The Ten Commandments Of working out effectively

The ten Commandments Of working out effectively

10) When you are tired, worn out, and feel like death still go to the gym. The Process starts with establishing consistency in showing up to the gym. Once you have established consistency, then go towards performance. The last step is variety

9) Working out is like religion or politics everyone has an opinion you probably should not listen to. Just focus on the basics starting  out, jogging is still the best way to lose weight.

8)  Exercises that must be done twice a week include lunges,squats,dips,push ups,sit ups,deep knee bends,bench press,and arm curls. Buy and exercise ball for the house, working out is like studying you have to do homework. That means little exercises at home, besides your normal workout routine.

7) Take a spin class at least once a week. There will be someone in class who you want to in better shape than, so that will motivate you the rest of the week

6) When lifting weights control the weight….Go super slow meditating on the negative motion, super-set every-time if possible, and make the last rep a “muscle-failure”rep where the last rep is the last you can possibly do. When beginning to 12 reps of an exercise, then 8, then 4, for a bulk/lean muscle balance.

5) Spend money on a gym membership because that will motivate you to go because you are spending money

4) Make a list of 21 items why you are working out. The why drives the what, therefore the 21st is the real reason you want to workout besides better energy, health, and to look better in clothes.

3) No eating at night, carbs only in the mornings

2) Creatine is good taken 4 months straight NO2 is good, and take daily vitamin

1) Get to the point where you feel weird if you do not workout, make it a routine, and workout until you feel uncomfortable during your workouts

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