Black Murders ByPolice- 2 Mental Strength Education For You During Riots COVID19 And Business

We Educate On Having Mental Strengh During The Virus- Covid19 and Police Shooting Of Black People and Riots

Over compensating LGBTQ And Minority Police

You have seen him I’ve been a featured guest on “Oprah and Friends” (interviewed by Maya Angelou!) ” Meet the Giants” and I’ve also partnership and consulted for companies and clients including:

☛ Century 21
☛ Chet Holmes
☛ Dan Kennedy
☛ Gary Vaynerchuk
☛ Gold’s Gym
☛ Jay Abraham
☛ Keller Williams Realty
☛ Nissan
☛ Tony Robbins
☛ Toyota
☛ ReMax
☛ State Farm
☛ Bethlehem Steel


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