How I Over Came My Mom’s Death (2002)

I have unresolved grief about my mom died 2002 while people from the church were singing in the house…..Everyone handles grief differently. And guys hate to feel. So the process I use; My wife the psychotherapist states is Cognitive behavioral Therapy. Is 1st write the triggering event; for it would be ” vision of mom dying in bed” 2) Key thoughts and beliefs……. The beliefs part is super important…..What is it that you truly believe ? God ? Evolution ? Science ? The afterlife ? Get down to what it is that you truly believe….” I do not know” is an acceptable answer. But be real about what you believe

3) Write down your feelings… for me is “guilt: anger, confusion, fury” sometimes feelings are sounds and not words…..make those sounds….write down and track everything

4) Step is : Positive Conclusion…….When you start getting good; do not skip steps; you have to do them in order…..

5)Do this for 21 straight days, and journal at least once a week…..That is what works for me.

My journal process is 1) What am I proud of ? 2) What progress did I make yesterday and did I fill out my to do list ? and follow up with my friends, vertical market for business, and clients in the “before and doing process?”

3) What can I improve on ? Am I following the correct mental habits ?

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