My Powerful Mom Story Of Survival

My Powerful Mom Story Of Survival

So in 1971 my mom was in English class and she wrote on a 50 pieces of note paper “let me please clean your house”. She took a bus from downtown Los Angeles to Beverly Hills, and went from house to house giving the piece of paper to the owners until she went to a mansion. At that mansion Jack Kent Cooke opened the door. He was the owner of the Lakers, L. A. Kings, and the fabulous forum at the time. He was like “OMG” let me help you, let me talk to my marketing guy.” This picture was taken 6 months before her death of a heart attack at the family restaurant in Pinellas Park Florida.

My mom came to United States with just the clothes on her back. PTSD from her brothers being tortured by Fidel Castro and her whole country blown apart.Then we fought in the chaos of Los Angeles and racist backwardness of the state of Florida. Never any excuses always fighting and always evaluating that now as an MBA I know that process to be the “Hawthorne Effect” that whatever you evaluate and track you improve it’s performance by 20%.

I will remember this guy crying at my moms funeral, who I had never met. He was crying because my mom gave him a free place to stay,food,car for 4 months now he is a successful businessman :she was generous while being middle class” small woman, big heart” she used to say: she always got stronger when things looked rough in business -life. She left a legacy, and 200 people went to funeral with basically the same story: the same reason to cry. When she died she had recently bought a condo and 4 cars. The condo was for people who were having problems, there they could eat and live for free until they got there life together. The cars were for people who needed them to survive.

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  1. You’re mom was a strong woman but lived a short life. I have heard first hand from one of her friends that she had a big heart and loved her family. Please contact me.

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