is going to be a very interesting game for them. You know, of course the Mississippi state game, it’s going to be very interesting and also that LSU.

So if lane Kiffin can beat us beat Bainville beat Arkansas, beat Mississippi state, it’ll be a good barometer of people to find out whether lane pick Finn can coach. I know he can coach office. So look for a lot of these games like LSU game to begin the season, look for that game to go over. Cause people are going to be betting the 2019 LSU versus the team that only has five guys coming back on defense.

Yes. In 2020, right? That Auburn game is going to be very interesting for lane Kiffin. Our battle he’s going to get killed. He should be three, one going to Florida, but he’s putting all his marbles into recruiting. So he’s going to get a pass this year. COVID-19 developmental year. I would blame Kevin.

The ceiling here is four, maybe five. If he goes five and three or five or four, he’s done a great job. The bottom though, lane Kiffin zero, he could get shut out and be one and eight or Oh, and nine in the sec. So look for those to be the wave Harver. When two offensive guys get together, watch those games to give, be over Mullins and office of guys to look towards 17th, against Florida, to be over at Arkansas, November 14th, with decking to be over.

And I’m going to be betting some overs in the Mississippi, Mississippi state game too often. Some guys too arrogant guys want to rely on themselves. We’ll throw the offensive kitchen,

Speaker 2 (2h 20m 34s): Adding each other.

Speaker 5 (2h 20m 36s): So maybe for Vegas realizes this looks for that first. COVID no tackling to go over the total.

Speaker 2 (2h 20m 45s): A next step is a Mississippi state, obviously big movement in terms of a coach bringing in Mike leech, gonna change up that offense in a big way. Obviously I think most people know what to expect when it, when it comes to Mike Leach, only 41 career starts on the offensive line is gonna be the B right where Mike Leach needs to go to work. You can’t really run his type of offense without a good offensive line.

And to be fair, Mike Leach has never used or has never put in his offense on this level. In terms of defense, the big 12, we talked about Texas tech, obviously when they played in the big 12, they were not getting a ton of defense. And we look at the Washington wash when Mike Leach moved to Washington state in the pack, 12, the defense is better in the pack 12, but once again, a whole nother step up in the sec. So I’m really excited to see how his offense plays in the sec.

I think it will play well, but I don’t think, I don’t know if it will play well right away. Cause the one thing about his offenses, if it, if it works, it works and it’s great, but when it doesn’t, it’s ugly, it can get ugly. I remember there were a couple of games. Oklahoma was putting, you know, 60 point 70 points on Mike Leach’s team when it wasn’t going fully together. But at the same time, this wash Mississippi state just became one of the hotspots for top sec quarterbacks, at least the drop back ones.

They they’re gonna want to come learn behind Mike leech in that situation. We’ll see how it goes in Starkville with Mike leech. But I can guarantee you one thing, the press conferences in Starkville are going to get a lot more interesting.

Speaker 1 (2h 22m 40s): Oh yeah. Good. The guy that was there from Penn state was really born. The big news with them is KJ Castella. Right? And we’re talking to now, you know, I’ll check more on this and I’ll put it in the episode notes. You’re talking about five guys we’ve talked about from the West coast who are now quarterbacks add Mississippi state. He was in my opinion, the best quarterback at Stanford from the guys who’ve had recently.

And he got mad because he couldn’t stay. Who knows what happened, right? But you would assume that he got mad at David Shaw for not making him the star, but he was always hurt. So that’s one of those things that can go either way. My Gleacher takes advantage of the situation. Tell them, Hey, you’re my starter here at Mississippi state. So you get a hard, you get a hot quarterback in Mississippi state.

It will be very interesting, right? He brings in as the defensive coordinator, Zach, our net from San Diego state that we’ve seen upper floats in personnel and the San Diego state defense has been lights out for years. And you know that Rocky long has taught this man how to be a defensive coordinator, right? They get five guys returned back on that defense, a lot of great athletes in the South first clients, you say, okay, he needs to tread water, go 500.

And they beat lame every year. But it’s going to be interesting with KJ Costello, the guy who has experienced, if they could be intimidated the office, even though they’re putting a lot of points on the board, the office is actually very simple to understand. In the beginning, it gets a little complicated as we go along again, Mike, Leach’s his own offensive coordinator. The guy that has the name of our office of coordinator, he is a recruiter.

And then the area offense is very near and dear to our hearts because of Ben rest laugh, faith, family football and clink, clink cleans Barry. The head coach of Arizona played for my bleach includes various best friend is the office coordinator of Houston Baptist. And Ben RAs laugh. If you want to learn their rate, listen to those podcasts. We talk about how the air raid works in detail, right?

And it’s the quarterback in the wide receiver getting simple reads keys to find out whether it’s zone or man, and then running the pattern in the balls there. Right? So that’s your air raid. And he learned it from the horse’s mouth. How mummy? So very interesting year, I think intelligence is going to be huge for Paul tells us nobody has more than him. So be interesting.

What happens in his COVID-19 era? There are no 19 laws in Mississippi state, no social distance evolves the requirements or mask. So he’s been able to do what he wants. Nobody’s I don’t think anybody even wants to go to Starkville. So he turned all the practices he wanted. I don’t think NCA would even want to go down to the Starkville. So look for Mississippi state to be a surprise team. And then when they play another offensive coach like Arkansas, Texas, a and M Missouri and Mississippi, look for all those games to go over and who hasn’t won some money betting Mike Leach’s.

I don’t think there’s anybody who bets college football. Who’s not wanting over with Mike Legion ball, but it’s almost like a traditional thing. Might leech Andy over, especially when he’s paying another authentic guy who has a big ego wants to match wits with. So again, I think the ceiling is going to be the same. A seven would be great, but I think my leeches will smarter than lane Kiffin. Liam’s Kiffin. Bottom is zero.

I think like leaf can lease bull up to sec games and that’s your Mississippi state Bulldogs and they talk about illegal. They still bring those illegal cowbells to the game for illegal noise. So

Speaker 2 (2h 27m 29s): Last step on the sec is Texas a and M Aggies, obviously Jimbo Fisher you’re number three after leaving Florida state. But first thing is the returning starters, eight on the offense nine on the defense four senior starters on the offensive line to amass 106 total starts on the offensive line. I would say, this is the best offensive line in the sec Jimbo Fisher.

When we look at the lines, at least let’s just look at the lines. Last 10 years, there have been 84 wins for Texas a and M only 61 against the spread. So we’re talking about inflated lines here. And if you will, 100%, not only that we look at, you know, if you look at the enrollment of Texas a and M it’s it’s number in the country at over 53,000. So we’re talking about people that have gone to this school done well in life. And then once you bet and just bet blindly,

Speaker 1 (2h 28m 32s): Well, the art because of oil, money in Texas, a and M and everything else, they’re one of the richest alumni page.

Speaker 2 (2h 28m 38s): Yeah. And it’s annual military. A lot of military have come through their big ROTC things like that.

Speaker 1 (2h 28m 44s): Generals stopping at general and they start working for a company making two, $3 million a year.

Speaker 2 (2h 28m 50s): Exactly. But yeah, I think Texas a and M must be the last thing to, and then I’ll head out. But for me, I think Texas a and M and Alabama, it’s going to come down to that game. Now the coaching mismatches there Nick’s Nick Saban is Nick Saban. Jimbo Fisher is a good coach. I don’t know if he has, I mean the only time a and M has ever beaten Alabama, it’s been with Johnny football. Believe me, Johnny football is not here in this game, but Kellen bond has been there.

He is a senior, at least has the experience. He’s not going to a very similar to, I forget who I, who I, Oh, I was talking about Jake Fromm, very maybe kind of a poor man shake from, he’s going to go out there, you call the play. He’s going to make the right move. And it’s not going to be the big, big, big, sexy play, but he’s going to keep the ball in your hands. And I think in the sec, that’s key, especially when they have a, I think a defense that got better last year throughout the year, they only returned for starters.

It didn’t start that amazingly. Well, obviously the Auburn game was something they were frustrated about, which is something I expect a and M to come back with. I expect a and M to have a big, big circle around that Auburn game, after a 28 to 20 loft last year, that really kind of, kind of put them into a bit of a tailspin. Obviously they had already lost a Clemson, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything that early in the year, just because you lose the Clemson, plenty of things to play for, but losing the Auburn at home.

That was, I think the kind of the thing that put a and M into a relative tailspin, they still went eight and five, but obviously they want it to be better. I expect them to be better this year, they play nine or 10 games. I see a seven, eight possibly nine win season. This, this could be a team that wins the sec overall. We’ll see, really excited to see this team play out of. There’s two teams that I’m really excited to see just what is going to come from. And it’s Tennessee and Texas a and M for different reasons, Texas a and M has a chance to possibly ceiling is maybe a national title.

Look, if you have a chance to win the sec, you have to think that the national title is also on the agenda. And then for Tennessee, look, we’re not talking national title. We’re not talking sec championship, but what we are talking about is a very good offensive line. A coach that is getting better and a, a team that’s bringing a lot of veteran leadership back. So those are the two teams that I really, really excited to watch in the sec. But like Josh said, look, if, if we get Monday through Sunday, a sec football, or however it is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, let’s go, I’m all for it.

Anything. And you know what, if we get all a sec football all on Saturday night, normal, I’m okay with that too. So I’m excited, obviously, like I said, the sec for me is the most overrated conference, but it’s still the best conference. You go down to sec country and no one will even hear like Vanderbilt could be any other team, like calm down people. So that’s why I say it’s a big that it’s the most overrated, but it is still the best. So I’m really excited to see how it all goes. I am hopping off, but thank you all very much for listening to my part.

Josh is going to bring you home with his thoughts on a and M and of course Winston Churchill quote, but thank you all for listening to my part. Thank you, Josh.

Speaker 1 (2h 32m 23s): All right. No problem. At all, a text saying it’s the return of the mythical national championship, Texas a and M has a big opportunity to be able to accomplish that with all of the guys they have returning on the offensive line. And then Kevin, again, we’ve talked about many, many times.

If he can make three first downs with your legs, you are going to win 75% of your games. Kevin mom can do so, right. They return 106 starts on the offensive line. They return nine guys on defense, eight guys in offense. Jimbo Fisher has won a national championship before.

So that’s a good bet to make money watching football was there, Texas a and M Aggies. You look at the defensive coordinator. It is Mike eco Alto. He does a great job. He’s a home run higher third year defensive coordinator. And you look at teams, developmental teams and teams with talent. They’re combination of both. Again, another guy who got divorced in general Fisher, who his wife divorced him for neglecting her because he has married to the game of football.

You have Darryl Dickey, who’s near and dear to the hearts of people in the sec. Don’t think you, his dad was a head coach. University of Florida. This guy has been lights out recruiting, great judge of talent, head coaching, intellect himself. So it’s, it’s just a, an amazing, very deaf, very influential, very intelligent, experienced genius coaching staff here at Texas a and M developmental teams versus teams with talent, Texas a and M has both watch out for those inflated lines.

But one line that might not be inflated is the season total, right? For your Texas a and M Aggies, no two office of coaches. They play together while she’s game to go over, look for the Arkansas game and go over. Look for the Auburn game to go over Mississippi game, to go over in that LSU game to end the season, it’s going to be interesting. There’s a grudge between teams, but this time Kimber Fisher has the upper hand against Damien Craig, who Jim was.

Fisher’s father, son, faulting, Craig, who went to Nashville championship with Arbor great and perimeter runningback’s coach. They started grudge. He will not be able to finish and look for Texas a and M. And I believe take saying that is going to be right up there with Alabama. It’s going to be a player two in the Alabama game, deciding perhaps who goes to the national championship game and who wins national title. But it’s a good bet that the Overland season total on Texas saying that and put a small wager on the Texas a and M to win at all.

Thank you for listening and making money with us on the E S B C podcast network. And like dr.@ferstreport or says, we always end with Winston Churchill. You make your living from your labor, but you make a life from what we give. Thank you for listening to the SPC podcast network.

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