Business Text A Matter Of Opinion

The world has changed. You have to set expectations. Customers expect in a new world that you get back to them right away. However, people who are older, have their houses paid for, their children have grown, and do not have a sense of urgency to make $$$, get mad when you look at a text. Young people with a sense of urgency since they are building their lives do not get mad. Exactly the opposite the young people think you are dumb, you are not taking care of your customers communication needs. However, if you set expectations, and advise that you are responding to a text, in order to earn money, and that you love, and are paying attention to the person infront of you, then you can manage the new world effectively, with the older folk, with their lives established. As well older folk, still engaged in earning an income, also do not mind: you responding to a text: they understand you are just trying to make a living. Again, like it is always the case:deep meaningful communication is key !

Author: joshabner

I am a Business Concierge MBA. That means I make you money, I save you money and I pick the right strategy so you do not pay more taxes than what you have to

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