How do you know if you are in the right career ? Should you take a job or not ?

Here is my research based on my 43 years on earth, owning a business 2 masters degrees and 20 years in corporate America. I do not have kids but this would the advice I would give.

1) Is it is easy to do ? 
People waste time on things that are hard to do. When money is involved it is not about what you want to do. Or what you wish you can do. It is what are people going to pay you money for ?

2) Is it easy to learn ? 
Time is money so if you are struggling with something and it is not you are not having fun learning find something that you can learn fairly easily. If you have to get a regular job then fine. However do not stop looking for hobby or something you can learn to do well and get paid for. It is very important that everyone learn the mechanics of capitalism and regulatory laws concerning businesses.

3) Is is to hard to quit or let go ?
Is an activity is hard for you to let go ? Are you like a drug addict but the difference is you know it will eventually pay off financially ? In real adult life 80% of the time you need a “Business Case” with “Hard Numbers”. However  20% of the time what is really  going to work financially long term for some people it would be a “long shot” or “impossible” for others. Therefore when you choose an activity that is going to pay off financially: at the beginning ask yourself “how  will I respond when people are telling me to quit ?

In the end it is never what you wish for but what is real

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I am a Business Concierge MBA. That means I make you money, I save you money and I pick the right strategy so you do not pay more taxes than what you have to

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