How to buy a smart phone in 2014

After 10 years in the smartphone business, and three years as a business owner it has never been more complex to purchase a smartphone. Because I was brought up in a conservative hard nosed “by the book” manner and understand that the best business tactic is to be honest all of the time, I am shocked (even though I not should be) at how much smart phone sales men and women lie.

I often shop for smart phones and ask questions and it is amazing the misinformation offered. Sometimes it is innocent because the rules often change in the wireless industry. However most of the time it is not, because salesman and women get desperate trying to meet quotas, and make a decent salary.

Salesman and women in the wireless industry are under pressure to sell with the critical path of generating the highest price, and the lowest cost for the company they work for in most cases. 80/20 rule in full effect here, 20% of sales reps are being completely honest with you.

A theme in the  wireless industry  is that since it is a new technology, it is complicated, and hard to understand one can manipulate the customer to believe they are getting the best product, when in fact they are getting an inferior product because the salesman or women needed to meet a quota or sell over stocked inventory.

Therefore the solution is to follow these 5 steps based on my experience and technical expertise gained over a 10 year period obtaining a masters degree in business science, and a masters degree in business administration

1) Tailor  your research of what type of phone you are going to buy with the type of work you do

2) Not all smart phones are created equal take accountability, ownership of your research, and choose on how you are going to use the phone.

3) If you are buying an iphone your choice is easy.

4) If you are buying an Android based phone is very important you do your research. In most cases a for every phone priced for $200.00 there is another option for $39.00 in taxes that offers the same value.

5) Research the manufacturer of the phone, and the overlay they are using. There are only really two major operating systems Android, and Apple based. However, in Android phones the software the manufacturer adds is called the overlay. The function, and quality of overlays is important in figuring out which phone works best for you. Samsungs overlay is different from Motorola, and HTC. It is important to know the difference.


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