Stop Your Divorce San Diego !

Stop your divorce ! In Southern California the divorce rate is 80%. The number one cause of divorce is money. 80% of businesses fail. And, other businesses the owners are over stressed. The main problem is out of control expenses, and creative ways corporations figure out how to get into your pocket. My mom and dad were married for 50 years. I have been married for 8 years and there are a some key factors to look at.

The number one reason people get divorced is money. One solution that has worked for me is to every quarter go over all the expenses, and break down the value. And systematically cut out the fat.Step number two is forget the past.  It is important to do an inventory of what your real expectations are for you and your spouse before the marriage  and now. The second issue that ends marriage is trying to fill the void of your child hood through your marriage specifically asking your spouse to fill that void. I am referring to specifically a void left by one your parents. And, the third main cause of divorce is after the sexual haze is gone you end up seeing faults in your mate that you did not see when the sexual haze is on. The sexual haze lasts for 2 to 3 years.

Now for second marriages the number on cause of divorce is conflict over the kids from the previous marriage, specifically the step kids are to spoiled.

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