Different Flavors of Hispanics

Just heard a totally off analysis of the vote in Florida & California. These experts were so off base, it was not even funny.

The ridiculous point they made is that as a result of  Obama executing executive orders helping illegal immigrants, this would help with Hispanic voters in Florida in 2012. Wrong ! The flavor of Hispanics in Florida are Cubans,  Puerto Ricans, and South Americans. Illegal immigrants are usually El Salvadorian, Mexican, or Guatemalan that live in California. Both group in “general” hate each other. Puerto Ricans, and Cubans think the other group are hard to talk to, and lack ambition just want to work 70 hours weeks and take off official “Mexican Day Sunday off”. In Southern California, most Mexicans and central Americans greet me with “You are Cuban or Puerto Rican right ?” And I win them over using “Mexican slang” then they start being nice and the tenor of the conversation shifts.

In this election cycle they are saying Hispanics are not voting for Trump because he is racist and called Mexicans “rapist” & “murderers”. Some Hispanics (racist Cubans-racist Mexicans) are voting for Trump because they think he “is” racist. It does not matter if you think Trump is racist or not: I am just reporting on how these groups thinks based of 30 years of private conversations.

The Mexican-Central American group thinks Puerto Ricans, and Cubans are loud mouth arrogant blowhards. I am very fortunate to be friends with everybody but learn from the comments they make in confidence even about my own ethnic group and others.

However, I consider myself a citizen of the world. I have friends from each group, who think outside the stereotypes or (mental shortcuts). I know Asians who have inter-married both “flavors of Hispanics”.

For the most part, Hispanics get along just fine, are to diverse to label, and sophisticated to pin down.  However, these idiots on MSNBC, Fox News & most of the media are  completely wrong. Beware!

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