Why is there no money in Lake Forest California for drive thru COVID-19 tests ? After 5 known cases here ?

Why is there no money in Lake Forest California for drive thru COVID-19 tests ? After 5 know cases here ?

In a crisis like COVID-19 local political corruption harmful effects become clear. In Lake Forest we do not even know the Mayors last name or who she is married to.

Bottom line like the ancients said if you do not participate in Government you will be ruled by your inferiors

Link to the original Editorial here (Orange County Register is basically a PR Firm for Developers and the Orange County Republican Party that rigs elections for them.

His response is notable because this is the hidden cost of corruption.

“Andy O’Connor wrote “Lake Forest City Council, at the meeting of March 17, approved $475K for “Performance Bonus” without giving any details of what employees are receiving!

At the meeting of July 16, 2019, Councilman Dwight Robinson said, “We need to tighten our belts.”

Since then Robinson and the other four council members have spent $217,000 for “ART” for the new Civic Center (some of which isn’t accessible to the public), $165,000 salary for a glorified facility manager for the Civic Center, and renewed the contract for city manager Debra Rose to $238,000, more than the governor’s salary!!

Now, OCSD wants $800K for two full-time deputies and a patrol car!!

Robinson and the other four council members say we must “tighten our belts” but then SPEND ridiculously!!

Andy O’ConnorFoothill Ranch”
Here is some context to his “Letter to the Editor”
In speaking to over 4000 residents in the successful recall of corrupt city councilman Andrew Hamilton member of the Lincoln Club political non -profit that funds 100% of the Republicans in Orange County

This delayed Home Builder Toll Brothers execution of paying off the city council to change the last green space for 769- 69ft million dollar houses with no back yards or drive ways.

Toll Brothers spent over $900,000 in campaign contributions to rig the Lake Forest City Council per 460 campaign disclosure forms.

Many residents felt that corruption is to be expected of politicians and that they did not care as long as it did not affect them.

Academic articles state that the cost of local political corruption are higher costs that deplete available cash in the budget for a crisis situation. Flint Michigan is a great example.

In Lake Forest the Orange County Sheriffs Association PAC pays off the city council and as result are bankrupting the city.

The Police is 60% of the budget. Historically over the last 20 years the Lake Forest City Council and staff have not been effective in leverage the United States free enterprise system and Capitalism to create revenue for the city.

They have relied on Greedy developer fees without a good business plan or moral compass. They are a “One trick Pony” despite the City manager making $300,000 and assistant city manager make $179,000.00 which is a lot for a city that does not have to mange a police force or fire department.

As a result there is no money for drive thru COVID-19 tests in Lake Forest California for the residents

Editorial referenced ;https://www.ocregister.com/2020/03/18/southern-california-cities-sound-alarm-over-coming-financial-hit-from-coronavirus/

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