Should College Football Coaches Who Commit Fraud Like Mel Tucker Be Penalized ?

One of my Childhood hero’s Drew Person wrote, “MEL TUCKER IS A CON MAN! He recruited my grandson to go to CU said he wasn’t going anywhere then ups and leaves. Sat there and lied to my face he wasn’t going anywhere!”

In California the definition and test for fraud is 1) lying 2) Someone acting upon the lie. 3) The person acting upon the lie being damaged with time and money.

Mel Tucker a long time assistant and defensive coordinator in the NFL took the job at the University Of Colorado for $3.5 million a year. He told recruits; kids 18 to 22 years of age that he was going to be their coach for 4 years, help them learn about life, be a father figure, help them get a college degree, and help them grow into a man.

After telling that to recruits, parents, and staff at the University Of Colorado; he took off for more money at Michigan State after only one year. College coaches do this all the time. That is why I open my podcast about Sports Gambling ” The purpose of the Podcast is to make money” as I make subtle joke every time about the hypocrisy in people. I take my shot at the disingenuous notion people have to lie about how money. Money is the bases and reason for 80% of decision making in the United States. And we need to be clear about this in all our communications to be clear. This would avoid 80% of the divorces out there.

This has to stop. It sets a bad example to public at large, the parents and the kids. NCAA should suspend Tucker and put Michigan State on probation for a year. They have proven to be incompetent in the case Larry Nassar; the athletic doctor that molested all the women, all the football and basketball players who have committed crimes throughout the years.

Also blame his agent most likely Jimmy Sexton or someone like him and stupid College grossly over paid administrators who get conned all the time; research the buyout incompetent USC coach Clay Helton. This was done by Willie Taggart at Oregon. Bottom line, do not want to see the word integrity come out of the mouth of Mel Tucker.

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