Should You Tell Your Kids About Santa Claus ?

That is my pet peeve in life. We get lied to by our parents, our school teachers and the Government. In court if you lie about 1 thing you lie about everything.

A kid like me; was upset in Church when I found out that the only proof Jesus resurrected was by his own followers. There were no independent sources to corroborate Jesus’s revival.

My Dad the Pastor said it was because you are saved in life by faith. “Belief in what you wish for but do not see”.

Had the privilege of speaking to Bobby Bowden the football coach ; he told me speaking “dude to dude” you always tell your team when you are going to get blown out; because if you lie to them; you lose credibility forever.

In short you do not want to lose credibility with your smartest kids over Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. So in a tough situation they will have “faith” in what you are saying.

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